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Ericsson also eyeing IndyCar move

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In the round-up: Marcus Ericsson is the latest Formula 1 driver to reveal an interest in moving to IndyCar.

What they say

Ericsson will be Sauber’s third driver next year but wants to keep racing:

I want to race in the highest level possible because I see myself coming back to Formula 1 in the future.

To be able to come back to F1, I want to stay in single-seaters and fast cars. IndyCar is the best series to do that in.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Social media

Notable posts from Twitter, Instagram and more:

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Comment of the day

Ferrari is fooling no-one with ‘Mission Winnow’, says Jim:

We all know it’s just a made-up mission statement because the M and W mimic the Marlboro chevron. That’s why both words are italic.

Turn your screen 90 degrees anticlockwise to see the Marlboro logo.

This type of subliminal nonsense should be illegal, if not from a pure qualitative standpoint. At least the barcode logo of years gone made no subversion of it representing Marlboro.

Mission Winnow, right, the whole charade and statement is condescending to our intellect and cognitive ability.

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  • 15 comments on “Ericsson also eyeing IndyCar move”

    1. No laughing matter but one wonders why those fans who bought tickets in 1990 were still at the track 24 years later.

      1. @hohum – it is said the Japanese are passionate about F1 ;-)

      2. They weren’t. Japan gave up free to air F1 some years ago and interest in F1 has declined. You can buy a ticket today. F1 needs FTA like fish need water.

    2. Even worse about Mission Winnow is that the brand name and company name will be repeated all over the week.
      Maybe a few kids have never seem those cool Marlboro ad before looking for what those old people are complaining about?

      1. It’s astonishing they can get away with it. Corruption at all levels, I suspect.

    3. Derek Edwards
      5th October 2018, 1:01

      Comment Of The Day is absolutely spot on. Instead of some nonsensical rubbish like “Mission Winnow” they should just slap “Operation Marlboro” on their cars and claim special dispensation because of their historical value to Formula One.

      1. Agree

    4. Clearly Ericsson wants to be a known as the most complete driver on the planet by winning a race in a domestic spec series…

    5. Anthony Blears
      5th October 2018, 1:21

      Very happy Sky has lost the rights to F1 in New Zealand. We should get access to the full F1 TV package from next year.

      1. You will still be paying for it if F1 is on the Spark network. Cant see any of the free to air channels fronting with the cash to screen F1 live.

        Another problem is the volume of illegally streamed sports watched over the internet.

        Sky did no service to the sports fanatic by making ALL sports so expensive and virtually forcing live sports fans to steam illegally.

        With illegal sports streams quality now much better, I don’t know if those fans will go back to legal sports channels unless the price is super low.

        1. IVe watched F1 since 2001 and since the began selling the rights to pay tv I refuse to pay to watch on principle.
          The pirate streams are also often better than the stream from FOMs new OTA service anyway.
          I’d much rather save my money and attend a race.

        2. People will go back to legal ways of watching/listening to copyrighted stuff as soon as it becomes reasonably priced, available immediately and good quality (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, etc.)

          1. This. PayTv/Streaming on demand is the future of entertainment and in my view enhances the product offering. Cannot comment on the NZ situation but I would give 10 seasons of ITV’s coverage quality for just one of Sky TV’s. The level of investment, richness of content and engagement with the fan is leagues ahead of FTA providers, and it always will be.

    6. The Mario Andretti documentary is looking like it’s going to be a good watch. Location shooting rather than just interviewing a guy in a chair.

    7. I agree with the COTD.
      – Grosjean in the left image, though.

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