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Magnussen says “disrespectful” Alonso laughed in his face after qualifying

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen described Fernando Alonso as “outright disrespectful” and accused his rival of deliberately causing the incident which ruined their laps.

The Haas driver believes Alonso was trying to gain the best possible slipstream for himself by duping Magnussen into overtaking him before the start of his final run in Q2.

“At the exit of Ascari Fernando was warming his brakes, I think, not going fast,” Magnussen explained. “I’m going fast so just cruise past him. But then for some reason he decided to try and accelerate and get close to me rather than create a gap as everyone else is doing.

“Obviously he got a perfect slipstream, thought he could overtake into turn one but I’d rather hang myself [than let him].”

“He thought he could have the perfect slipstream and overtake again,” he added. “I don’t know how many tenths but you gain a lot if you do that.

“But I’m not going to let him past me and sacrifice my own lap. No way. I know he thinks he’s God but no way.”

Both drivers’ laps were spoiled as they exchanged positions at the first chicane. The stewards decided to take no action over the incident.

“If you impede someone while you’re on a push lap yourself it’s not impeding apparently. That was the same with Kimi [Raikkonen] in France. Perhaps something we need to look at.

“I don’t really mind, as long as it’s the same for everyone that’s fine. I’d be interested to see if it was the other way how the turn out would be but can only speculate.”

Magnussen said he wasn’t surprised it was Alonso he had the run-in with following earlier incidents between the two drivers.

“I think we know that Fernando is a bit of an opportunist,” he said. “We’ve seen that about him quite a few times in his career with his teams as well trying different things that didn’t always work out. It didn’t work out today.”

Alonso “came to me after qualifying and laughed to my face”, Magnussen added. “Just outright disrespectful. I can’t wait for him to retire.”

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135 comments on “Magnussen says “disrespectful” Alonso laughed in his face after qualifying”

  1. Lol how childish “I can’t wait for him to retire”
    Quit the moaning and deal with it. 11th is a good spot and free choice on tyres.

  2. Ditto. Bye Alonso greatest drivrer never to have won 7 world championships.

  3. ‘I can’t wait for him to retire’, 😂

    1. Loved that one, too!

    2. I can’t wait until Magnussen retires. Talentless, but with an attitude.

      1. Think you are alone here – MAG is very talented, close to be “best of the rest..” . This incident was a pure ALO stunt..

        1. He’s not… compared to KMag, Alonso is really a God. But, of course, you’re free to admire KMag’s amazing F1 results…

        2. You are kidding I hope…

        3. Lol seriously?

        4. I’d have to laugh at your face for this comment

      2. Brilliant! :)

    3. The answer to anyone still defending Magnussen

      1. Wow justshows how big an idi.. Alonso is.
        He was behind KMag with a big gap – no reason to go on the outside of turn one.

        1. Wow. Shows how idi…. your comment is. You completely ignored Mags last second overtake in to parabolica.

      2. Alonso is the bonehead here. Instead of waiting two seconds to go full throttle and have the perfect tow he immidiately hammer it with the sole purpose of going after MAG and screw him over.
        Alonso knew, breaking that late into turn one, that the only thing that would accomplish was to destroy both their laps. “I’m not placing better than the Haas, so I take him out”.
        Alonso, please retire today rather than sit out the season.

        1. K Mag screwed his lap anyway overtaking into parabolica, compromising his exit. Alonso just handed some sweet payback.

  4. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    1st September 2018, 18:19

    You don’t exactly come across as a polite respectful driver occasionally, Kevin…

  5. Find the streamable link of Alonso’s onboard. Not sure if I’m allowed to post it here.

    KMag screwed himself over and Alonso should laugh in his face.
    Why did he try and get ahead in the queue at the final corner in Parabolica, when Alonso would have no time to drop back, screwing up Alonso’s lap and expect him to take it?

    More drivers like Hulk and Alonso need to call out KMag and the Haas drivers in general on their woeful driving standards. 4th best car for most of the year and still behind Renault sums the wasted opportunities time and again by KMag and Grosjean.
    It’s why KMag will never drive a title winning car.

  6. Alonso believes his own myth.

  7. I only watched the highlights so difficult to say who was at fault but…

    That Alonso laugh at the radio was totally inappropriate. I can’t wait for him to leave F1 to drivers who still care about their performance

    1. @paeschli Alonso will be sorely missed. That laugh was fantastic. Magnussen has been doing this kind of underhanded bulls…t all season and Fernando decided to teach him a lesson. That’s all. The disrespect was to overtake Alonso during the warm-up lap. It was a delight to watch on TV. It was hilarious also to see Kevin whining afterwards.

      1. @ajpennypacker Speak for yourself. I won’t miss these cringy outbursts at all, and neither won’t majority of F1 fans.
        Here it was 100% Alonso’s fault, as Magnussen was ahead when they approached the chicane. Pointless divebombing by Alonso. I have no idea why nobody cares about his amateurish mistakes.

        1. “Speak for yourself” then in the next sentence “Neither won’t majority [sic] of F1 fans”

        2. The Skeptic (@)
          2nd September 2018, 7:07

          Alonso was right. Magnussen overtook at the last second to deliberately ruin Alonso’s lap. Then he cried like a baby when his own lap got ruined.

          Even Haas acknowledged this as an “unnecessary incident”. Unnecessary because KMag could have kept his place 2 seconds behind Alonso and he would have been fine.

          1. No not in a faster car…

        3. @huhhii still hurt over the thrashing Raikkonen got from Alonso in 2014? Keep your (anti-Alonso) bias away for a while and have a look at the whole incident. BTW, speak only for yourself, because I have seen majority of the F1 fans enjoy his radio messages.

      2. Well, if we are doing a straw poll on it… + 1 for the Fonz.

    2. Go to youtube and search for Alonso Magnussen, or if you trust, follow the link ( During the whole lap, Alonso was receiving information about the gaps and, as far as I could see, he was keeping a constant gap between him and the car in front, heating up his tires, and breaking as instructed. I found hilarious the accounts of this incident by Magnussen:

      “At the exit of Ascari Fernando was warming his brakes, I think, not going fast,” Magnussen explained.

      Well, that is precisely what brakes are used for, to slow you down.

      “I’m going fast so just cruise past him. But then for some reason”

      The reason being, everybody had started their flying lap

      he decided to try and accelerate and get close to me rather than create a gap as everyone else is doing.

      So, basically, you wanted him to ruin his lap going around the last curve very slowly to create a gap.

      I am not an Alonso fan, but I consider his laugh quite understandable.

      1. Exactly. If Magnussen isn’t going to respect the fact that the driver in front is also starting a hot lap.. And instead ruins Alonsos lap by making an overtake in to parabolica.. Then he has to deal with the consequences.

        I thought it was a perfect retaliation from Alonso. Kmag has lesser driving etiquette than he has talent.. And it’s ironic that he (out of all the drivers on the grid) was crying about another driver being disrespectful towards him. Laughable.

      2. @claudioff @todfod
        KMag’s onboard (big part of the warmup lap is missing)
        GRO’s onboard

  8. It started with MAG jumping up in line at the last corner – ALO was guilty of messing with him but MAG put himself in that position.

    1. Von Smallhausen (@engelbertvonsmallhausen)
      1st September 2018, 18:51

      Indeed, dumb move by MAG. He should have known ALO would pay him back.

    2. For me this just highlights how childish and petty alonso can be at times. Alonso was being super slow in the last sector. If you are that slow you can expect to be passed. What should have magnussen do? Stop before parabolica so alonso can play his games? No, magnussen did the right thing and drive past a slow car. Drive slow, get passed. This is not a voy scout christmas dinner – you are not expected to queue and wait in line. You go and take every opportunity you can and and if someone else makes a mistake you try to take full benefit of it. Not stop and help them.

      So alonso made a mistake in last sector by being too slow and then he has a tantrum and decides because he did not get what he wanted so magnussen should not get anything either. The way alonso drove into the first corner proves alonso wanted only one thing – to ruin magnussen’s lap. Alonso probably used as much of his electric power as possible just to get close to magnussen. There is no way he could have made that move work without costing the lap for himself as well.

      It was clear impeding from alonso but rules are just words on paper. When it comes to interpreting the rules it matters more who you are than what you did.

      1. I don’t understand why there is people who doesn’t get it. Alonso was going slow in order to built a gap or distance between him and the car that was in front. Usually the gap is around 3 -4 seconds that way the car that is behind doesn’t get his lap affected by the turbulence or dirty air that the car in front creates. That is why all the drivers in front of Alonso were trying to create a gap between them and the cars in front of them. The idiot of Magnussen passed Alonso in the last curve just before starting their timed lap, this basically impeded Alonso to be able to do a proper lap and for that reason Alonso made Magnussen pay. It just shows how disrespectful Magnussen is, he has had problems with almost all the drivers and he has been accused to be a dirty driver and he was really disrespectful with Hulkenberg in front of the cameras. so Magnussen should shut up a drive.

      2. Alonso was being super slow in the last sector. If you are that slow you can expect to be passed. What should have magnussen do? Stop before parabolica so alonso can play his games? No, magnussen did the right thing and drive past a slow car.

        That’s just nonsense. Maybe remove a little bias and actually check the footage before you comment.

        Alonso was maintaining a 2 to 3 second gap to Stroll in front.. The exact same way Stroll was maintaining a gap to the car in front. None of them were changing position. Kmag decides to dive bomb in to parabolica and completely impede Alonsos run. Alonso wasn’t just going to sit there and get his hot lap ruined.. So he took the slipstream to try and save his lap.. And if that ruins kmags lap.. Then so be it… It was Kevin’s fault to begin with.

        1. They were not maintaining positions. They were driving slowly to build or manage a gap. Going slow = not going at racing speed and from the footage it is blatantly obvious alonso was not going at racing speed and thus was passed because he was too slow.

        2. Essentially what you are saying is that if someone overtakes you during qualifying you are allowed to ruin their lap.

          1. by your logic, Kevin could pass him but Alonso could not try to take his position back… Actually, what they both did was legal in my opinion, you can definitely race in Qualifying as well, if both of the drivers were in their hot lap.

            But there are unwritten rules, respect etc. If you divebomb another driver just before fast last corner, and screw his lap, you might expect that he sits there and gets screwed over, or hits back and screws you over. Laughing on the face is just the cherry on the cake. Kevin mostly does not respect anyone but himself on the track. He deserves worst than this.

          2. @socksolid Overtaking during the out-lap is fine, just not before the final corner, when drivers need a bit of a gap and a good exit, which is exactly what Magnussen did.

          3. @f1infigures
            So what you are saying magnussen should have ruined his own lap instead of going for overtake? There is no reason for magnussen to slow down and make sure alonso gets a good lap. Why should magnussen care about alonso’s lap? Alonso slowed down too much and magnussen took advantage of it. Good move from magnussen, mistake from alonso.

            This is supposed to be a competition. Not a boyscout christmas dinner. Was magnussen’s move unsportsman like? Not one iota was there anything wrong with at all. For example in a race drivers are trying to use lapped cars to their benefit to overtake their competitors for example. Nobody waits until he gets a clean pass. It is an opportunity to pass when the car in front gets stuck behind slower cars? No it is definitely not. Or you take slipstream from a car in front in qualifying. Stealing their slipstream. Is that wrong? Surely a gentleman driver would never take benefit of such things?

            Or car in front makes mistake. Instead of helping them the drivers overtake them. Is that sportsman-like? It is a competition. Someone makes a mistake. You take full benefit from it. Not wait until he sorts himself out. Accidents and injuries are of course totally different thing.

          4. @socksolid You must be kidding, right? It’s qualifying, not a race. During their out-lap drivers are warming up the tires and brakes and managing the gap to the car in front to get a clear track ahead of them. That’s what Magnussen should have done as well. Instead he overtook Alonso just before the final corner, thereby compromising Alonso’s flying lap and possibly his own lap as well. There was plenty of time left for Magnussen to start his final lap, so his overtake was completely unnecessary and therefore plain stupid.

          5. @socksolid

            If someone overtakes you on the last corner of the outlap and completely ruins both your exit, and the gap to the car in front… then yes.. he’s allowed to ruin the other driver’s lap

          6. @f1infigures
            Makes no difference whether it is qualifying or race or practice. You drive slowly and you get overtaken. Simple as that. Magnussen had every right to do what he did. He only took advantage of alonso’s mistake. Only stupid thing was alonso’s revenge. Just petty.

            Why on earth should magnussen care about alonso’s outlap more than his own? You are suggesting that magnussen should sacrifice himself so alonso can get a good lap. That’s not how competition works! Magnussen does not need to care about anyone’s out lap except his own. If alonso is too slow you go past him. It is not rocket science. Magnussen has no abligation towards alonso at all. Zero. Nothing. If magnussen wanted to make an exception and gift the lap to alonso he could have done that but why on earth would he do that? Alonso is not elderly person in grocery store queue. Get on with it or get overtaken.

            I can’t believe there are people essentially arguing overtaking other people is wrong. This is racing. There is supposed to be overtaking.


            If someone overtakes you on the last corner of the outlap and completely ruins both your exit, and the gap to the car in front… then yes.. he’s allowed to ruin the other driver’s lap

            That is the must dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. If you get overtaken in qualifying it is your own fault for being slow. Drive faster or defend.

  9. I don’t think Alonso has ever thought very much of Magnussen, and today an opportunity to mess up his lap presented itself and he jumped on it. I guess cruising around at the tail end of the field leaves Alonso looking for other ways to amuse himself. He certainly got a laugh out of this one.

    1. @schooner Alonso had nothing to lose, but a great satisfying lesson to teach Kevin. I was glad he did it. Kevin has been doing crap like this since the beginning of the season. He calmed down for a bit, but once again he’s sabotaged himself through sheet stupidity. He should have kept his place during the warm up lap like everyone. If you’re going to overtake during the warm up lap you do it long before parabolica. I chuckled when I heard the radio message from Fernando.

      1. The only lesson taught by Alonso today was yet another one on how much of a jerk he can be.

      2. @ajpennypacker, quite – it does seem a bit hypocritical given that Magnussen has been guilty of much dirtier driving on track, and it feels a little like he’s rather bitter at being on the receiving end of the sort of treatment he dishes out to others. Of course, when Magnussen does that sort of thing, it is apparently all OK…

      3. There was no need for Alonso to do that he is just bitter about his car

  10. Wow, Alonso working hard to make sure no one misses him when he is gone. He is so bitter he gets pleasure out of ruining a the hot lap of someone who actually has a good chance at a decent quali. I used to like Alonso but that arrogance and the constant self promotion as the best ever wears thin.

    1. Just lost the last American connection for indy.. Gene hates him know.. He keeps burning his bridges and look at him today.. Sitting in a corner many miles from a top three team.. Hear the laugh Alonso?

      1. Haas isn’t in Indy car … that would be NASCAR

        1. Sorry correct Nascar.. My fault

      2. Swing and a miss, Anon. Do you even watch any American motorsports? Haas isn’t even involved in IndyCar. And I doubt very much that any IndyCar owners like Ganassi, Penske, or Andretti give a damn what he does to a Haas in F1.

      3. The Skeptic (@)
        2nd September 2018, 7:10

        Actually, Haas know that this was Magnussen’s fault.

    2. David mcgrory
      2nd September 2018, 4:21

      Formula 1 will miss him big time I’m not a fan of his but he is absolutely brilliant and it will be poorer for him not being there

  11. Well done alonso. That should teach him a lesson, so tired of Magnussen’s obnoxiousness.

  12. wow, this is low…

  13. This is clear total hate.

  14. You can say what you want, but Venemous Kevin Magnussen is some of the best entertainment F1 currently has to offer.

  15. We all know Alonso is fool, but now he deliberatly destroys other drivers chance. And the stewards let it happen unpunished, so I hope it’s time for a rule-change for similar.

    Next time Magnussen (or others) will park his car on the racetrack causing a red flag. He would have been in Q3, if he had done today.

    1. Magnussen messed up his own lap by passing Alonso before the Parabolica, when he was opening up a gap to the car before him. It was disrespectful of Magnussen to jump into that gap, so I think that is Karma!

    2. Alonso has previous from as far back as Hungary, 2007.

  16. …”If you no longer go for a gap that exists…” 😂

    Seriously now, I’m glad comissioners cleared both, it was just a racing incident; a stupid one, but just an incident. However, I’m quite sure if it was the other way around, Magnussen would be penalised.
    As for the aftermath, Fernando was an a-hole, but c’mon Kevin, outright disrespectful? What about the suck my balls episode, honey?

    Props to him for staying up for his ground, though.

    1. It was Hulkenberg who was disrespectful, as he was interrupting a live interview with Magnussen, telling the world Magnussen was a bad driver, because he didn’t allowed him to pass on the outside. But you are right: Magnussen is disrespectful (and honest) against people who dosen’t deserve respect. Alonso and Hulkenberg are good examples and the last to races has made his disrespectful remarks crystal clear and truly justified.

      1. @racefan If I recall correctly, Hulkenberg just ironically said he was the most unsportive driver. Kevin said what he had to say, and that is all. But my point here is given the way he reacted before, it’s kinda hypochritical complaining about manners, don’t you think?

        Both Fernando and Kevin are salty between them. Anything that happens with minor damage, as it was this case, they can call it even or escalate burns and offences, that’s fine. But pointing out politeness is rubbishness.

      2. Hülkenberg doesn’t need to insult other people to warrant his place on the grid @racefan

  17. Both at fault in some way here? Magnussen probably shouldn’t have overtaken Alonso at the last corner as it’s pretty inevitable that he’d come back at him on the main straight. Buuuut, did Alonso really need to slipstream Magnussen back and then attempt to overtake into T1, knowing that even if he succeded then he’d ruin both their laps? I mean surely from Alonso’s perspective the smartest thing to do would be to get as much of a tow down the main straight as he could and then pull out of it, knowing the Haas is a quicker car and he can just get towed through the whole lap?

    Though if Alonso just laughed in his face over it, and that he questioned the ability of both the Haas drivers is true, then that’s kinda classless really. Alonso’s a brilliant driver but he’s not a nice man.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with the last sentence!

    2. @rocketpanda at the exit of Ascari isn’t exactly the last corner, there was still plenty of time and space to make the gap.

      Alonso tried to take advantage of the slipstream and spoiled Kevin’s lap, or felt that Kevin shouldn’t have passed him and decided to spoil his lap.

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m on Magnussen’s side here, I don’t see what Alonso thought he’d accomplish by steaming into T1 knowing both laps would be ruined if he succeeded. It just seems enormously petty.

        1. Yes it does, yes it does…

      2. @johnmilk I wouldn’t say “exit of Ascari”. watch?v=C5ospLEtsJo It was just before the 150m mark for Parabolica, he just got in front then braked hard, then started his lap.
        Of course Alonso didn’t choose to be the better person in that situation, and he could probably start the lap 1.5s behind the Haas, but it seems Magnussen made an unusual decision again, just trying to jump the queue at the last moment, very similar to what he did and costed him the lap in France. I wonder why he decides to do the same instead of learning from France?

        So, Alonso could have not raced him, but even more easily Magnussen could simply hold his own position on the queue and have a normal Qualifying lap leaving whatever gap he wants between him and Alonso.

        1. Finally, someone who is unbiased and uses reasoning.

        2. @dusty Well said.

    3. Buuuut, did Alonso really need to slipstream Magnussen back

      Well, yes – it was his hotlap – was he supposed to go slower than he was able and bin the lap?

  18. But Kevin put himself in that situation and tried to blame Alonso

    1. Or you can take the view that Alonso deliberately slowed to entice Magnussen to pass and use him to gain a slipstream, expecting him to back out at T1. Why not do anything, really, just for fun and maybe get a faster time, who knows? If not, you’ve messed up a Haas lap, so so what? Really, Alonso finding the whole thing a big joke suggests it’s a plausible interpretation.

      1. +101

      2. Or you can take the view that Alonso deliberately slowed to entice Magnussen to pass and use him to gain a slipstream, expecting him to back out at T1

        Hahaha +1

        Oh wait…. You’re serious?

        1. @todfod I’ve no idea what goes through Alonso’s head, but he has some fairly bewildering moments.

          1. @david-br

            He does have his moments… But I wouldn’t put him for a person that intentionally ruins his own hot lap by letting a driver past on the last corner of the out lap. I don’t think any driver would intentionally hurt his own chances

          2. @todfod
            Alonso dont think he has any chances. Hes considering himself as the all time best driver and is leaving F1 just trolling as he go.

  19. Thank god he is retiring.

  20. …”If you no longer go for a gap that exists…” 😂

    Seriously now, I’m glad stewards cleared both, it was just a racing incident; a stupid one, but just an incident. However, I’m quite sure if it was the other way around, Magnussen would be penalised.
    As for the aftermath, Fernando was obnoxious indeed but, c’mon Kevin, outright disrespectful? What about the balls episode, honey?

    Props to him for staying up for his ground, though.

    1. Why have you posted this twice…? It doesn’t strengthen your argument.

  21. He poked the big dog with a stick and got bit in the @$$ because of it.
    Tit for tat.

  22. I love you Kevin, you tell them, what is god to a non-believer?

    Don’t ever change, make them respect your balls

    1. Lol balls? Being belligerent is not the same as having balls. Today he learned a lesson from a legend. He can bully other drivers, but it will come back to bite when he tries with Alonso. It might actually be good for Kevin in the long run… He has developed quite a reputation.

      It was fun to see Kevin whining afterwards, good to see him on the receiving end after all he’s done this season.

      1. This season?

        He is the most fun in the paddock, let him be

      2. And it feels you miss understood that reference, oh well

        1. My mistake, I did misunderstand :-)
          I was just a bit incensed still by certain people excusing Magnussen as though he had done nothing wrong.

          1. @ajpennypacker of’course not! So did Alonso. What was he supposed to do? Slow down in his hot lap to make way for Magnussen? Of course not! …..

  23. Hope things are cleared after this. However Kevin better stay’s away from Alonso for a while. Otherwise the Halo has probably more work to do.

    1. Funny but true:)

    2. Next time Alonso will literally over-take him.

  24. There’s plenty of fodder for Anlonso haters these days.

  25. To me it was obviously what ALO was doing:

    ALO knew he could gain anything in Q3 – so whats the next step? His rival for the “best of the rest” position. HAAS is quick on Monza because of topspeed, but the next tracks is more down to chassis. So a bad position for MAG on Monza would let ALO into the fight again. This was done on purpose..

    1. @Anon

      You mean McLaren has a good chassis?

    2. Insightful.

      Maybe… Kevin wanted to beat Alonso in the championship standings as well.. So he decided to ruin Fernando’s hot lap by putting in an unexpected overtake in to parabolica and impeding his final run

  26. I think we are overlooking what might have been the reason this all happened.
    GRO was behind MAG who was behind ALO on the out lap.
    MAG didn’t cherish being in front of GRO as it’s usually a slight advantage to the second driver as we saw with Kimi today.
    So MAG waited until the last moment to pass ALO to put separation between himself and GRO.
    Unfortunately, ALO was the car he passed – life lesson for MAG.

  27. Alonso “came to me after qualifying and laughed to my face”, Magnussen added. “Just outright disrespectful.
    The worst driver informual 1 history, from the sporting point of view, has given another clear example of his bad behavior.
    Remember Singapore 2008, when he made his teammate collide against the wall to have an advantage?
    And so on…

    1. Alonso made Nelson Piquet Jr crash in 2008? What evidence do you have of him giving the order, or even knowing of it before the fact?

      1. I mean, continuing to retain FB as his manager is actually pretty strong evidence that there is more information to come out, who in their right mind would do that FB had dirt on them.

        1. It could have been costly to terminate the contract for alonso. More drivers than alonso had flavio as their manager back then and I don’t remember if any of them got rid of flavio as their manager.

      2. Nelson Jr. Was interviewed about the case years later and he told it was an agreement between him and ALO to do a yellow flag crash..

        This is the story

    2. @jorge-lardone

      Your comments are so insightful.. Please share some more gems

  28. in formula

  29. Clear stupidity from Magnussen.. who overtakes someone on the last corner? Now that’s down right disrespectful..

    Alonso had two options, give in and have no lap sitting behind someone that forced their way there, or try take back what’s his.

    Can you imagine if kmag did this to Hamilton? Or Kimi?

  30. A bit silly of Kmag to overtake Alonso after Ascari in the warm up lap. Should have stayed back, warm up the tyres and breaks and pick up Alonso’s slipstream at the start of the lap.
    Still good on him for standing up for himself.


    Kevin Magnnussen is a liar and lacking in brain cells. “Overtook at Ascari”. No he didn’t.
    He blasts past on the approach to Parabolica when Stroll in front was slowing to prepare gap to Sirotkin and Alonso doing the same.
    What did he hope to achieve? Too close to Stroll and barging in front of Alonso?

    He made the silly mistake of doing it to a driver who wasn’t going to back down for his nonsense antics. Further proof why he’ll never sit in a top tier car. Too often KMag doesn’t engage his brain

  32. Good for K-Mag, not taking any crap. Need more drivers like this saying how they feel.

  33. I think it’s safe to say after watching this video Alonso’s move on MAG was in reaction to (another) bone head move by MAG.
    He doesn’t seem to get it.

  34. Love Alonso, always entertaining one way or another, not a big fan of Magnussen, never have been but this incident was 50/50 and they both acted like spoilt children.

    Personally I can’t wait for Alonso to retire and hopefully go to Indycar, such a shame to see such a talent become a has been because of the poor quality equipment he has to use.

  35. Good to see Magnussen’s still making friends.

  36. I think magnussen sometimes races dirty but boy does he sometimes say great stuff in interviews.

  37. Is funny to see Magnussen whining and acussing other drivers of being dirty; when he has been called the dirtiest driver of the last 5 years, has had many encounters with his fellow drivers and w has been shown his class. Magnussen is classless.

  38. Have to say Magnussen’s mistake. He overtook Alonso almost at the Parabolica. That is the point where everyone starts their hot lap. Alonso at that point couldn’t have slowed down more as he would have then been slower on the entire SF straight ruining his own lap.

    But if he really came to Magnussen and laughed in his face, horrible gesture from Alonso.

    It proves who Alonso was throughout his career though. Hard, fair and brilliant on track. But questionable off-track.

    1. I thought the overtake by Magnussen going in to parabolica was completely unnecessary. Why would you ruin a driver’s lap by overtaking him in to the last corner before a hot lap? You have to respect track position in these kinds of cases.. And Kevin didn’t. I think the retaliation of taking Kevin’s slip stream and trying to overtake in to turn 1 was a perfect reply.
      Regarding the laughing in his face.. Maybe it was a childish response from Fernando. Kevin however, has his own share of childish responses with his “suck my bolls” comment. It’s no secret that Kevin’s on track behavior is questionable and disrespectful… So many he needs to man up and handle it off track as well.

      1. I think the retaliation of taking Kevin’s slip stream and trying to overtake in to turn 1 was a perfect reply.

        I don’t think Fernando’s move was ‘retaliation’ in order to ‘give back to Magnussen’. He did what was required to do a fast lap given the situation. It was a sporting decision, not a revengeful decision, IMO.
        Think of it from Alonso’s perspective after Magnussen has done the overtake. He has 2 options: 1) slow down, create a gap for himself and make a fast lap (although compromised by low speed on SF straight). 2) Use KMag’s slipstream, overtake him clean around the outside before the braking zone and continue with fast lap.
        Of course, option 2 was difficult to execute given Mclaren’s speed. But was option 1 even really an option? And Fernando clearly went for option 2 as evidenced by him locking his brakes into turn 1.

        Hence, my summary of him as being absolutely bloody brilliant, hard but fair on-track.

  39. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    2nd September 2018, 6:49

    Rough weekend for Alonso & Vettel fans…

  40. Alonso, as quilty as he may be here, was just paying back a tiny part of the stuff that Magnussen has been doing throughout the season.

    Magnussen is really one of the dirtiest, most careless drivers ever to enter the F1.

  41. Lovely to see so many people laughing.

  42. Gotta love how many people blindly believe articles that don’t cover the whole story, and don’t bother to make the effort to find out the truth for themselves. Hardly surprising so much ‘fake news’ is taken as gospel. Watch the video linked earlier in the comments: Magnussen dives ahead of Alonso before Parabolica and effectively brake-tests the McLaren at the turn’s apex to break the tow. Alonso was always going to get a slipstream; Magnussen was needlessly aggressive (or shortsighted) in taking track position. It was tit for tat, and doesn’t justify an Alonso witch-hunt. Both were naturally disappointed to have their laps interrupted.

  43. I dunno, didn’t K-Mag tell another driver to suck his balls? Feel like being respectful is a two way street. Also perhaps just be glad we aren’t still in the days where another driver may come and punch you in the face when they feel aggrieved.

  44. I find it amazing that the dirtiest driver on the grid is talking about respect. He messed with a legend and got what he deserved. Understandable he can’t wait for Alonso to retire since no other driver left to give you some driving lessons. However, he has to be careful he could find himself in Indycar in the next year or in the year after next year if Haas will drop him in favor of a more talented driver. Typical old school Alonso ! That laugh was hilarious by the way and Magnussen should be thankful. Imagine if he did what he did to someone like Mansell…

  45. I was impressed that the McLaren could actually catch the Ferrari engined HAAS,

    1. @greg-c With that kind of slipstream and divebombing he could “catch” a Ferrari. It wont work in the race and it ruined two hotlaps in the qualifying.

      1. Nah, HAAS is a Q3 car and the McLaren is a Taxi

  46. Kevin “But then for some reason he decided to try and accelerate and get close to me rather than create a gap as everyone else is doing”

    Uhm ! Fred was maintaining a gap and You (Kevin) accelerated and passed rather than maintain a gap as everyone else was doing

    Kevin “But I’m not going to let him past me and sacrifice my own lap. No way.”

    Uhm ! Didnt you pass Fred before the Parabolica, therefore, giving him a tow all the way to Rettifilo ? either way, in quali or the race you lose with a move like that

  47. So here is what really happened.
    Directly behind MAG on the out lap was GRO.
    What is the one thing a driver fears the most? Getting beat by his teammate.
    MAG didn’t want to give GRO the advantage of getting into his slipstream and being out qualified by him so he waited until the last minute before jumping ALO.
    Unfortunately, ALO saw it as disrespectful towards him and took out MAG.
    Both were at fault, but since MAG initiated it, I am siding with ALO.
    MAG seems to make bad decisions and it’s not helping him.

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