Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2018

2018 German Grand Prix race result

2018 German Grand Prix

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Pos # Driver Car Laps Time/gap Difference Reason
1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 67 1hr 32m 29.845s
2 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 67 4.535 4.535
3 7 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 67 6.732 2.197
4 33 Max Verstappen Red Bull-TAG Heuer 67 7.654 0.922
5 27 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 67 26.609 18.955
6 8 Romain Grosjean Haas-Ferrari 67 28.871 2.262
7 11 Sergio Perez Force India-Mercedes 67 30.556 1.685
8 31 Esteban Ocon Force India-Mercedes 67 31.750 1.194
9 9 Marcus Ericsson Sauber-Ferrari 67 32.362 0.612
10 28 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso-Honda 67 34.197 1.835
11 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas-Ferrari 67 34.919 0.722
12 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr Renault 67 43.069 8.150
13 2 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Renault 67 46.617 3.548
14 10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso-Honda 66 1 lap 1 lap
15 16 Charles Leclerc Sauber-Ferrari 66 1 lap 1.792
16 14 Fernando Alonso McLaren-Renault 65 2 laps 1 lap
Not classified
18 Lance Stroll Williams-Mercedes 53 14 laps 12 laps Brakes
5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 51 16 laps 2 laps Accident
35 Sergey Sirotkin Williams-Mercedes 51 16 laps 165.608 Oil leak
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-TAG Heuer 27 40 laps 24 laps Power unit

2018 German Grand Prix

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38 comments on “2018 German Grand Prix race result”

  1. How did I manage to correctly predict that Vettel would DNF in this race, LOL.

  2. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
    22nd July 2018, 15:57

    Ferrari threw this race when they hold Vettel for over 10 laps behind Raikkonen who is on different strategy.They lose there atleast 10 sec, and when rain started with 20 sec+ ahead of Mercedes Vettel wouldnt have to risk that much and he could drive with more care.Nice job by Ferrari strategist.

    1. I hear what you say but I think Vettel was unnerved by the speed at which Lewis got to the front of the grid from P14 and in the rain…..well Lewis is just amazing.

    2. Strategist didn’t crash that Ferrari, Vettel did.

      1. Nop vettel fans logic blame ferrari even though there driver keeps crashing

    3. Sure it would’ve been easier for him, but it’s not like he crashed while going full out. He was tiptoeing around the corner, unfortunately he just had the moment that Verstappen and Hamilton had into turn 6 earlier in the race, into a gravel trap. It’s in no way Ferrari’s fault.

    4. Ferrari pitted Kimi too early. I feel they only did that because they were wary of Hamilton’s pace & longevity on his tires, while simultaneously worried that Seb couldn’t stretch his until the potential rain came. They shouldn’t have screwed Kimi so Seb could have a rear gunner. Kimi isn’t an idiot: fastest lap after fastest lap on his new tires showed his intent. He knew Seb was cruising at the front, stretching his tire life. But it didn’t matter: after his hard work, Ferarri ruined Kimi’s race again by forcing him to help his teammate (again) and let him by. But Vettel had been locking his fronts more than once prior & had even knocked a bit of his wing off. It didn’t surprise me one bit that Vettel ended up in the barriers when things got really slick: he was already looking scrappy.

    5. Ferrari threw this race when they hold Vettel for over 10 laps behind Raikkonen who is on different strategy.

      Ferrari didn’t throw away the race, their #1 driver did.

      1. AS always he does and then has a meltdown.

  3. Nice to 50 cent raise that throphy. Give it to Bottas ffs

  4. A turning point in the championship today, not because of the result, but due to the team’s behaviour, it os clear now, all efforts will go to Hamilton and Vettel in order for one of them to win the championship.

    We will have a championship until the end of the year I feel.

    The good news for Vettel is that with the retirement at least he doesn’t have that hideous trophy, so look on the bright side Seb

    1. At least Ferrari’s call made somewhat sense as they were on differing strategies. Mercedes’ was just blatant as it’s not even like they were 5-10 secs ahead of the rest and the 1-2 was guaranteed. Especially as when Bottas eased off he fell right into Kimi.

      1. @hugh11 I see your point, and I hate team orders as much as anyone else, and yes they were givem in different circumstances, but at the time we didn’t knew about the rain, so Kimi could’ve easily won that race at that point.

        Regardless, that moral weight is through the window now, expect team orders bonanza from now on

      2. If anything, the Mercedes call made even more sense from my persective.
        The team has 1-2 locked up, and both driver are on dry compound on a damp track.

        1. @mxmxd

          Agree. For me the Ferrari call didn’t make that much sense as they were running 1-2 in the race and had enough of a gap to Bottas and Lewis. They just swapped positions to suit Vettel.

          Mercedes on the other hand were racing in tricky conditions with Kimi just 0.5s behind Bottas. Anytime lost racing each other would have definitely ruined a 1-2 finish for the team.

          1. Dude, what are you talking about?! Everybody was racing in the same conditions, what kind of excuse is that?! It’s like VET blaming others for his mistake… when the rest managed it without problems. Plus, NO, although Ferrari was 1-2 at 1 moment, they were just few seconds ahead of BOT and HAM, and HAM was right behind BOT, and much faster. Also, they were on a slower tyre…. at least for them. So, of course Ferrari and VET were kinda worried. Also, now we can tell for sure that none of the Ferraris was gonna end the race on those Softs, the tyres did not work very well for them. So, the end of the race did not look very good for them.

    2. I forgot, the odd thing about the race was that moment that Hamilton had entering the pitlane just to abandon it at the last moment. Are the white line rules only applied to the exit? I thought that when a driver commits to the pitlane he has to enter the pits. Still they were under the safety car so he could have just crossed the pitlane without stopping and it wouldn’t have cost him that much.

      1. Kimi at Baku 2016…
        ‘crossed the white line with all 4 wheels at the Pit Entry and did not enter the Pit Lane’
        5 second penalty. Would push him down 1 place and a significant 7 points in the championship.

        1. The stewards have said before they are consistent. They claim fake news on your Kimi reference..

          1. Actually this is kind of very annoying to me. I absolutely understand that “consistent stewarding” is an ideal that can never be achieves as there is always an element of subjectivity invovlved. However, not here. I don’t know what the rule is but this MUST be a black and white case, either it is allowed to cross out of the pit entry or it is not, so in this special case there REALLY mustn’t be any inconsistencies.

      2. Wurz was pretty clear about it being illegal on Austrian TV. Seemed puzzled it wasn’t even investigated. He generally seems to know his stuff

        1. It’s only forbidden the other way round you can not change your mind to enter the pits in the last moment, as far as I know. But this way there have been many examples at the Nürburgring or Hungary were drivers went out for another lap in the last moment.

          Kimi in Baku 2016 was different, as there was an additional ruling by the Race Director prior to the weekend about that pit entrance like there is one in Austria, Brasil or Singapore.

          1. Well, if that is true, then ok. Maybe a little weird in terms of regulation, but fine.

    3. Crazy change in the constructors points today…..Ferrari has to be gutted with this one. Amazing how quickly things can change in motorsport. You’ve got to love the rain….never fails to throw a wrench into the best laid plans.

  5. YellowSubmarine
    22nd July 2018, 16:09

    Hahaha. My day, made. Great race! Well done to Hamilton keeping it all together somehow, 14th to 1st! Once again, vettel makes mistakes under pressure.
    For. Those claiming Lewis doesn’t deserve the win – you presumably missed the two occasions when vettel was on the radio begging Ferrari to move Kimi aside so vettel could go first, and ferrari finally obliging? Or does it only count when it’s Lewis? :-)

    1. I don’t really think this qualifies as mistake under pressure. He seemed to be under the least amount of pressure in the moment. A bit of rotten luck and a slight mistake in the worst of moments.

      1. Yeah, with Vettel it’s always bad luck and not his fault right @mrboerns

        1. Of course its his fault. But still Bad luck involved there, possibly with respect to sudden loss of grip, most certainly in making this mistake in one of the three cormers on the calendar where it had any consequences @blackmamba

    2. 14th to 1st on a track Hamilton said was impossible to overtake on. Were they all DRS passes?

      1. Nope. A number where in unusual places. But he was careful with every pass amazingly did not touch anyone I don’t think

  6. Wow!! A truly remarkable result for Hamilton and Mercedes….

    I thought he would get into the top 4 but i wasn’t expecting this. The defining moment was that last moment decision by Hamilton not to pit. He could have driven in and completed the pit stop under the SC. That was some call.

    Then you have to wonder if that damaged car Yesterday wasn’t a blessing in disguess. I’m wondering what Mercedes had the opportunity to do with the car, which might not otherwise have been the case, or been allowed.

    Did Merceds change out any parts, would they have been allowed to upgrade the gearbox, for example, without penalties?

    If this Championship is about the better Driver, then you would have to say Vettle did himself no favors. His mistakes has again cost him and Farrari.

    There is still a lot to play for, there is still a lot left in this Championship….

  7. Boo what a boring weekend again, Lewis won bcoz of Merc PU. Vettel “totally” unlucky, unlike Lewis who is amateur… :)

    1. LOL…copy, copy….Lewis is better than you. Copy? Lewis is better than you.

  8. …. LH crossing the pitlane is a much more egregious issue than the (very understandable, I might add) team orders.

    1. Should have been penalised for that – could have been dangerous for other cars.

      1. Read the FIA ruling

  9. Did everyone enjoy the 2018 German Keystone Kops Grand Prix? Few races make me laugh out loud!

  10. @mystic one. Ok. That excuse about their PU might have worked in the past. Not this year. It’s clear that Ferrari have an edge on power . Everyone knows this.

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