Pierre Gasly, Daniel Ricciardo, Spa-Francorchamps, 2018

Gasly takes over Ricciardo’s Red Bull simulator duties

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In the round-up: Red Bull’s new driver Pierre Gasly will take over Daniel Ricciardo’s simulator duties.

What they say

When asked by RaceFans, Ricciardo confirmed he won’t be doing anything in the simulator relating to Red Bull’s 2019 programme:

I feel it’s a better tool now for the engineers. They come up with 20 set-ups and it’s like I’m there in a way a bit of a robot on a simulator day. We give good feedback but it’s going through the motions in a way: ‘I did this, that improved’.

I think the simulator certainly got me to a [better] level in terms of my feedback with engineers, I really think it developed me very well for that. But as far as driving and learning from a driving point of view, I don’t think there’s really that much more to learn once you’ve done so much.

The real track will always be different. The feedback helped me a lot especially in the early days but now I wouldn’t credit a win to a simulator day. If I don’t go in the simulator before Japan I’m not going to say I didn’t do well because I missed the sim.

So I’m not disappointed. I understand if they’re doing development for 2019 that really isn’t my business. But anything still with ’18 is my business and they said anything still with this year I’m included so I understand and respect that.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Yesterday we revealed how the driver market is expected to move once Lance Stroll switches to Force India. Here’s @Jackysteeg’s assessment:

Well, this makes the whole Stroll-to-replace-Ocon thing a bit easier to swallow. More than anything, it would be a terrible shame if Kubica’s long-awaited return was at the net expense of one of F1’s brightest young talents. I do feel sorry for Ericsson if his career ends due to an event so far removed from himself, but he has been in F1 for half a decade and, aside from a handful of impressive performances, has done little more than make up the numbers.

Apart from Stroll getting a richly undeserved move up the grid, I’d be quite happy with this set up. I’m excited to see Ocon going up against Fernando. I believe Vandoorne would benefit greatly from a fresh start with Sauber. And most of all, it’d be amazing to see Kubica race again.

Of course, I’d prefer to Kubica replace Stroll and for Stroll to leave F1 to race in LMGTE-Am with all the other wealthy amateurs, but this is the next best thing.

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On this day in F1

  • 40 years ago today Mario Andretti took pole position for Lotus at Zandvoort

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  • 12 comments on “Gasly takes over Ricciardo’s Red Bull simulator duties”

    1. Wasn’t aware Wickens was on assisted breathing. Well it seems like good knews, and definitely that is one of the reasons why they haven’t accessed his spinal cord injuries.

      Fingers crossed for more good news.

      Also I would like to acknowledge Ferrari’s gesture for the Genoa’s victims.

    2. Michael Brown (@)
      26th August 2018, 2:55

      Was there any doubt that F1 would take back the Spa record?

      1. @mbr-9 No, entirely expected, so, therefore, unsurprising. Now it’s back in the hands of the series that, in the end, deserves to hold these type of records the most.

      2. Not really. But then it’s good to see a racer pointing out that F1 beat it without even having perfect conditions @mbr-9

    3. I agree with the COTD.
      – Both Will Power’s little moment and Keith’s tweet, though.

      1. As dangerous as it was, Will Power’s ‘little’ moment looks tiny compared to Perez’ off at Eau Rouge, @jerejj.
        This is why I cannot appreciate oval racing.

    4. I noticed that Nikita Mazepin won GP3 today. He’s still technically part of the Force India young driver scheme, but for how long? Surely if his dad is threatening legal action against the new owners, it can’t look good for him!

      1. Can’t really do that though if there are contracts giving Mazepin that role @eurobrun. It woulld only give Mazepin sr. more to sue them for!

        Unless he has any contractual rights to simulator runs (then again, why not let him do those) or maybe a test day or so – he would have paid for those probably up front – apart from the tag, what really does it even mean to be “part of the young driver scheme” unless the team is willing to take you in and give you room to take part.

        1. @bascb
          True, but are any potential contracts with Racing Point Force India or Sahara Force India? And are such contacts honoured byvthe new company as per staff employment contracts. Probably, but wouldn’t surprise me if those contracts are held to their bare minimum.

          1. hm, good point there @eurobrun. Although I am not sure whether maybe the company actually building the cars and racing them is still the same, while just the one over top – the one holding the racing licence – has changed.

    5. After Tito Rabat’s horrible accident in Moto GP FP4 yesterday (tripple leg fracture after being hit by another riders bike while stricken in the Stowe gravel after his own crash moments earlier), it seems that Silverstone’s recent resurfacing job is being called into question again.
      This time I think its more a case of bad drainage that couldn’t cope with a sudden deluge.
      As a response to forecasts of more heavy rain due to coincide with the race today, they’ve pulled start time forwards by 90mins from 1pm to 11.30am.

    6. Funnily enough, Stroll Sr and Co’s saving of FI has actually turned out to be quite positive, apart from Lance getting a “promotion”. As CoTD states, almost everyone wins in one way or another.

      Kubica – Gets to race again after all these years, and at Monza to start with, one of the least strenuous venues on the calendar. If he is close to or matches Sirotkin, it would as good as a win I think, and it would be one of the greatest sporting come backs in the history of sport

      Stroll – Gets to stay in F1, driving a better car

      Ocon – A bit of a step down to Mclaren, but will get a chance to go up against the best. If he is closer to Fernando compared to Stoff (which I think he will be), and gets the better of his teammate a couple times, his already significant stock will rise further

      Stoff – Gets the hell out of a disgraceful Mclaren into a competitive Sauber that will give him a good chance of improving his ponts haul. His reputation has taken a bit of a beating of late, this move will help make amends. He will be quicker than an Ericsson, and pipping Leclerc every now and again will do no harm

      Fans – We get to see Kubica on track again, along with the musical chairs being played out in this super silly season. Drivers in new teams is always exciting! Oh yeah, and we see the back of Ericsson (no offence, he’s been around for years and is average at best)

      Racing Point Employees – They have jobs

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