Felipe Massa, Ferrari 248 F1, classic F1 parade, Szuka, 2018

Pictures: Hakkinen and Massa in classic F1 car parade at Suzuka

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Two-times world champion Mika Hakkinen and multiple race-winner Felipe Massa joined a parade of classic F1 machinery at Suzuka ahead of today’s Japanese Grand Prix.

Here are pictures of the cars in action this morning and earlier in the race weekend.

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  1. F10 in its original livery and fitted with the Santander logo despite it not being a team sponsor anymore.

  2. I spy a Tyrell from 90?, 91? Nice to see Satoru Nakajima & Son. He must be so proud, what an amazing day out, to be reunited with your old turbo F1 car, AND see your former F1 son and current La Mans champion son in another!

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