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Perez had already decided 2019 plans before McLaren talks

2018 F1 season

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Sergio Perez expects his destination for the 2019 F1 season will be announced imminently, having previously indicated he hoped to confirm his plans around the Singapore Grand Prix.

“It’s still the same,” he said in Singapore. “I already know what I’m doing so it should be just a matter of days or weeks before we formally announce my future.”

As RaceFans previously reported, the Force India driver is expected to remain at the team next season following his role in triggering the administration proceedings which brought about its change in ownership. Perez brings support from Mexican backers as part of his Force India deal and he indicated discussions with them are ongoing.

McLaren made an approached to Perez before the team confirmed Lando Norris alongside Carlos Sainz Jnr in its line-up for next year. But Perez indicated there wasn’t a serious chance he might have rejoined the team he drove for in 2013.

“We talked,” he said. “I think at the time I already knew what I was doing. They were quite interesting in my plans but there was really not much to add because I knew by then my plans, really.”

“I’m quite happy with what I have,” he added. “I believe it’s the best option for my future.”

With all six seats at the top teams taken for the 2019 F1 season, Perez believes there are few better alternatives than his current team.

“If you are not in a Mercedes or in a Ferrari seat, Force India becomes a very attractive place,” he said.

“We beat everyone the last two years. We are able to show speed. [It’s] definitely not a bad place to be. And I’m happy, I’ve grown up a lot with the team, I’m happy with my plans.”

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2018 F1 season

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29 comments on “Perez had already decided 2019 plans before McLaren talks”

  1. After his last costly outing in Singapore maybe his future is not as confirmed as he thinks it is. Dump him and keep Ocon and let Daddy Stroll dig into his coffers to make up the shortfall in sponsorship income.

    1. +1!

    2. Force india (racing point or whatever) should keep both ocon and perez in 2019. I hope whoever else are the people who own rest of force india are fighting the strolls to tooth and nail to keep lance stroll out of the force india. I know it might be wishful thinking but I just hope hope hope there is a chance to have both ocon and perez in force india until the rest of 2018 and in 2019. I really hope the strolls made a mistake and did no buy big enough stake and now stroll has to stay at williams. The stroll stake surely is not big enough to put stroll into the force india before the end of 2018 season.

    3. That or replace him with Allonso. He could mentor little Stroll, although he has not record of doing that – everything is all about him. Nonetheless he is very fast would be a good benchmark.

      1. Alonso liked it in mclaren, performance aside, that’s why he left, so no reason to go to williams.

  2. I agree. I like Ocon, he always comes across as a true professional both on and off the track.
    Perez knows his sponsorship money, funded by Carlos Slim’s billions, has always protected his F1 career. Sergio can say what he likes about the lap one crash in Singapore, but he put Ocon into the wall on purpose. A cheap shot, from a cheap person.

    1. And then tried to do the same with Sirotkin!

    2. Sergio can say what he likes about the lap one crash in Singapore, but he put Ocon into the wall on purpose.

      I don’t think we should claim things like that so easily – that is indeed the limit IMO. While the team might not be motivated to have any such things investigated because they are happy to have a well backed Perez, I doubt the FIA would let that hinder them.

      I really think he was rather just focussed on the other side where it looked like Grosjean was coming in fast while cutting the chicane. Since the stewards looked into that one, I doulbt they would let things go if they had indications there was intent in his move barging into Ocon there.

  3. Perez is an over emotional liability, a front running has-been due to being prone to a red mist that ruins any good judgment he has.

  4. I do like Checo, not sure what he was doing in Singapore though, but if it were my call I would give Ocon the drive.

  5. Think about it, would the Strolls want to put themselves against Ocon? For the kids image is certainly easier to go against Checo… And I believe that is what is putting Ocon out, not the Mexican money.

    1. I share your view, hence I say they can get Alonso, for exactly that reseason instead of Perez.

      1. But Alonso is one of the greatest drivers who ever lived – and still is – so I don’t see how your thought process makes sense?

  6. Baby Jesus… are you there?… Please let Esteban get this seat instead of Sergio… I’m sure he’ll appreciate it more… Amen.

  7. I like Checo, I still believe he is a very good driver, massively underrated and has earned his place thanks to solid performances. He had a bad day at the office, and people frustrated about Ocon’s situation need to find a face to blame on, even though that should be directed towards MB’s poor driver management.

    Im glad Checo stays with FI! Keep it going lad

    1. Agreed, Perez is one of the most solid drivers in F1 today, one bad (terrible) race does not undo that.

    2. He is the face to blame for what many people are blaming him for. A bad day and crashing people isn’t the same thing.

  8. Driving in circles
    24th September 2018, 16:40

    Am looking forward to his red mists when he gets beaten by Stroll next year

    1. Honestly, I cannot see this happening even if Strolls get preferential treatment. Checo is a very solid driver, in my view Singapore performance was a one off, and this time the incident with Ocon was just a race incident.

  9. @socksolid
    As much as I like the idea, I don’t think thete is anywhere for Lance Stroll to go other than Force India.
    I don’t think he could even stay at Williams. His dad wouldn’t want to be paying a rivsl big money to keep him, indeed it could be a conflict of interest.

    The fun thing about Force India’s 3 into 2 driver conundrum is what is more important?
    Lawrence Stroll’s money; Carlos Slim’s money; Mercedes’ reduced price engines?

    Regarding Perez not being announced yet, at this rate there’ll be 19 confirmed drives and one spot at FI left before its official! I bet the delay is negotiating how much power Perez will have over Lance.

    1. Was meant to be a reply to the third post down!

  10. It would appear that whatever he thinks he has in place isn’t a done deal. If that is the case, he’s going to have very little bargaining power with Force India and if he’s staying with them he could end up with a number two driver contract.
    I wonder if he’s going to Williams who can really use the injection of funds that comes with Perez’s signature.

  11. To think a driver will turn down a potential drive in the mighty Mclaren, and opt instead for a mid field team, unbelievable.

  12. Cristiano Ferreira
    25th September 2018, 2:44

    The blame for Ocon’s situation is on Mercedes who only wants to benefits themselves since they pushed around for the current engine rules, threatening to leave if not approved. They could have saved Manor/Marussia and turned it in something like Sauber now.

    Instead Toto Wolf wants a third car, for another pawn (because one isn’t enough) to race as an excuse for an additional seat when they could have another 2 (as Manor).

    This one is on Mercedes and i feel sorry for Ocon. It’s unfair to Checo lose his place just because of this entire mess.

    Everyone who is hoping for Checo to lose his seat to Ocon is just being very mean at him. I’m no mexican but it is wrong. Even Stroll is not at fault here.

    Just blame Mercedes for all this.

  13. Sergio is for all intents and purposes a pay driver in this case. If money were no object Ocon would be the choice hands down. As much as you want to blame anyone for Ocons position, nobody is to blame. F1 is now a bought sport. The truly talented if they do not have money behind them cannot survive to prove themselves. In a world where we want to see the best it would be Ocon over Perez. So yes Perez deserves to lose his seat, there is nothing left for him to prove. Ocon is the more talented driver. I’m tired of seeing a frustrated man acting a child when his talent isn’t enough to pass a Williams.

    1. LOL… A pay driver? are you serious? I don’t know if you turn on your tv to see the same races as the rest of F1 true fans.
      Since the 2016 season, Perez has finished the drivers’ championship in the seventh place, the maximum to which it can aspire in a car outside of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.
      The Perez’s numbers reflect a great constancy and effectiveness, because he is the driver, outside of those who drive top cars, with more points accumulated (384), with more races in the Top 10 (64), plus Top 5 (14) and more podiums (5), just below the numbers that Valtteri Bottas had, who between 2014 and 2016 handled a very competitive Williams.

    2. GufDamm, having 83% of the total podiums in the history of the team plus bringing money to the equation makes this decision a no brainer. You can argue all you want about talent, F1 history is full of great drivers with no tangible results. The only things that really matter are points, podiums and money from the very first day F1 was born and you have to have all of them to keep a seat.

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