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2018 Singapore Grand Prix race result

2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton won the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix for Mercedes ahead of Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

144Lewis HamiltonMercedes611hr 51m 11.611s
233Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer618.9618.961
35Sebastian VettelFerrari6139.94530.984
477Valtteri BottasMercedes6151.93011.985
57Kimi RaikkonenFerrari6153.0011.071
63Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer6153.9820.981
714Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Renault61103.01149.029
855Carlos Sainz JnrRenault601 lap1 lap
916Charles LeclercSauber-Ferrari601 lap14.249
1027Nico HulkenbergRenault601 lap13.727
119Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari601 lap13.773
122Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Renault601 lap0.781
1310Pierre GaslyToro Rosso-Honda601 lap8.642
1418Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes601 lap3.003
158Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari601 lap0.003
1611Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes601 lap21.834
1728Brendon HartleyToro Rosso-Honda601 lap14.661
1820Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari592 laps1 lap
1935Sergey SirotkinWilliams-Mercedes592 laps61.751
Not classified
31Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes061 laps59 lapsAccident

2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix race result”

  1. Nice one Lewis.

  2. Ocon deserves that seat more than Perez does. What a dreadful drive. Not the first time he’s put his teammate into the wall & ruined a double points finish for his team, all because he can’t stand to be overtaken. Ridiculous.

    1. Ocon put his car in a terrible position. Then the Force India Strategist put Perez in a terrible position. The strategist needs to find another job. This person is dreadful.

      1. Perez left the gap. The proof of that fact was Ocon sitting firmly in the gap vacated. Besides, that’s his teammate!!! You don’t put your teammate into the wall, regardless. Just watched the onboard reply analysis with Davidson & Perez definitely steered towards Ocon while there was plenty of room to avoid him. Points for a creative attempt at an excuse, though.

        1. Ocon was never going to overtake Perez in that position. It was a stupid move by Ocon. Perez did hit Sirotkin.

          1. The only thing stopping Ocon from getting past was the fact that his teammate put him into the wall. We’re not going to agree on this, obviously. Have the last word if you want.

  3. Great job Fernando. It was not a bad race for McLaren for sure. 2019 season gonna be quite interesting… :]

    1. Even finishing on the lead lap – quite impressive if I do say so.

  4. Perez should be DSQ not only from race but from the remaining races and the whole season

    1. He could have been excluded from the race had Vettel been excluded from Baku last year. He wasn’t because somebody “didn’t want to interfere with the championship” and thus allowing red mist moments such as this with a negligible penalty at the end

      1. But surely just a drive via pitlane and not even a stop and go is ridiculous….

      2. Doing a hit at 15 kmh tires against tires is something else as doing it in full race mode. Cars were damaged and it could have had serious consequences for the race. So this was much worse then what Vettel did.

    2. Another Ferrari fan that thinks Perez was holding Vettel back so that Lewis could win the race.

      1. It was obvious. If you can’t see it, it’s your problem.

  5. What has happened to Ferrari? There cannot be any excuses, they have a fast car but Lewis and Merc are absolutely serving it up to them. This race was a humiliation as it was one of Ferrari’s banker circuits and they have been owned.

    Vettel messed up quali and the team messed up race tactics. They are falling apart again and have learned nothing from last year. Changes needed.

    1. I think what is wrong with Ferrari has to be Arrivabene. The car is great but poor management is killing the team.

  6. 2015…”Fernando, do you have any regrets leaving Ferrari?”
    2016…”Fernando, do you have any regrets leaving Ferrari?”
    2017…”Fernando, do you have any regrets leaving Ferrari?”
    2018……Tumble weed

    1. Better try… ”Fernando, do you have any regrets joining McLaren… 2 times?” for 2007, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 2019: he quit F1!

  7. The least amount of race-retirees in this venue’s history so far.

  8. These tyres and tyres rules are a travesty, it was so annoying to watch this race.

    The big 3 have enough vantage to override the rules, but you get to the midfield and it is just absurd. The 4 drivers that got into the Q3 outside the top 6 had to pit so early it ruined their races, dropled into traffic, had to start the race on a tyre that on race day had practically no pace advantage only degradation disadvantage. Hulkenberg was the only one that managed to get back into the points ffs.

    Then you have Sainz that finished P8, in front of his teammate, but showed no pace whatsoever during the weekend. The guy finished almost 30 seconds behind the almighty McLaren (which coincidentally was the firt of the cars that was allowed to choose his strategy)

    The philosophy is already wrong, design to degrade POCs, and on top of it poorly executed, on race trim almost no difference on pace, between the purple ones and yellows almost no difference on degradation either.

    Couldn’t we have just racing tyres, is that too much to ask? And scrap the usage rules? These things happen every race, but today it was unbelievable. Merit through the window. I’m giving my driver of the day to Hulk, because of these bull…

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