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Alonso to test IndyCar at Barber today


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Fernando Alonso will test an IndyCar featuring the 2018-specification aero kit on a road course for the first time today as he weighs up a full-time entry into the category next year.

The test will take place at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. It will be one of the new venues Alonso has to tackle if he commits to a full season of IndyCar racing. He visited the track last year after announcing his participation in the 2017 Indianapolis 500.

The 2019 IndyCar calendar was revealed by the championship yesterday. None of its 17 rounds clash with the three World Endurance Championship events Alonso is already contracted to take part in next year for Toyota.

Today’s test is not likely to have a significant bearing on whether Alonso chooses to take part in the championship, but indicates how seriously he is considering the move.

If Alonso does decide to enter it is likely to involve a deal between McLaren and an existing IndyCar team, similar to that which was struck with Andretti for Alonso’s 2017 Indianapolis 500 effort. RaceFans understands a McLaren IndyCar programme would be US-based and not involve staff from its current Formula 1 operation.

Alonso led 27 laps of last year’s Indianapolis 500 before dropping out with engine failure on lap 180 of 200. He is seeking a victory in the race to complete the motorsport ‘triple crown’.

2018 IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama

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16 comments on “Alonso to test IndyCar at Barber today”

  1. Alonso led 27 laps of last year’s Indianapolis 500 before dropping out with engine failure on lap 180

    That’s 1 in 6 laps. So 5 more Indy500’s for him to ‘wear’ the triple crown.

    Did he win the rookie of the year? Maybe that gives him the triple paper crown title ;)

    1. You only need to lead one lap to win a race…

      1. Technically you don’t need to lead even one lap if the car in front gets disqualified.

        1. Or when the leading car is driven by Max and within 5sec.

          1. and you “know” the stewards ;)

  2. In Formula 1 he has achived triple clown….

    1. @jens

      Go back to Autosport forums

  3. Oh this means he will loose the beard?

    1. @bluechris LOL. The last time I’ve seen him entirely beardless during a race weekend was 2014 I think. Or could be even further into the past like 2012. I don’t know whether it’s a superstition or something, but for some reason, I never see some drivers entirely beardless during a race weekend, LOL.

    2. @bluechris

      Loosen the elastric strap?

  4. georgeboole (@)
    5th September 2018, 10:33

    So there’s no conflict with any WEC races, they have already dropped an oval for COTA…guess they ‘ll just drop the rest but Indy 500 so that he can get the triple crown and win the championship at the same time.
    And we still believe he hasn’t made up his mind yet?

    1. And if they get rid of all competition then you might be onto something ;)

      1. georgeboole (@)
        5th September 2018, 14:49

        @coldfly they can just pretend that its fair and square for a year and then we know which drivers they have to hire to do the job. Easy ;)

  5. It would be nice to see another couple of high profile F1 drivers make the switch.

    Also I don’t understand the snobbery from F1 fans when most of the drivers in F1 are just sitting there waiting for (undeservedly in many cases) their careers to end.

  6. Let’s hope for the indy drivers his driver ethics (or lack) will be upgraded in time.

    1. His ethics are fine and is respected by fellow drivers as such.
      If you want to look at someone with an ethics problem, look at MAG’s brilliant start at Monza.
      And he criticizes Alonso thinking he is a god. Compared to MAG’s talent, he is a god.


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