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Keep F1’s DRS rules as they are, says Ocon

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In the round-up: Esteban Ocon says the experience of using DRS through the new zone at Silverstone showed Formula 1 shouldn’t relax the rules on using it.

What they say

Ocon was asked if he would prefer the FIA to let drivers decide when to open DRS over a complete lap, as they could when it was introduced in 2011:

No. Because before it was a smaller DRS, really. Now it’s a big one.

I think you’ve seen in Silverstone what’s the effect of it. Even the quick cars didn’t manage to go with it open in turn one. It feels quite weird when you have no downforce in the rear and the car is very mobile. You can lose everything suddenly.

The way now is good. Of course it makes it a bit braver for the drivers nowadays if they make a corner with it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Are Williams and its drivers stuck with each other?

Williams is doing their hardest to keep Stroll and Sirotkin. They need the money. It must be a bizarre situation at Williams. In reality Williams probably wants different drivers and their drivers want to drive in a different team with much better cars.

But just because of the money they all need to toe the party line. “Things are progressing, we are not happy but working hard and fully committed and we feel our decisions have been correct.” But after the press event is over they all check their F1 Tinders to see if something better is available.

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10 comments on “Keep F1’s DRS rules as they are, says Ocon”

  1. As if Kovalainen’s win was a whole decade ago, amazing how the time dissap

    1. Things went really quiet with the loss of the ears.

  2. Peter Gareth
    3rd August 2018, 0:37

    nascar lost me as soon as it started to focus on the entertainment/gimmick side of things with nonsense like the chase for the cup, the lucky dog, green/white checker finishes & such. and with the further gimmicking up of the ‘championship’ (i don’t even fully understand how it works anymore) the past few years and more recently this utterly absurd stage format i can’t see myself ever going back.

    i see a lot of the more rabid nascar fan talk about how all those things are awesome & how people just need to get used to change but the fanbase only really started declining when they began chasing the gimmicks and the more gimmicks they have added the more the fanbase has declined which to me shows where the problem lies.

    drop the gimmicks, go back to a simple race/championship format & lets go racing. if a race goes caution free then don’t throw a phantom caution just to try & spice things up, Just accept that it’s a caution free race & lets see what happens. if a caution comes out at the end don’t turn the daytona 500 into the daytona 510 by extending laps, end it on lap 200/500 miles & just accept that sometimes a race will end under caution.

    over complex, contrived & full of gimmicks…. that is nascar’s problem!

  3. I fully agree with Ocon, and the COTD also has an interesting point. Kudos to Checo for doing what he’s done for the people affected by the earthquake last September.

    1. I’m not sure exactly what Ocon purposes, @jerejj.
      He says clearly that he does not want to change the current DRS rules (when asked if it should be used more freely).
      But then he goes on advocating the upside of the change in Silverstone where drivers could use DRS in a turn and decide if they could handle it. It seems that he’d like to see that in more places.

      1. No, I think he is in favor of more policing for DRS and doesn’t want to be in the position of making the decision of whether to use DRS through a corner or not use.

  4. YellowSubmarine
    3rd August 2018, 7:53

    While still on the rules…is it worth F1 changing the points on offer at different circuits depending on the difficulty of the circuit? The most competitive circuits would have the most points for the top 10 positions, while the least competitive – eg a dry Monaco race – would have the lowest points.
    Would spice things up some!

    1. It would be unfair as different circuits suits different cars and it will also devalue some of the circuits

    2. Bernie? Is that you?

    3. Have read of the Peter Gareth’s comment above; that says it all.

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