Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Hockenheimring, 2018

2018 German Grand Prix grid

2018 German Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel is on pole position for the 2018 German Grand Prix.

Row 1 1. Sebastian Vettel 1’11.212
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’11.416
Row 2 3. Kimi Raikkonen 1’11.547
4. Max Verstappen 1’11.822
Red Bull
Row 3 5. Kevin Magnussen 1’12.200
6. Romain Grosjean 1’12.544
Row 4 7. Nico Hulkenberg 1’12.560
8. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’12.692
Row 5 9. Charles Leclerc 1’12.717
10. Sergio Perez 1’12.774
Force India
Row 6 11. Fernando Alonso 1’13.657
12. Sergey Sirotkin 1’13.702
Row 7 13. Marcus Ericsson 1’13.736
14. Lewis Hamilton No time
Row 8 15. Esteban Ocon 1’13.720
Force India
16. Brendon Hartley 1’14.045
Toro Rosso
Row 9 17. Lance Stroll 1’14.206
18. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’14.401
Row 10 19. Daniel Ricciardo* No time
Red Bull
20. Pierre Gasly* 1’13.749
Toro Rosso

*Sent to the back of the grid due to power unit changes

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20 comments on “2018 German Grand Prix grid”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how high up the field Hamilton and Ricciardo can get themselves from lowly grid positions.

  2. Damn it! Ves is gonna take kimi out at the first corner. I got this bad feeling.

    1. YellowSubmarine
      21st July 2018, 15:24

      Lol… Should be a fun race then.

      1. It will be fun with Magnussen behind them. LOL

    2. Not if Kimi takes Max out first; )

  3. Even when 2 of the lead cars are out of the way, Hulk still has to make sure he’s 16 thousandths slower than Grosjean so he can still start 7th :)

  4. But this means in 3 races with engine 2.1 3 Failures so far- Maybe it IS related to engine spec after all, toto?

    1. I wouldn’t consider the kerbs an integral part of the 2.1 spec @mrboerns

      1. didn’t see it, was it really that bad?

        1. You know when you don’t see a speed bump you think about braking but you know the front of the car will dip, so instead you floor it and end up scratching the bottom of the car completely, and your wife is just there looking at you, saying nothing but deep down she is judging you because you just ruined the vacations? More or less like that

          1. @johnmilk i somehow feel that this description is way better than watching qualifying could ever be

          2. Somehow I feel this isn’t so much about F1 anymore…

          3. @johnmilk – I see that event in your past has left indelible scars 😋

          4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          5. @hugh11 they took all the F1fanatics out of RaceFans didn’t they?

  5. But then you go to the mechanic and tells you that your brakes were malfunctioning so you look at your wife and give her that look, told you this wasn’t on me (Mercedes confirmed it wasn’t Hamilton running the kerb that caused the issue, weird, because at first they said he was?!)

    1. @mrboerns for some reason this came here

  6. If Ferrari sign Leclerc I’d happily support them…there, I said it. :) The guy is amazing.

    Bottas’ final sector was epic…He absolutely got everything out of the car. Great lap.

    1. If Ferrari sign MAG I will support them even more than you :-)

      What a defender he would be for VET and 4 years experience…

      Put LEC in GROs seat in the Haas and lets see who is the fastest driver for Ferrari. LEC is judged against ERI now…do I have to say more..

  7. Mark in Florida
    22nd July 2018, 0:11

    Mags doing it again. I really like him because to me he is exceeding expectations. I wonder if Rogro is going to loose his mind again and crash into Kevin. If he does I think Steiner has no choice other than to get rid of him. I would like to see Leclerc go to Haas if he doesn’t get the Ferrari drive which I think would be a shame. It will take an epic drive from Lewis to go up through the field and there is no guarantee that his car won’t fail after the beating it took in qualifying. If the Ferraris have dynamite starts it could be a 1-2 for them or Verstappen could crash into either Kimi or Bottas and end their race.

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