Pierre Gasly, Toro Rosso, Monza, 2018

Gasly accuses Alonso of “unfair” racing after clash

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly says Fernando Alonso’s driving was “unfair” after the two made contact in the first chicane during the early laps of the Italian Grand Prix.

The Toro Rosso driver accused Alonso of forcing him off the circuit after the pair battled during the restart of the race following the early Safety Car.

Speaking after the race, Gasly claims the incident left him with damage that severely compromised his race.

“Basically we came up after the Safety Car into turn one side by side and I went on the outside and he pushed me completely out of the track,” says Gasly.

“I tried to stay on track as much as I could but he just didn’t leave me the space so I had to jump over the kerb and then he also touched me and completely damaged all the right side of my floor. From there on, I think it was lap eight or something my car was completely broken and I was sliding everywhere.

Alonso would soon retire from the race with an electrical problem, while Gasly would finish in 15th place. Gasly says he believes Alonso is driving more aggressively since he announced he would not be racing in Formula One in 2019.

“I think for sure his outlook is a bit different because he knows he’s not going to be in Formula One anymore next year so it looks like he is even more aggressive than he used to be,” says Gasly.

“For me what he did was unfair and we know that if you are alongside you need to give the space of one car and today he didn’t. I know he doesn’t like us because we have the Honda engine but nevertheless. I think it’s not something to talk together but I’m not the kind of guy to make a big story out of things. If I have something to say I’ll tell him face-to-face.”

Asked by RaceFans about the incident, FIA race director Charlie Whiting said it “wasn’t brought to our attention” during the race, but that he would “have a look later” at it.

Josh Holland contributed to this article.

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34 comments on “Gasly accuses Alonso of “unfair” racing after clash”

  1. This particular incident was never shown on the world feed.

    1. ‘Either.’

  2. GP2 driving, GP2! Aaaaarg!

    1. Never disappoints

  3. I’m confused as why Gasly defended so hard against Ricciardo. He was wasting his own time. Look at Ocon, Perez etc when the let Vettel through so they could race each other instead.

  4. It’s great how the top drivers lose their status when they havn’t won for ages. Gasly or Magnessen wouldn’t say a peep to Hamilton or Vettel, who’ve both had poor races this season too.

    1. Pretty sure Magnussen wouldn’t hold back on either Hamilton or Vettel either, but he’s not fighting them, so that won’t likely happen; Haven’t seen the incident with Gasly, but I do think yesterday Alonso wasn’t being his usual self (Magnussen was …).

  5. And so Gasly is removed from Alonso’s retirement party guest list.

    He joins others like Vettel, Magnussen, Horner, Hulkenberg and pretty much anyone else he’s had an issue with since rejoining Mclaren.

    1. So honda is not invited?

    2. Alonso, Sainz and Vandoorne walk into a bar… that’s it, nobody else.

  6. Schumi tricks by Alonso, who knew.

  7. “If I have something to say I’ll tell him face-to-face.”

    So why are you telling the media then?
    Next year you will be dealing with Max…

    1. on the money Daves…..you are on the money.

  8. Driver who hates KMag accuses driver who also hates KMag? What in the world is going on?

    1. World revolves around K-Mag.

  9. Alonso would soon retire from the race with an electrical problem


    1. MAG had some Karma today also, no?

      1. What does he have to do with this?

  10. I know he doesn’t like us because we have the Honda engine but nevertheless.

    Love it.

    1. “Now we can fight!”

    2. No love lost between Alonso/McLaren and Honda. But I’m sure ALO would have pulled the same move on any other driver/team had a similar situation presented itself (e.g. vs Hamilton in Mexico 2017).

      Never really understood why Gasly and Toro Rosso have always felt the need to take jabs at McLaren ever since Honda switched to the Italian-based team. I understand McLaren/Alonso and Honda did not part on the best of terms, but that is between them; no one else has anything to do with it — unless of course, Honda secretly eggs Toro Rosso to carry out low blows on their behalf(?). Anyway you look at it, that’s some serious kissing up by Gasly and Toro Rosso.

      1. Japanese wouldnt let anyone take low jabs rathers its STR and Gasly taking jabs at McLaren for their own gains.
        Also Gasly is a driver in same class as KMag and Verstappen, what was he doing when Ricciardo tried to overtake. In the end Gasly is not doing himself any favours.

      2. He did the same to Vettel in China, when the Ferrari was severely crippled and there was no need for it whatsoever, but he always gets away with s… like this

        1. Vettel did the same to Alonso in Brazil 2 years ago.
          Of course it was needed in China or Alonso wouldn’t have gained the position.
          It’s called racing.

  11. Doesn’t he know you must always leave the space?

  12. Sung to the tune of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”:

    Oh, he’s making a list, running down the grid, gonna anger everyone with something he did, Fernando Alonso retires this year…

  13. Didn’t his side floor n some parts from the side pods got damaged when he was battling out with riccardo?

    1. I believe so. I can’t wait to see how he tracts next year when Max runs over him.

  14. Failonso doing what he does best. Its amazing that Charlie Whiting doesn’t pay attention to all incidents on the racetrack despite having some 20 tv monitors in the stewards room. To say “It wasn’t brought to our attention” when you fail to notice a contact between 2 cars in a less incident filled time of the race, that too after SC period ended makes me realize how incompetent he is.

    1. Not incompetent. He does his job well. Its just that its not his job to make the racing fair if it such impedes or encroaches on 1) the show, 2) the championship or 3) the big names

    2. Not incompetent. He does his job well. Its just that its not his job to make the racing fair if it such impedes or encroaches on 1) the show, 2) the championship or 3) the big names

  15. “You must always leave-a da space!”

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