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Ricciardo welcomes summer break after ‘growing frustrations’ with car problems

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says he thinks the summer break is coming at a good time after what he describes as ‘growing frustrations with these problems’.

Speaking after a disappointing wet qualifying session in which he secured only 12th on the grid, Ricciardo says he welcomes the opportunity to have a break from driving due to ‘growing frustrations’.

“I need some time away from the car,” says Ricciardo. “I’m obviously growing frustrated with these problems. It’s probably healthy for me to have a bit of time off.”

Ricciardo has not appeared on the podium since winning the Monaco Grand Prix in May and has retired from two of the last three races with mechanical issues.

“I said after Monaco… I kind of joked that my year was done,” says Ricciardo. “But stuff that. It’s been a rough run since. I can’t really seem to get a break I guess.

“I think we had a triple header to try and get one and now this is a double header and at least up to today it hasn’t really turned around. I haven’t got any revenge, so to speak. It’ll be a good time for a break.”

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6 comments on “Ricciardo welcomes summer break after ‘growing frustrations’ with car problems”

  1. Still no contact yet? Arguing about money maybe? He wants the same as Max and that’s fair.

  2. I think Daniel is driving recklessly and destroying his car. It must be.

  3. I think Bottas is driving recklessly and destroying cars,

  4. No mention of a contract yet.

  5. RIC is looking for a one year contract so he can shop his options again. RB wants to put him on a two year contract which will pretty much tie him to RB for a number of years. At least that’s the latest rumor I read. Makes sense. With BOT on a one year he could go there in 2020. Who knows what is going on at FER?

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