Fernando Alonso, IndyCar test, Barber Motorsports Park, 2018

Video: Watch Alonso test a 2018-specification IndyCar at Barber


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Fernando Alonso ran in a mix of wet and dry conditions when he sampled an IndyCar in road course specification for the first time at Barber Motorsports Park yesterday.

Hear Alonso’s first thoughts and watch him in action in the video below.

Video: Fernando Alonso’s IndyCar test at Barber Motorsport Park

Pictures: Fernando Alonso’s IndyCar test at Barber Motorsport Park

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16 comments on “Video: Watch Alonso test a 2018-specification IndyCar at Barber”

  1. Best test of my career, I drove like an aninal

  2. The triple crown for Alonso is in this side of the pond now, so what better training than a full season in Indycar. Im sure Alonso is considering every aspect before make it official. No halo, very competitive cars and closer field and of course wickens accident also is a point to have in mind before entering the series.

  3. Love the colour scheme, definite shades of the Jordan 191 there.

  4. Don’t think I’ve seen him smile that genuinely for years. He needs that change.

    1. My thoughts exactly, possibly never seen Fred look so happy.
      He will have his hands full in Indycar, but he is up to the task for sure. He will probably never retire, just eventually move into sports cars and the pure enjoyment of driving for many years to come.

  5. The colours remind me of the old Benniton that Schummy used to drive ..It’s a bad day when a driver like Alonso leaves F1..I for one wish him the very best & he I’m sure will be successful in everything he does…Just hope he returns to F1…

  6. Three things:
    – I’m genuinely happy to see him smiling
    – I must admit that those cars are beautiful
    – I’d like to see Montoya at LeMans next year

    1. lets hope Motoya doesnt “ran out of talent” again.

    2. Montoya didnt do to badly in Le Mans 2018, 3rd in LMP2 class and 7th overall

  7. What a sexy beast. IMO it is far better looking than the previous generation and current F1’s.. My only gripe is I wish they were a little quicker on the road coarse config.

    1. It is a sexy beast! Current low down force aero configuration makes them tricky to drive. Previous years of aero wars generated more down force than F1 and the change is dramatic. He’ll find the super speedway configuration (Indy 500, etc) much harder to drive than in ’17. Next gen engines will have near 1000 HP which will make them a real handful. Can’t wait for next season.

      1. Thank you @dondahlmann, music to my ears :) Maybe I can fall in love with Indy again like i did back in 93-94. For me it was very exciting watching Mansell make the switch and have the success he did.

  8. Love to see him somewhere else than in F1… Just tired of him..

  9. When I opened this article, my first glance of the pictures at the bottom instantly reminded me of that gorgeous blue-green livery of the first Jordan F1 cars. (And my second thought was: “Damn, that was a long time ago!”)

  10. I lost interest in watching Indy a few years ago, but seeing Alonso at Barber (beautiful track), and hearing that Laguna Seca and COTA will be on the calander with Road America next year, I will definitely be tuning in.

  11. Compare Alonso’s low downforce IndyCar to the aero war cars when they were generating insane amounts of down force.
    Much better looking, much harder to drive. Too much “junk” on them just like current F1 cars

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