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Alonso still has hand pain as he begins 9 races in 11 weeks

2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says he is still suffering pain from the hand he injured in his crash at the Belgian Grand Prix as he heads into a busy phase of his dual 2018 campaign.

He will contest nine events over the next 11 weekends as he resumes World Endurance Championship duties for Toyota alongside his final races as an F1 driver. Alonso had a similar run of races earlier in the year but expects this will be even more demanding.

“I think this is going to be a little bit more difficult just because the races are not that close,” he said.

“When I did eight consecutive weekends they were Silverstone, Paul Ricard, Austria, Le Mans so they were all in the same place in Europe. Now in Japan, in Austin, Brazil, China, Abu Dhabi, I think it’s going to be a little bit more demanding.

“It’s going to be tough. I’m hopefully prepared and I will try to do my best.”

Alonso said he will have further checks on his injured hand following this weekend’s race. “I thought that it could be OK by now but it’s more or less in the same level of pain,” he said. “It’s strange.”

However he doesn’t expect it will cause him problems in this weekend’s race. “When driving I think with adrenaline and everything you don’t feel it at all. In the normal day things, cleaning teeth, you feel some pain.”

Alonso’s upcoming schedule

16 SeptemberF1 Singapore Grand Prix
23 SeptemberNo race
30 SeptemberF1 Russian Grand Prix
7 OctoberF1 Japanese Grand Prix
14 OctoberWEC Six Hours of Fuji
21 OctoberF1 United States Grand Prix
28 OctoberF1 Mexican Grand Prix
4 NovemberNo race
11 NovemberF1 Brazilian Grand Prix
18 NovemberWEC Six Hours of Shanghai
25 NovemberF1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Alonso still has hand pain as he begins 9 races in 11 weeks”

  1. Somehow he makes me think F1 is just a hobby for him. I’ve always respected his phenomenal driving skills, but this “Try to do my best because I’ve so much other stuff on my plate-pose” seems inappropriate for a F1 driver.

    1. In 60s and 70s it was very common for many drivers to compete in different classes of motorsport at the sametime. Rather its refreshing to see this trend back that a driver is competing in multiple championships at the sametime.

    2. he’s already announced his retirement, he’s not going to win any races, he’s not going to get a 3rd championship. What would you expect beyond that?

  2. Let me guess, in a few days time we find out he has a broken bone in his hand and we’re all supposed to say “Wow, isn’t Fernando incredible racing like that? What a hero”

    The self marketing got boring a long time ago.

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion if Alonso found a cure for cancer his detractors like yourself would find fault with him in some way, shape or form. Sad.

  3. I thought that it could be OK by now but it’s more or less in the same level of pain

    As a thought, why not take “medical advice” and drop “a few weeks”. I know this will be hugely disappointing for Alonso’s fans, but I’m sure they’d understand that he needs to recover completely or he may suffer from permanent injury and not be able to complete his Triple Crown. “Boo hoo!” Now, as a thought, and I know this will sound almost insulting to such a prestigious driver as Fernando, but remember he needs to complete his prestigious Triple Crown, so the idea is to get someone else to drive his McLaren for “a few races”, and then, when his hand has recovered it’s normal capabilities, he could again sit in his cherished seat.
    Now are there any drivers of Alonso’s calibre available? No, well, that’s what everyone will tell him, but there are two who could do “a barely adequate job”: 1) Lando Norris; and 2) Esteban Ocon.
    See, the way it goes is this, Alonso goes to the doctor, who, despite the pleas, tantrums, and death threats, fails to give him clearance to drive. If Esteban has been found to be over qualified for his job, and Esteban can convince Uncle Toto that 6 races in a McLaren is better than nothing, then he’s a seat fitting away from driving a car with a Renault engine. If, on the other not so sore hand, Esteban is still driving for “L. Stroll and father and son”, or the pharmacist lost Uncle Toto’s tear medication, then Lando Norris could do with some extra practice for next year (and the cash as well).

    1. I haven’t seen any talk lately about driver changes before the end of the season (and I really hope it doesn’t happen) so maybe Lando might be a more likely choice… should your cynicism bear fruit… lol.

      1. To do a favor for Wolff by bringing in Ocon after Merc refused to supply them engines during the Honda debacle is not going to happen.
        Lando is a better choice but F1 is not going to want to see ALO leave during these last few races due to his popularity.
        If he is going to skip anything, the WEC is more likely especially since he has already achieved his goal there.

        1. I read that Toto was willing to provide McLaren with Mercedes engines for 2018 onwards but negotiations were taking too long

    2. @drycrust If Fernando has got this far without outright aggravating the hand injury (he’s said the injury hurts the same, not that it is getting worse), I would be surprised if a medical authority refused to let him drive – unless he got into another crash that made things worse.

      More likely, Fernando will learn what exactly he’s contending with, find some workaround to help him manage it for this long stint of races, get to the end of the F1 season and then get the injury treated during the winter break ready for Sebring.

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