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Vettel hopes Ferrari success helps Monza keep its F1 race

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel hopes Ferrari’s Formula 1 resurgence increases Monza’s chance of staying on the calendar.

The Italian Grand Prix will remain on the 2019 F1 calendar but does not have a contract beyond next year’s race. As RaceFans reported in June, the promoter is seeking a $9 million cut in its fee from Formula One Management.

Vettel admitted he is concerned about the future of the event and said he hopes Ferrari’s recent successes, including his Belgian Grand Prix victory last weekend, “helps Monza to boost the race.”

“I’m sure that we get a lot of support but I also hope it helps Monza to stay on the calendar for a long time because I heard some rumours,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to going to Italy because I spend a bit of time there. But racing in Italy, especially for us with the Ferrari, it’s our home race so it should be a lot of fun.”

Vettel is seeking to become the first Ferrari driver to win at Monza since Fernando Alonso in 2010. However he said his victory at Spa doesn’t change his approach going into the weekend.

“I think it would be nice anyways to go to Monza,” he said. “If you are dressed in the right colour, which I am, then Monza is always an absolute highlight. I don’t think, as a racing driver, it gets any better than that.

“Now maybe with a win here the week before the race maybe it does get better, I’m curious, but I think Monza is a great race. There’s so many families and support from our own people there but the main thing obviously is all the fans, Ferrari fans.”

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12 comments on “Vettel hopes Ferrari success helps Monza keep its F1 race”

  1. fake it before you make it

  2. I wish they could add tv’s for the general admission areas because I was at the 2017 race and there were almost no screens. Luckily, there was one by Ascari and I was able to watch just by the exit of Ascari lol. But other than that, it seemed as if that was the only tv screen. It was really hard to follow the race haha

    1. I’m in two minds about this “problem”, having had a similar experience at the Italian Grand Prix in 2014. The punter pays a small fortune to be trackside at a Grand Prix; should we not be taking it all in for what it is, screen free?

      With all the screens at Silverstone these days, I actually found myself watching last year’s Grand Prix almost exclusively on the screen in front of me, rather than taking in the action on the piece of track in front of me. Of course, the atmosphere was amazing, but I may as well have stayed at home and watched it on TV.

      An on-location Formula One experience should be different to that of watching it at home. I think there’s something to be said for not knowing absolutely everything that happened. It adds to the intrigue and excitement.

      I was also at Silverstone in 2008 to see Lewis Hamilton’s masterclass. It was so wet that I couldn’t see screens, yet could still follow that Hamilton was leading and the gap was growing. It got the crowd talking and debating where the Ferrari’s had gone and the like. It’s exhilarating and rightly, a different experience.

      1. @ben-n Spot-on, track side you are part of and appreciate a more visceral experience. Depending on the circuit you do have radio commentary to tune into as well or if not the F1 App BBC commentary.

        I am not going to complain about the screens at Silverstone, I have watched several sporting events from the track after the race :).

      2. I kind of agree with you @ben-n. WHen I started watching the screens I found myself not even noticing the cars up close from where I was standing the last time round.

        Then again, when I was at the spitzkehre in Hockenheim a decade ago, we really needed the screens to have any idea what was going on. So the screens do have to be there IMO, and we should especially be able to hear the commentator (something greatly improved with the newer, less ear shatteringly loud, engines), but they should not be so prominently there that you find yourself watching the screen more than the real track.

  3. You are the best fans!

  4. It’s a petting boring track, the best part of the race is seeing the fans on the track after ra e. Maybe mugello? Long straight there will still see cars hitting around 350kmh if it’s important

  5. On the subject of Monza, whatever happened to that plan to realign the first chicane/corner from a couple of years ago? I though it was decided at too late a stage to introduce for 2017 but was supposed to be going ahead for 2018? I wonder if it was deemed too expensive?

    Mind you personally I was not convinced it was a good idea. One of the most exciting things about the current layout is the first few laps when cars end up side by side in the first few corners.

  6. Unfortunately Bottas is doing a better job for Mercedes than Kimi. Kimi better do a fantastic job at Monza.

  7. It is the last really high speed track on F1 calendar and I would hate to see it go away.

  8. Anees Jhatham
    30th August 2018, 12:42

    Seems he is very sure of victory at Monza

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