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Ferrari to present revised livery at Japanese GP

2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Ferrari will unveil a revised livery tomorrow ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

No details of the changes to its livery have been confirmed other than that it is being done in conjunction with its sponsor Philip Morris International. PMI produces the Marlboro cigarette brand, whose logos previously featured on Ferrari’s cars.

Ferrari announced an extension of its PMI sponsorship deal last year. It said in February the partnership between the two “will be exclusively focused on advancing the cause of a smoke-free world”.

PMI also produces an electronic tobacco-based cigarette alternative called Iqos, which it markets as being “smoke-free”. However Iqos branding – green and blue against a while background – would be difficult to incorporate with Ferrari’s traditional red colouring in an elegant fashion.

Ferrari changed its livery at the beginning of the year following the departure of Santander. It replaced the bank’s largely white colouring with red and a thick grey stripe under the nose. Italian Moto GP team Ducati, which is also sponsored by PMI, feature similar grey colouring on their bikes.

Tomorrow’s revision to the Ferrari SF71-H’s livery is expected to involve new graphics on its wing endplates, engine cover, bargeboards and other areas.

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42 comments on “Ferrari to present revised livery at Japanese GP”

  1. the upgrade they needed. Vettel 2018 world champion guaranteed

    1. Go-faster stripes are scientifically proven to work in every enviroment. This is exactly what Ferrari needed.

      1. It works, it added 40 bhp to my dinky little car.

      2. It worked for Merc! From where did the ‘silver arrows’ moniker originated from? 😁

    2. Yep – Lewis will be playing hell over the radio this weekend asking “What happened there guys?” ;)

    3. This is the only Ferrari update FIA will probably not ban.

  2. Is this the cancer peddlers having found another company to sell some prime real estate to or branding the car for one of their own joints?

    1. So eager were you to write something against Phillip Morris that your sentence resembles a completed scrabble board. Easily the worst I’ve read this year and your point was only slightly more worthwhile anwyay.

      E-cigs are a great new way for F1 teams to generate income. If its promoting E over C then I’m all for it, as long as its not Formula E

      1. A pathetic retort, Tony. Don’t kid yourself that you are any better.

      2. E-cigs are a great new way for F1 teams to generate income.

        Maybe you were too busy comparing the quality of all comments this year that you missed the news about the negative health impact of (current) e-cigarettes.

    2. Joints is something they’re very likely to go into.

      Philip Morris have handled Ferrari’s marketing division for years. That’s were Arrivabene comes from (and why we now need a better qualified Team Principal – Boullier, please). In case it passed you by, notice how much like the Marlboro logo Scuderia Ferrari’s logo has been for so long. The sooner this relationship is severed, the better, however I don’t expect it to ever be so.

      1. I’ve heard rumours that Mauricio Arrivabene is going to join Juventus at board-level. I’m not sure who they’d draft in to replace him. In that instance, I would expect them to maybe promote from within.

        1. @mashiat it would be just a secondary duty for him, he’ll stay at his place at Ferrari.

          1. @m-bagattini doesn’t he already have a independent board member role and this would be to make him CEO? Since the Juve’s CEO resigned recently?

          2. @johnmilk
            Andrea Agnelli, the current Juventus president, was actually trained by Maurizio at PMI when he was a consultant. He then worked in the Ferrari marketing department in close collaboration with Maurizio who was in charge of PMI marketing in Motorsport. When Andrea and John took control of the family business in 2010 (both Fiat and Juventus) they decided to give Maurizio, who is a close friend, a more significant role within the group. He was named first in the Juventus board of directors and then as the Ferrari team principle.
            The thing is and as always some people are trying to create a story out of nothing and it has been always the case when things are related to Ferrari. The Juventus announcement with regard to the board of directors members after the annual meeting didn’t include the current CEO Giuseppe Marotta and Aldo Mazzia. Maurizio ,which membership was renewed, will not replace Marotta as a Juventus CEO as Agnelli has announced that he is satisfied with the current structure that will guarantee the club stability on the long term with Giorgio Ricci managing the Services,Fabio Paratici the sporting direction and Marco Re the finance

          3. wow thank you @tifoso1989 that doesn’t relate to anything that I’ve been reading in journals that I consider to be trusted sources.


        2. Please let this never happen. We need outside blood with a cool head.

          1. Unless its Binotto? A nice level-headed Swiss guy.

        3. No, Cristiano Ronaldo, most probably.

      2. Boullier? The genius who thought ditching Honda and its USD 100 million was the quick-fix solution to make Mclaren great again? No thanks.

        1. Did he make that decision?

  3. Quote from Philip Morris:

    “After years advertising tobacco for leisure, we are moving into greener technologies with asbestos for babies as a mineral supplement. We shall, of course, be promoting it as a way for governments to kill off their population and therefore save on paying out pensions, as we have done in the past”.


    1. Zim, as an aside, there was actually a time when, to compound the health problems of smoking, the tobacco companies produced cigarettes which had asbestos filters in them – so whilst meant in jest, there was a time when the tobacco companies were helping to promote the use of asbestos materials as well.

      1. Wow. Nothing’s too low for those guys.

  4. Unless they have formulated some kind of stealth paint it aint gonna help.

  5. So less a new livery than a new sponsor badge.

    I mean, it’s not like it’s suddenly going to be British Racing Green instead of Ferarri Red.

  6. Arrivabene stays then, I presume?

  7. Ferrari announced an extension of its PMI sponsorship deal last year. It said in February the partnership between the two “will be exclusively focused on advancing the cause of a smoke-free world”.

    Wow, seriously? Next you will hear Red Bull Racing advocating a energy-drink-free world.

    1. Well, you’re following a racing series, sponsored by an alcoholic-drinks company.

      1. True, but as far as I know Martini is not promoting an alcohol-free world, the strategy is “don’t drink and drive’.

    2. It’s really disingenuous, the vapour from e-cigs contains all the same stuff that smoke contains – yes it’s steam and therefore technically not smoke, but pretending it’s not harmful to those around you is wrong.

      1. * I should say “can contain” there are plenty of vape liquids that don’t contain nicotine etc, but that’s not what’s being pushed here.

        1. As addictive as it is, it’s not the nicotine that kills you. It’s the hundreds of other fun stuff like cyanide. Nicotine just makes you want more of it.

      2. Ecigs carry a risk but it’s nothing compared to smoking. There is no tar, no carbon monoxide and no cyanide for starters. The NHS promotes ecigs as a safer alternative to cigarettes:

        “They carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes and can be particularly effective when combined with extra quitting support.”

        There was also a review of evidence commissioned by Public Health England that concluded:

        “E-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco.”

  8. Is it blue?

    1. The car will probably still be red. One of the drivers will be blue though, from having given away the world championship.

  9. Just as long as the helmets don’t change!

    I’ll await the codemasters update patch.

  10. There’s a teaser on Autosport –

    Part of it looks like a URL and I think another bit might say “Innovation.” There is also a chevron design that you can see at 0:09 that I think might be at the start of the different words. It’s also on the rear wing in the middle.

    1. To me it seems to say something and then ‘MISSION’.

      1. Should be ‘Messon’

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