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Ocon not worried about F1 future after Renault blow

2018 Belgian Grand Prix

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Esteban Ocon says he can keep his place in Formula 1 next year if he performs well enough.

The Force India driver said his management is considering his options as recent developments have put his F1 future in doubt.

Lance Stroll has emerged as a candidate to take Ocon’s place alongside Sergio Perez at Force India, following the purchase of the team by a consortium headed by Stroll’s father.

Ocon was in discussions with Renault about joining the team for the 2019 F1 season. That came to an end when Daniel Ricciardo made a surprise move to join the team.

Ricciardo’s switch “was not a shock”, said Ocon. “Obviously we had possibilities there. In the end it’s passed and we have to move forward.”

He denied he is worried about his future. “Mercedes and my management in Mercedes have been taking the right choices in the past years. I am sure they will be able to do the same again.”

Ocon says he needs to ensure he drives well enough to guarantee he will have a seat next year.

“What’s important is always to perform on the track. As I always say if you perform on track, a Formula 1 team can’t get rid of you if you perform.

“That’s my target. I want to do the same as I have done in the first half of the season, trying to do the best I can. If I do that I am sure I will have a seat next year.”

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9 comments on “Ocon not worried about F1 future after Renault blow”

  1. Of course Ocon has nothing to worry about. Mercedes looks after it disciples. Like Wherlein.

    1. Yes, doesn’t matter if ocon “survives”, that wherlein can’t get back in f1 is a failure already.

  2. I think Ocon is correct and hope he is right, the guy has way too much talent, not to just be in F1 but in a top car in the next few years.

  3. Hopefully, he isn’t going to be left without a drive for next season. That’d be a shame.

  4. He’s gonna love racing in formula e

  5. Ocon show he won’t be a wing man, so never will be paired with hamilton and therefore has to wait lewis retire.

    If Mercedes buy’s it, then williams is his last chance, as understandably ocon will be replace by Stroll proof performance and results, even a podium in F1, something this overated ocon hasn’t achived, because prefered to crash in his teammate.

    1. Great analysis. Sarcasm

    2. And suddenly, this straordinary stroll driver will take a huge beating from his team mate perez, while ocon will destroy sirotkin, the driver stroll was so evenly matched with!

  6. Ocon is so good that he may be one of the few who can take a year off and come back. Here’s hoping!

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