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Hot weather expected at Hungaroring with slight risk of rain

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix weather

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A hot weekend is expected at the Hungaroring but there is a risk of rain during Saturday’s qualifying session.

Air temperatures are forecast to exceed 30C on all three days. However cloudy skies may prevent the the track temperatures from hitting the 56-degree high which was registered during last year’s race.

There is a low risk of light showers on Friday afternoon, but the prospects for two dry practice sessions to open the weekend are strong.

The greatest risk of rain will come on Saturday, when thicker cloud will build and air temperatures are only just expected to reach the 30C mark.

The forecast for race day indicates no chance of rain at the moment, and as the cloud lightens air temperatures will reach 33C. This should be similar to what the drivers encounter when they make their race preparations on Friday afternoon.

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2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

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2 comments on “Hot weather expected at Hungaroring with slight risk of rain”

  1. Was really hoping the there would be a risk of rain on Sunday instead. I thought the drizzling in Hockenheim really livened up the race, so it would be great to see a proper wet race sometime this season.

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