Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Hockenheimring, 2018

More F1 drivers want to join Haas now – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says more Formula 1 drivers are now looking to join the team as they continue to rise up the grid.

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What they say

Haas is yet to confirm whether Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean will continue to drive for them next year.

We had a lot of approaches and I respect everybody approaching us. But the driver market is falling in place now. We still need to make our decision.

In the beginning it was difficult to find anybody to drive for us. Now quite a lot of people want to drive for us for obvious reasons so it has changed. I’m very confident, I’m not losing any sleep about not having two good drivers next years because we have got two ones now so we are good.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Should F1 start thinking more long-term about its engine rules?

I think it would help immensely to show some stability in the regulations for a while. Because of the complexity of these power units, it takes a massive amount of time and a massive investment to produce one that’s competitive and reliable. Why would a manufacturer want to make those investments if the regulations might change again in a few years, rendering all of that work useless?

I think F1 should keep the current engine regulations through the 2023 season, giving this specification a 10-year run. Then, whatever changes they plan on making starting with the 2024 season should remain in effect for the next ten years, as well. If I’m a manufacturer knowing that I’m making such a massive investment, with very limited in-vehicle testing opportunities and very few Customers, I want that investment to be in something that will be guaranteed to have a chance at long-term success.
Rick D. (@Partsguy20)

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  • 40 years ago today Ronnie Peterson died from the injuries he sustained in a first-lap crash at Monza the previous day

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17 comments on “More F1 drivers want to join Haas now – Steiner”

  1. If NASCAR and COTA “…don’t see a lot of overlap in terms of the fans…” I don’t see what is the/their problem…
    They make the same fuss about Mexico as well…!
    What sort of exclusivity do they want…? Or are they just setting the stage for future changes… :) :) :)

    1. Honestly if you read the article it sounds like the quotes are to ensure the Texas Motor Speedway people that they didn’t have much choice more than anything else.

  2. I’m not losing any sleep about not having two good drivers next years because we have got two ones now so we are good.

    Whether Guenther is actually satisfied with them or not, this is an extremely tactful statement to put out publicly. For someone who’s a marketing guy, Mr. Zak Brown should pay attention and take notes.

    1. Zak Brown’s marketing genius will never amount to much unless McLaren makes better cars.

  3. But Steiner actually got two fast drivers – and the ones faster is driving in top 3 teams…. I would be satisfied

    1. Magnussen and Grosjean are barely a formidable pairing. Magnussen is mediocre at best, and Grosjean is extremely inconsistent.

      1. Who is contending? Vandoorne, Occon and Leclerc? In addition to the actual two drivers.

        Surely Grosjean will be out. He has made too many mistakes this year. Wonder if Occon ties to Mercedes will not play against him… Better chance at Williams. Leclerc would be a logical step forward if he doesn’t get the seat at Ferrari. And Vandoorne as second option considering they keep Magnussen.

        1. If he doesn’t get that Ferrari seat, I’d live to see Leclerc make a step up to Hass. I think he could sneak a podium in that car.
          (That one non top 3 team podium place that we get a year!)

        2. I still have a feeling that Perez will end up in one seat at Haas. If Perez was stating at FI there would have been a news statement before now. He keeps mentioning that he’d hoped to make his future plans known by now.

      2. @todfod I agree with that assessment. Ocon is quick and consistent, plus a good race driver so I’d rather see him take one of the Haas seats. Magnussen can be quick at times but his aggression puts him into situations that the team can do without. Grosjean reminds me a bit of Button, really needs the car/tyres in the sweet spot to perform.

        1. Grosjean reminds me a bit of Button

          I can’t imagine Button is feeling too flattered by that.

    2. I agree. Grosjean had a dreadful start of the year, but has picked it up lately, and I still believe he is one of the outright faster drivers out there on one lap pace when the car is to his liking. You do not get 10 podiums in three different seasons with second tier cars if you don’t have the pace (especially the last podium). In 2013 when he scored most podiums, Lotus were 4th overall. Magnussen is fast, and is getting tidier with every passing season.

      I’d say it’s a strong pairing. The only available (sure-ish) upgrade would be slotting in Ocon, but with his McLaren ties, that’s probably a no go. With Leclerc gone as an option, Perez probably at FI, I don’t see where Steiner could find a guaranteed better driver.

  4. Talking about Haas and Grosjean, have anyone listened to the episode of Beyond the Grid with him? That show is really interesting. They dip into drivers (and other F1 personalities) enough to see them as people and not only names of this sport. Maybe I’m a bit too empathic but it really changed my view of Romain. And if you haven’t yet, listen to the episodes with Robert Kubica, that is a pearl.

    1. Thanks for bringing that site to my attention Matteo, some of those look like an interesting listen ;)

  5. Well, if you’d really like to avoid a weekend clash with the Nascar season finale then merely swap the slots again back to how it’s been so far. What’s the particular reason behind the switch of the order of these two specific races on the first ‘provisional’ schedule for next season anyway? Which conflict he’s referring to that he thinks Mexico has that would prevent these races to take place the other way round with the US GP on the 27th of October and the Mexican GP on the 3rd of November?

    ”but going any later in November is far less desirable.”
    – The first two races (2012 and ’13) took place in mid-November and yet that didn’t seem to be a problem climate-wise.

    ”In fairness to the Liberty guys … years ago we bumped into the date with Texas Motor Speedway (2014) and I know they tried to make an effort to avoid that date.”
    – LM wasn’t even the commercial rights holder of F1 at the time, LOL.

  6. Maybe I have not been paying enough attention to Romain, but why would you want to keep him again?

  7. oh god, the keming on that throphy

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