Vettel crashes Ferrari during Milan demo

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel damaged his Ferrari in a crash during an official Formula 1 demonstration run in Milan today.

The Belgian Grand Prix winner was able to reverse away from the low barrier he hit but broke his front wing.

Ferrari and Sauber took part in the Formula 1 Milan Festival at Darsena in the city centre. Vettel, team mate Kimi Raikkonen and Sauber drivers Charles Leclerc and Marcus Ericsson took part.

Vettel is the latest in a series of F1 drivers to prang their cars during demonstration runs. Ex-Ferrari test driver Kamui Kobayashi crashed one of the team’s cars during a wet demonstration event in Moscow five years ago.

The year before Pastor Maldonado crashed his Williams while performing at an event in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

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75 comments on “Vettel crashes Ferrari during Milan demo”

  1. Michal J Kalinowski
    29th August 2018, 21:44

    SMH lmao ….. as a Vettel fan I gotta say get it out now I guess versus during a real race.

    1. Michal Kalinowski
      29th August 2018, 23:01

      Adding onto my comment. Can someone clarify who’s car this is? Someone in the comments wrote Kimis.

      What’s confusing to me is the car has he old review mirrors not attached to the halo?

      1. It’s neither Vettel’s nor Kimi’s car. It’s a demo car. The number “5” sticker is Vettel’s tho.

        Race cars are being rebuilt in Monza. There is no curfew on Wednesday night so they work till the very late hours. The engines are fired up on Thursday morning, and they check all the systems then.

        1. Michal Kalinowski
          30th August 2018, 3:49

          This definitely makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying.

      2. Vettel said the wheel he was using was Kimi’s and the paddle setup was different from his own wheel. I’ll give him (and Verstappen a couple years ago) the benefit of the doubt. These cars are not meant to be driven at slow speeds and it’s my understanding they are beasts when brakes and tires are not up to temp and no downforce is being generated by wings.

        1. Michal J Kalinowski
          30th August 2018, 15:28

          Yeah I read somewhere about the steering wheel comment, that clarified things the most for me.

          And yeah I agree about the slow speed handling characteristics of F1 cars which are they have no slow speed characteristics haha. Even in F1 games I usually make more mistakes at slow speed over being in a good pace as you lose the down-force you mentioned.

    2. LOL, and a +1 to get it out here, on a demo car :-)

      1. Michal Kalinowski
        30th August 2018, 3:50

        I think the funniest thing in this whole video is his reaction once he hit the barrier….. just sitting there “like really?”

    3. Big Ferrari fan and have to say I also shook my head and laughed with a “For f’s sake man, what are you doing?”

      In Monza of all places… :D

      But yeah, better to get it out now :)

      1. Michal Kalinowski
        30th August 2018, 12:58

        Its not that Vettel has been crashing often. It’s literally that this is exactly what happened in Germany like someone else commented but no rain.

  2. Wasn’t even raining….

    Seriously though how narrow is that course? Seems excessive.

    1. Seems waaay narrow indeed, Kimi only got through because he went walking pace. Guess Sebastian just gave it a bit too much

  3. Just goes to show how different these machines are compared to normal automobiles. Good thing the PUs are road-relevant 🙄

  4. *insert Vettel is terrible comment here*

  5. Piotr (@piotrzukowski)
    29th August 2018, 21:51

    Belgian Grand Prix driver…?

    1. Yeah, was about to mention that one.

      It’s either “The Belgian Grand Prix winner” or “The German Grand Prix driver”.

    2. Yep. Close enough. ;-) Verstappen, the Belgian Grand Prix driver, from the mother side, properly crashed during a demo run in Rotterdam, in 2014


      1. The Dutch (with Belgian blood) driver did the same but he was 16 at the time…and starting his F1 job.

        1. The Dutch driver? Born in Belgium, grew up in Belgium, mother is Belgian, but his father is probably Dutch (only mom is sure until the DNA matches). But for commercial reasons, it’s way more interesting to be Dutch, so Max played that card.

          1. Unlike Lando Norris (who has a Belgian mother and had a Flemish emblem on his F2 car), Max never really bragged with his Belgian heritage while there are clearly a few ties with his birthplace. For that matter, did you know that at the latest Belgian Grand Prix, there were actually four active F1 drivers with Belgian blood? Stoffel of course, Max, Reserve driver Lando Norris in FP1 and Lance Stroll (who also has a Belgian mother). That must be a record! I demand statistics! @keithcollantine :-)

          2. Based on my own little research, I have to conclude that marrying a Belgian woman should give you the highest chance to have an offspring that could end up becoming an F1 driver.

          3. @hogee

            Belgium has one of the best Kart circuits /facilities in Europe (where you will find pictures of Max and news about him, they treat him like a son.) (the small fun circuit that encourages race-craft is named after Alonso!)

            Genk also has a Motocross track next door with Belgium having the most Motocross World Champions.
            Belgium also invented Cricket! but many will claim Cycling is their national sport.

            I always think you should repay the country you grew up in with the recognition, but Belgians probably don’t care.

  6. Who set that course up? corner looked impossible to manoeuvre an F1 car round.

    1. still 3 out of 4 drivers managed to get round it without crashing…

  7. Once again Vettel cracks under pressure. This time it was the demanding tifosi crowd that turned out to be too much for the 4x World Champion.

    1. these are the type of mistakes that will cost him the championship

      1. Interesting tactics there by Ferrari

          1. Hahahahaha.

            Those dirty Ferrari tricksters! /s

  8. As far as I could understand, the car was Kimi’s with some differences in terms of steering wheel/clutch position and pedals.

    Great show tho!

    1. Seb confirmed, clutch on the opposite side on Kimi’s car

  9. Verstappen has also done it with this humdinger

  10. It’s like mana for haters.

    1. :D Just a bit of fun, no harm.

  11. Engine seems very smokey.. have they managed to sneak a 2018 engine in there?

    1. @kylestephens it’s the same car Kimi drove in Spa

      1. Michal Kalinowski
        29th August 2018, 23:24

        See I’m not sure about that. Where are the cool halo mirrors, these one extend from the body like in Australia.

  12. georgeboole (@)
    29th August 2018, 23:29

    So Vettel has just entered the same league as the Maldonator?
    If Pastor has a sense of humour his last race before retirement will be a demolition derby. Seb, Kamui and Max will be guests

    1. That will be kinda boring without Grosjean

      1. Never fear, Grosjean will enter stage left, in plumes of smoke. @warheart

      2. And Hulkenberg.

  13. Well I guess thats what happens when you try to drive an F1 car on a go-kart track.

  14. Hmm Not surprised. And this is supposed to be our new 5XWDC? Fangio wept.

    1. @david-beau this is probably expected to be a 5x WDC as well so eh.

  15. What a Surprise! NOT

  16. Nothing at stake here but it seems the WDC race between HAM and VET will be decided by the one who makes the least amount of bonehead mistakes. And I’d say it’s about a tie at this point.

    1. Really? A tie?

      1. If you count Lewis’ stupid comments, he’s probably ahead by a few car lengths, actually. Not many errors on track, though, if any.

        1. OK. @ho3n3r on that I completely agree.

  17. Alonso will get a good belly laugh out of this one. They wanted Vettel, they got him. Good luck

  18. …honestly…..

    ….Lewis just brake-tested me…..

    Am just messing wigyall…its all fun and games until some loses a front wing…..

    1. Nah, new fuel, 20% more power.

  19. I hope the engines have a low power setting, the space seems very small, especially with people on the track.

  20. Have to be careful with those high speed corners at Monza.

  21. YellowSubmarine
    30th August 2018, 2:09

    Sign of things to come this weekend, eh?

  22. In the solo crash championship of 2018, Grosjean has been dethroned as the championship leader after Vettel did a superb job in Milan. The German driver has hit a purple patch following his home race in July. It is difficult to see this season go down to the wire as Grosjean has struggled to reach the heights he managed in Baku. Early season leader Verstappen has also fallen off the leader board and has delivered a string of boring error free races since then. However, the other German, Hulkenburg remains a dark horse after a starring performance in Spa.

  23. Flavio: “Vettel, Vettel, Vettel, I said it’s the team’s #2 driver who needs to crash there. “

  24. Honestly, what are we doing here? Playing dodgems?

  25. Now that’s what I call proper track limits!

    1. Ha ha ha, good one!

  26. Blue flags blue flags!

  27. That looked strangely familiar… minus the gravel and rain.

  28. I know people lay into drivers for incidents like this, but just look at this season, Grosjean in Baku and Ricciardo in Spain both spun under safety car conditions. F1 cars have tires, brakes and aerodynamics which are designed to work at high speed. I don’t really understand these events, watching an F1 car drive slowly is like watching a chainsaw being used to open a packet of crisps.

  29. Seb reversed against the flow of the track . I think the stewards should look at that!

  30. It strached the floor, Seb!

  31. I didnt know FIA allow Ferrari to use current 2018 car in the demo….

    1. I think they eased those rules to allow them in a few demo’s through the year if they cant gain any data, which this clearly is.

      A bit embarrassing for Seb but these cars don’t turn well and that track would struggle with a go-kart- I did have a laugh though, add it to the footage of those who have done it before :)

  32. It was apparently Kimi’s car & he was having to use Kimi’s steering wheel which has the clutch paddle on the opposite side of the wheel to what he’s used to.

    He has said that he went for the clutch where he would normally expect it to be (Muscle memory I guess) & remembered too late that it was on the opposite side of the wheel which resulted in this little crash.

  33. To be fair it’s so tight there and the car is so long.
    Why exactly is the wheel base of modern F1 cars so long, does anyone know? It makes the cars look wrong and does nothing to increase their agility through slow corners at street tracks.

    1. So many things about F1 are wrong.

  34. Darn it, Seb, don’t you know crashes are more exciting during races.

  35. Seems like Vettel is prone to low grip understeary crashes in left hand corners…

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