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2018 Japanese Grand Prix championship points

2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2018 Japanese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. If Hamilton wins at COTA and Vettel finishes 3rd or lower then the WDC gets clinched.

    1. Yep, gap this year bigger than last even though Hamilton and Merc have messed much more frequently than last and show how terrible and overrated Vettel is.

    2. Mercedes is a better car now, plus COTA is not a Ferrari track, so you know by now who will win. Ferrari should worry more about RBR now, that’s their battle now, not with Mercedes anymore.

      1. Yeah, It’s unlikely that Red Bull will take second in the Constructors from Ferrari, but they could potentially take enough points of Ferrari to prevent them getting a shot at overhauling Mercedes in the final races.

        1. Addenum: Even then, Ferrari beating Mercedes to the constructors is almost as insurmountable as Vettel beating Hamilton.

          At the least, red Bull could put a good dent in Ferrari pride, just like today.

    3. If Hamilton wins at COTA then he is champion. Even if Vettel is second he can theoretically equal Hamilton on points, but doesn’t win because Hamilton has more wins.

      1. That’s not correct.
        This scenario could still play out

        01. HAM
        02. VET
        C’ship Gap = 67 + 7 = HAM by 74

        01. VET
        11. HAM
        C’ship Gap = 74 – 25 -25 -25 = VET by 1

  2. So now Bottas is closer to Vettel than Vettel to Hamilton (hm, maybe that table needs reordering, with Bottas in 3rd behind 6,5th Ricciardo then Verstappen).

    1. And Verstappen now closer to Raikkonen than Ricciardo to him.
      The Ferrari drivers really seem to go backwards.

      1. Unfortunately, the car too.

  3. Point Force India (our what ever they call themselves) are going to go past McClaren twice this year… That’s embarrassing. Didn’t think you’d be saying that a few years back.

  4. Renault the Haas is closing in on you.

  5. Renault is going to have it’s hand full with the Haas

  6. Interesting stat

    Lewis has the same amount of points 331 as he did after round 17 last year. Vettel had 265 at the same point one more than he has now.

  7. the point standing is wrong points amount is good but the places aren’t!

    1. You are right. I think @keithcollantine will have a look. :)

  8. I remember the old days when Ferrari keep it simple and won. No heroic dives to the inside, no hero or zero team strategies. Maybe Ferrari needs to fire half their staff, and keep it simple stupid. (KISS) .

    For example, why put inters on during qual when everyone else is on slicks?

    1. Their team is young.. An okd head on the pitwall is what they need apparently. No. jock clear sucks. Fire him.

  9. Lots of love for the RedBullRacing duo there

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