Demanding Verstappen penalty would be “unsportsmanlike” – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says he accepts the stewards’ decision not to penalise Max Verstappen for impeding Romain Grosjean.

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What they say

Steiner was asked if he was OK with the stewards taking no action against Verstappen for the incident:

Even if it’s not OK, what can I do? It’s difficult circumstnaces. If you’re in the spray of somebody else, you don’t see anything, you don’t see your mirrors.

It’s not sportsmanship you need to report it they take a decision and you are good with it. I would not go there and demand a penalty for somebody who did something. I would fight for something if they give us a penalty for something which we think we havent been guilty of. That is the way to fight it. But I would never go and accuse ‘oh he did wrong,’ because if he gets a penalty it doesn’t do me any good but it hurts him. I keep out of that one.

I wouldn’t go there and try to say ‘oh Verstappen needs to get a penalty’. that doesn’t make me happy. We need to get better and beat him.”

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Sergio Perez deserves credit for how he handled the Force India situation, says NickF1:

Perez pretty much built Force India success : superb car development, multiple podiums, sponsors and never mind competitive drivers or ask for preferential treatment and at the end of the day mostly outperformed them.

Perez loves this team, he won’t have any problem getting substantial sponsorship to make this efficient team a top team.
NickF1 (@Nickpkr251)

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12 comments on “Demanding Verstappen penalty would be “unsportsmanlike” – Steiner”

  1. It can’t be said enough.

    Let’s go team Silverstone, let’s go you lovable lot!! Come on, show them that in spite of all that that needn’t be known, you’ve been the people’s champions two years running!!

    1. @faulty Mercedes? They are based in Brackley?

      1. @nin13 He’s obviously referring to Force India since they’re based in Silverstone.

        1. He’s obviously attempting to sarcasm since it’s the latest rage among the kids these days.

  2. Gleen Freeman’s tweet is spot on. This is the 4th best team on the grid for past few years and yet it counts for nothing financially. This is utter rubbish. Also, whoever tries to blame anything on Perez is delusional. He was their top driver for the past seasons against very strong teammates and it’s thanks to his sponsors this team could operate and be so successful.

  3. “Demanding Verstappen penalty would be “unsportsmanlike” – Steiner”

    I agree just move on.

    1. But Steiner earns major kudos for this and a credit in his ‘fairness bank account’.

      1. Yeah imagine if the drivers were reversed on that situation. the wining of Horner would be unimaginable annoying.

    2. I also agree. But when I look at the Austrian situation between Sainz and Vettel, I get the feeling that Max gets the preferential treatment again. If Max can’t see trough his mirrors, it’s about identical to Vettel not being able to see due to corners and elevation changes… I guess the stewards can’t undo erroneous decisions, so let’s move on.

      1. Ferrari can plan for “corners and elevation changes”, the layout of each track is a very well known quantity.
        Water spray is just not something you can engineer a mirror to see through.
        So it really isn’t “about identical” at all.

      2. This is not about seeing or not seeing. Verstappen was starting up his own hot lap. In fact he had to abandon his hot lap before that because he was impeded himself. Do you hear Horner complaining about that one?

        The difference the stewards made is this impeding was not “unnecessary”. If a slower driver is on his hot lap and impedes a faster car, how can that be worth a penalty?

        Verstappen had nowhere to go. He had his own hot lap impeded. Needed to do a new one and couldn’t go faster because he needed a gap to start his own second attempt at a hot lap. So what was he supposed to do? Abandon yet another hot lap?

        This is completely different from a driver driving back slowly to the pit and not paying attention at all to what’s is happening around him. That is worth a penalty for impeding. Starting your own hot lap is not.

  4. I agree with the COTD.

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