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McLaren management changes already having positive impact – Alonso

2018 German Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says the organisational changes at McLaren following the departure of former racing director Eric Boullier are already having a positive effect on the team.

Boullier resigned ahead of the British Grand Prix in a move the team had planned which involved management changes. Alonso said the changes to the Formula 1 team’s structure are already having a noticeable effect.

“I think [from] the drivers’ point of view we don’t feel probably a big impact,” he said at the Hockenheimring. “I think the operations here at the circuit on the weekend are maybe a little bit faster, cleaner, maybe it’s better organisation, more simple. We can see benefits from this.

“On the factory side, I was not in the factory after Silverstone, but the mood in the team is quite optimistic now. I see a lot of happy people and determined people about the future of McLaren.

“I think all the changes were let’s say in the positive side and even if you don’t touch the results or the facts yet the general atmosphere is more optimistic now. I think in the short-term or medium-team we will see a benefit on the changes.”

McLaren has been using Friday practice sessions to get to the bottom of an aerodynamic problem with its MCL33 chassis. Alonso said the team has had to modify some of the new parts it has brought to races in order to make them work as intended.

“We have some aerodynamic updates here,” he said. “We will test them tomorrow. We’ve been doing the same kind of programme on Fridays so far.

“Some of the parts we bring every weekend they are ready and we fit them for Saturday. Some of the parts they are not mature enough and we are re-testing it with some modifications in the following weekend.

“I think everyone is doing more or less the same programmes so on Saturday we find out always that from 17th or 18th to eighth it’s only two tenths. Hopefully we are in the forward part of that group but we will not know until Saturday.”

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18 comments on “McLaren management changes already having positive impact – Alonso”

  1. Imagine how better off the team will e once Zak and Nando’s have gone?

    1. @9chris9 How will getting rid of Portugese Peri-Peri chicken help?

      1. @mashiat Piri-Piri

    2. @9chris9
      You mean like Renault Ferrari and McLaren ( the first time) all significantly improved when he left ?
      It’s hil@rious watching the Alonso h@ters dreams go to tatters.

      Lewis d3stroyed McLaren, not Alonso. 2007 was McLaren’s swansong. Alonso beating both their drivers in an inferior car in 2008 is comedy gold.

      1. Alonso beating both their drivers in an inferior car in 2008 is comedy gold.

  2. @mashiat

    Some people prefer alternatives to Nando’s. there’s a chicken rooster in Woking that some may prefer, or one of the Turkish restaurants might be more to their liking 😜

  3. Surely people will debate how high Alonso ranks along the greatest drivers in terms of raw speed and talent, but there’s no denying he tops the list for most annoying.

    1. Oh I’m sure he’ll have some competition for most annoying as well. Especially when it comes to radio chatter, Grosjean,Seb and Lewis can more than hold their own.

      1. On non English speaking sites Lewis is by far considered the most annoying driver and let’s not forget how many times the real fans at circuits around the world have booed him.
        Funny that Alonso has never once been booed by hard-core fans.

        1. FWIW, Latinamerica’s FoxSports commentator’s have nothing but praise for Hamilton’s gracious behaviour behind the scenes.
          When they talk about Fernando they say that he’s super fast, and probably the toughest competitor on the grid.


    2. What do you expect him to say? He was probably asked a question along these lines, which he replied to in a way that supports the decisions his employer has made.

    3. I find Lewis far more annoying than Alonso, and I used to loathe Alonso.

  4. Ankur Solanky
    20th July 2018, 0:51

    Alonso doesn’t need McLaren, but McLaren needs Alonso. As a result, he can say whatever he wants. I don’t think McLaren controls what he says.

  5. I’m sure there is a case somewhere, where someone has been a better team player.

    1. @faulty
      No driver who came in after Alonso has done a better job. Even his team mate Lewis went downhill after 2007 for which McLaren have never recovered.
      Ferrari and Vettel are too often making a mess of good potential to claim they have improved since he left.

      1. I’m not talking about on-track performance. Alonso leaves a lot to be desired on other areas that a profesional athlete is expected to perform well at.

  6. They should rethink adding some testing during the season. Its unthinkable…f1 racing and progress without testing on tracks..

    1. yes given the top teams are scr3wing the fans over with ‘road relevance obsession.
      I’m pretty sure ‘testing’ is a significant part of road car manufacture.

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