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2018 Singapore Grand Prix grid

2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton leads the grid for the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix.

Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’36.015
2. Max Verstappen 1’36.334
Red Bull
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 1’36.628
4. Valtteri Bottas 1’36.702
Row 35. Kimi Raikkonen 1’36.794
6. Daniel Ricciardo 1’36.996
Red Bull
Row 47. Sergio Perez 1’37.985
Force India
8. Romain Grosjean 1’38.320
Row 59. Esteban Ocon 1’38.365
Force India
10. Nico Hulkenberg 1’38.588
Row 611. Fernando Alonso 1’38.641
12. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’38.716
Row 713. Charles Leclerc 1’38.747
14. Marcus Ericsson 1’39.453
Row 815. Pierre Gasly 1’39.691
Toro Rosso
16. Kevin Magnussen 1’39.644
Row 917. Brendon Hartley 1’39.809
Toro Rosso
18. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’39.864
Row 1019. Sergey Sirotkin 1’41.263
20. Lance Stroll 1’41.334

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85 comments on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix grid”

  1. Waiting for people to say Ferrari had the fastest car here and in Monza.

    1. Monza was close but there is no question to who is faster here.

  2. Hamilton was off the chart

  3. Hamilton was epic!

  4. It’s getting harder & harder to deny that Hamilton isn’t top of the class. That was mega.

    1. I only see Verstapen at his level. And maybe Leclerc in the future.

  5. Mega Max! Let’s see what the nay sayers have to say…his engine was tuned down after Q1!

    1. That’s a bit beside the point, nobody criticizes Max for lack of pace

  6. Brilliant from Max and Lewis. Underwhelming from Ferrari.

    1. Yep, those two both did a great lap – as soon as the F1tv has the replay available I’m going to try comparing those two laps! And indeed, not sure what Ferrari got wrong there (tyres?)

      1. Oh, right, Vettel had that lock-up into T13, that won’t have helped him.

    2. And Perez too, far ahead as best of the rest.

      1. @miani Yeap, Perez, Alonso and Leclerc also did brilliantly.

  7. I can already see Seb and Max crashing into each other into T1 (hopefully not, though.)

    1. Whole season Max didn’t had a first lap accident! In matter of fact almost never in his whole racing career!

      1. last year a few when he was at the front of the grid, all with Vettel… (and of course Kvyat in Austria).

        1. Vettel was wrong at Singapore last year for sure! Don’t push that one into Max’s shoe’s

          1. Yeah, I didn’t imply Verstappen was the cause of the accident(s).

      2. Max is not the only one on the grid. However around him it is to move aside or get busted on the first lap. They all know that now.

    2. If U aren’t sure, watch all F1 starts on the F1 youtube channel!

  8. OK place your bets……..who will Max Vercrashen punt off the track on the first corner tomorrow? Vettel or Hamilton?

    Seriously though….Verstappen in second has the potential for first lap/corner drama……

    1. Whole season Max didn’t had a first lap accident! In matter of fact almost never in his whole racing career!

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkAoSghdD6Y

        There is at least one example of an over optimistic lunge into the first corner from a start.

        I was also specifically referring to last year. While he may not have been to blame, he was involved. Verstappen quite often does not hold back, or rather back out of potential moves, for better or for worse. So with a track like this, that first corner has potential for some action.

        1. Great, at least you found one!

        2. Maybe you search for the definition of “almost never”

    2. Really, what about Vettel?

    3. I expect Crashilton or Sercrashtian.

    4. That means Lewis should defend but not like Vettel did because i think Max would just let him crash into him. Lewis is probaly smarter and will defend but will not push Max of the track.

  9. Wow, Hamilton with something pretty much perfect. Same for Max… Yeah, Ricciardo definitely isn’t leaving cause of him

  10. What a lap from Lewis, can’t wait to see the onboard.

    Max brilliant in a car that was having trouble with the engine even in qualy.

    1. And 20km down on topspeed

  11. Incredible lap from Hamilton, but where did Merc’s pace come from? I thought they’d be half a second off Ferrari and a couple of tenths off Red Bull

    1. Better car. Waiting for that race where Ferrari is outqualifying Mercedes by 0.5sec to justify those best engine, best car titles.

      1. Well see Ham gave 0.7 to Bottas, Vettel 0.1 to Kimi. It’s not only the car.

      2. The pace came from the lock up Vettel had at turn 13 after doing a purple on the first sector.

        And on Hungaroring and Spa, it came from heavens, in the form of water.

  12. I’m SO tired.

  13. The Williams car is so awful. Over a second slower than the next slowest McRenault.

    1. @broke84 I don’t get why they don’t just do all the practice programs and use the resource points to improve chassis and aerodynamics. Worked for me on F1 2018.

      1. Well, they have been doing it @mashiat. Their aerodynamic surfaces are always covered with FlowVis on Fridays. Maybe they are concentrating on next year’s effort? But still, they have also to spend some time preparing for each GP at hand, otherwise they’d be even more hopelessly slow.

  14. As a Ferrari fan, it’s not that nice, but Congrats to Hamilton. He’s showing that he’s serious about life and a much better driver, unlike both our drivers.

    1. Haha

      1. That was meant for @mashiat above. Agreed, fingerboy needs to go

  15. Hamilton impressive. But Max from another planet. Incredible lap with a Renault engine.

  16. As a Ferrari and Seb fan I don’t love the outcome but what a lap by Lewis.

  17. It is gonna be spicy with Max, Lewis and Seb tomorrow at the start.

  18. Was in a state of shock when I saw Lewis’ lap time go 1.3 seconds under Kimi’s lap time. That was one of the most incredible qualifying laps I’ve witnessed in a very long time. Has to be the lap of the season so far. Wow. Simply incredible.

    Take a bow Mr.Hamilton.

    Hats off to Max as well.

    1. Was in a state of shock when I saw Lewis’ lap time go 1.3 seconds under Kimi’s lap time.

      That was exactly my reaction as well. What a stunner of a lap. He is not my cup of tea, but there is no denying that he is top notch.

    2. It would be great to put Max in the same car as Lewis. Never going to happen but man will that be great

    3. It felt like everyone in the pitlane, including the Mercedes guys, and Vettel, felt like that too @toiago, @todfod!

      1. @bosyber True, Vettel looked incredibly deflated at the end of Qualifying. He knows that he made a mistake on his last lap, but I think that with such a gap he must have realised that he might not have the proper tools to take the challenge to Hamilton over the remainder of the season. The brief advantage they had from Germany to Italy seems to be gone entirely.

    4. Indeed, you made such a bad prediction that I wonder how beliveable are your predictions about how good the drivers are….

    5. First reaction was wauw that is really a party mode but then i saw Max just 0.3 behind him so it was a very good lap!

  19. What happened with Ferrari? No pace in Q3.

    1. What I keep telling you every race: not the best car!

      1. Or just not the best drivers!

      2. @mg1982

        They just don’t have a top notch driver

  20. Hamilton is continuing to prove he is the best driver on the grid.

    1. By 0.6sec?!? Keep dreaming! VER is faster.

      1. Mercedes is 3rd best car at Singapore, look at where’s Bottas all FP and qualifying seasons. Hamilton himself make up for the 0.6s deficits.

        1. It’s is 4th right?

        2. Hey, look where RAI qualified, Ferrari is 6th best car on the grid. VET made up 1sec of deficit.

          1. I already said Mercedes is the 3rd best car at Singapore…
            Can’t you see without engine problem, Max would be getting 1’35.x
            Without the locked-up, Vettel could be on 1’35.x as well. He has topped the sector 1 time.

  21. – Wow, another race where that fast Ferrari loses the PP by more than 0.6sec!!! – Another race where Ferrari’s performance is hyped, Mercedes’ downplayed… just to end up with another Mercedes pole position.
    – That Ferrari is so good, yet again that race where they outqualify the competition by such margin doesn’t happen at all.
    – Another race where RAI’s greatness fell short. But, of course, it’s just another race where Ferrari did not let him race VET…..
    – Another race where BOT proves to be nothing special.
    – Another race where HAM contribution is hyped.

    Wonder what’s gonna be said now by the Mercedes/HAM fans, especially that they’re not guessing AT ALL the outcome. Todfod said he expects Ferrari to beat the next best by 0.5sec or more….

    1. I agree. I think people believe sometimes that Ferrari is a dominant car and the reason Ham leads is only because of his driving skills. I still think Ferrari and Mercedes are equal at least in race pace and qualifying pace changes each race.

      1. It’s all about perception. Mercedes and Hamilton have been playing that card very well over the last couple of races where Ferrari were in front but couldn’t capitalize. Now they’re reaping the rewards, making themselves look like the underdog – when they clearly are not. It’s a bit annoying to be honest, because Mercedes clearly have a very good car, but it’s how things work in F1.

        1. You can play cards very well if you have good cards too. This race proves Mercedes is in front.

          1. Proves Hamilton is in front, Vettel needs to step up

          2. @mg1982 I was trying to say exactly that. They have been making themselves look poorer than they actually are. One thing is being modest or humble even, but they put themselves down when their situation is actually very good. I guess that’s why some people are annoyed at Mercedes, because this attitude just doesn’t seem genuine. And this is not to take away the merit from Hamilton, that was a stunner of a lap, absolutely incredible.

          3. To be fair @toiago, @mg1982, after Monza Mercedes did say that while they didn’t see what a non-damaged Vettel could have done, they looked like the fastest car on Sunday.

      2. Just imagine Max with Ferrari or Mercedes power….

      3. Hamilton way faster than Bottas.
        Vettel slightly faster than Kimi.

        Vettel clearly underperformed.
        If he want a shot at the title he has to operate on a level beyond his semi retired team mate.

        1. Vettel clearly underperformed.

          That lock-up on turn 13 cost him a shot at 2nd place. I honestly think Hamilton’s lap was out of reach. He is going to have to dig deep for tomorrow and hope for a mega start. At least he is on the clean side of the grid.

    2. @mg1982 why dont you just accept that Hamilton is a very very fast Driver. All time pole record holder. On his day nothing no one comes close.
      It will make your life and ‘analysis’ easier.

      That Ferrari was the favourite for the pole position but the two fastest drivers Lewis and Max beat the Top Ferrari not to mention destroyed their respective teammates.

    3. Why do you use the word race to describe qualifying? The race is tomorrow. This is qualifying. If you judge all the other laps like it was the race, then Bottas was actually quicker than him in the previous 2 sessions. This was very impressive from Hamilton but it isn’t the race and doesn’t conclude everything as it is just the starting positions on the grid. Based on most of the runs today including practice, Bottas was very close to Hamilton indeed. So that could potentially be the case in the race. Hamilton was so close to being knocked out in Q1. Only 2 cars needed to do quicker runs and he would have been out. Hamilton found the pace where it mattered, but he’s been a bit inconsistent over all of the sessions so far this weekend including several lock ups and slides. I can’t take anything away from his pole lap, as that really was outstanding and he deserves credit for it. But we can’t predict anything with certainty tomorrow.

  22. I know Vettel and Ferrari bashing is very popular right now, but you don’t lose out by such a margin without making significant errors unless the car is not that great. Kimi’s lap was clean yet he was nowhere near Hamilton or even Verstappen. They know how to drive a car. Kudos to Lewis and Max, they did fantastic job though.

    1. +1.

      Plus, other things: what’s the probability that ONLY HAM is so great every race, have incredible laps, while the others keep messing their lap times all the time. Extremely small. VER lap felt top notch too… so, yeah, the final conclusion is that in most cases the final result is down to the cars.

      1. So why is Bottas not right next to Hamilton then @mg1982? Yes, similar thing for Verstappen – did much better lap than his team mate. I still believe Ferrari got the tyre preparation wrong, and that harried Vettel enough that he also made at least one mistake in his lap – he’s not that much slower than the mercedes. So, in this case, the gaps are due to the drivers.

        1. Perhaps this grid is truly the order in which the current drivers are stacked. I have to agree with you, those times were down to the drivers mostly, as the top 6 cars are more or less quite similar.

  23. Anyone know the top 10’s starting tyres?

  24. Hmph, Last time Lewis started on pole in Singapore with Seb starting 3rd was in 2012, in the race Lewis DNF’d and Seb won.

  25. Great lap from Perez.

  26. Absolutely fantastic job by Perez. His was the third special lap of the day along with Lewis’s and Max’s.

    1. Perez’s lap was better imo

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