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Spa’s Pouhon could be flat-out this year – Hamilton

2018 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says some Formula 1 cars may be able to tackle Spa’s Pouhon corner flat-out this year.

The pair of left-handers which form turns 10 and 11, also known as Double Gauche, are among the quickest corners on the circuit. Rising downforce levels in F1 have already allowed drivers to tackle Eau Rouge, Raidillon and Blanchimont without lifting the accelerator.

“It’s still a great track to drive,” said Hamilton. “And it’s exciting to think Pouhon might be flat-out this year, which is awesome.

“I wish… your imagination of what it might be like going there, times that by a thousand and it probably won’t still be there.”

Mercedes has won the last three races at Spa-Francorchamps, which included two victories for Hamilton. However he said it isn’t necessarily one of the team’s strongest tracks.

“I don’t remember it being a favourite track for us in terms of performance,” he said. “I don’t see it as an outlier. It’s not been a bad track for us, but I don’t see it more as an outlier than some of the other great ones like Silverstone, for example.

“It’s not a bad one for us. But you saw last year how close it was between us and Ferrari. This year they seem to have, at least towards the break, after Austria, quite a big step in power. This is a power circuit.

“I don’t know how we will compare with them power-wise this weekend but I think car performance-wise we should be quite close.”

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5 comments on “Spa’s Pouhon could be flat-out this year – Hamilton”

  1. Michael Brown (@)
    24th August 2018, 2:40

    This current era of cars makes me wish they went back to Istanbul Park. If I recall the only car that could take Turn 8 flat was the 2010 Red Bull, and only Webber could do it.

    1. Webber had an unfair advantage though. He has 3 balls.

      1. Aussie grit and all that…

    2. @mbr-9, both drivers could take it flat, not just Webber – I think that they might also have had to back off slightly when on a heavier fuel load.

  2. Im looking forward to the Heathrow GP. Seeing a car go flat out is just the best thing ever. Corners are over rated

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