Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Spa-Francorchamps, 2018

2018 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2018 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s lead in the drivers’ championship is cut to 17 points after Sebastian Vettel won the Belgian Grand Prix.

Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 375
2 Ferrari 360
3 Red Bull 238
4 Renault 82
5 Haas 76
6 McLaren 52
7 Toro Rosso 30
8 Sauber 19
9 (Racing Point) Force India 18
10 Williams 4
11 (Sahara) Force India 0

2018 Belgian Grand Prix

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15 comments on “2018 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Somewhat telling that the official F1 website has not updated Race Point Force India’s points.

  2. Racing Point!

    1. Lol sorry mate – just haven’t warmed up to that name.

  3. It’s seems doubtful that Hamilton will still have a points advantage post Singapore. Unless Vettel has a mechanical failure this season, it’s unlikely Hamilton would win the championship.. Regardless of how well he’s driving.

    1. The Ferrari and Vettel are on good form but Hamilton is not doing too badly either. He is performing better now than he was at the start of the season and he still has a convincing lead in the standings.

      Bottas still has part to play and he has no chance of the WDC he can be safely used to block Vettel and still deliver WCC points and we know that Ferrari will do the same with their number 2.

      It´s all to play for, there is no way to make the call yet.

  4. The constructors’ championship table above has been updated to reflect how the FIA are treating the ‘two’ Force Indias.

    1. So in the theoretical championship, the standings would have now been Renault 82, Force India 77, Haas 76. Wouldn’t that have been epic!

    2. I see what you’re trying to do, but if the old Sahara Force India is excluded from the championship, then it makes no sense to leave them in the table with 0 points.
      If anything it would be useful to note them at the bottom as DSQ, but showing how many points they did have at the time they were thrown out, as a reference to if any lower teams actually beat the old teams total.

      1. @eurobrun To be clear this is based on what the FIA has issued, they’ve put the former Force India 11th with zero points. The same as with McLaren in 2007.

        1. You know, to me it’d make more sense to say: force india stuck at 59 points I think they were, and racing point force india 18.

          So that way teams who want to beat the now retired force india they have to at least get past 59 points, and meanwhile racing point force india won’t be able to use them to increase their points total.

  5. Ricciardo really has been luckless since Monaco. It looks likely now that he will be outscored by Verstappen and condemned to the “worst of the best” position.

    1. Meh, outscoring means nothing through luck, ricciardo got more points in 2017 but verstappen was the better driver most of the season.

      We’ll see, for now ricciardo was the better driver, exclude mechanical DNF and crashes through no fault of the driver when seeing that, we could say ricciardo and verstappen were both unlucky to retire from an accident in bahrain and spa.

  6. Looks like Mclaren is heading up the B -teams.
    ( RIC what were you hinking?)

    1. * thinking, (darn phone)

    2. I didn’t understand: mclaren despite alonso can’t compete with renault, haas and on the face of it, force india, renault so far is still the best B team, with haas and force india its biggest rivals, haas often quicker in performance.

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