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McLaren announce Coca-Cola sponsorship deal

2018 F1 season

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McLaren’s Formula 1 cars will carry Coca-Cola brand names from this weekend as part of a new sponsorship deal, the team has announced.

The deal will run for the rest of the 2018 season. Coca-Cola sub-brands Dasani Sparkling and SmartWater will be featured at the USA, Brazilian and season-ending Abu Dhabi Grands Prix. The logos will appear on the cars’ barge boards.

“Coca-Cola has a rich history of sponsorship and a record of innovative activations and we are honoured the company has chosen to partner with McLaren to explore opportunities in Formula 1,” said McLaren Group CEO Zak Brown.

“Formula 1 as a sport is changing, as are we as a team, and we’re looking forward to introducing Coca-Cola to the potential that our team and fantastic, global sport represents.”

The company’s brands will also be displayed on the overalls of drivers Fernando Alonso, Stoffel Vandoorne and Lando Norris.

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2018 F1 season

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30 comments on “McLaren announce Coca-Cola sponsorship deal”

  1. I’ve always thought Coca-Cola were missing a trick by not taking advantage of the advertising opportunity afforded by the so-called “Coke Bottle Zone” of F1 cars. Maybe we’re going to see some interesting designs on the McLaren next season :P

    1. @puffy Ah that’s genius! Looks like it’ll be on the barge boards instead.

      1. if it was for 19 as well I could see the opportunity, just for the end of the year it would be hard to come up with something, plus I don’t think they are allowed by the rules

  2. Well, here’s some good news for – and a good job by – Zak. That’s a good deal, a big brand.

    I wonder if Coke is just testing the waters with the last few races of the season. Also, Fanta would be a good sub-brand of Coke to be used on the orange McLaren.

    1. Well maybe the McL size Zero concept was no so bad after all.
      Now they have Coca Cola Zero.
      Kind of F1 team without the real deal ;) With McL CC is on the right track.

  3. Hope they dont fizz out once the season begins !

  4. How the mighty have fallen. They used to be sponsored by champagne, now people are opening cans of coke after races.

    1. Huh they are sponsored by Moet & Chandon???

    2. Still better than Fredo’s!

      1. But Red Bull gives you wings!

      2. Between chocolate bars and free coke the Health and Safety staff at MTC will surely be getting some headaches

  5. Why not in Mexico as well?

  6. Sounds like a sweet deal!

    1. joe pineapples
      18th October 2018, 16:24

      you beat me to it :)

    2. Most Coca Cola made in the USA contains fructose as its sweetener, which comes from corn syrup, instead of sucrose, derived from sugar cane. It seems there’s a plant in Ohio that makes CC with sucrose. So people wanting that taste or sweetener have to get either CC made there or imported from Mexico.
      Interestingly, the use of fructose means CC isn’t kosher as a Passover drink, but with sucrose it is.

  7. Commercially Maclaren might be doing well but on the racing front they need to pull up their socks.

  8. Guess McLaren will be back to their classic Red and White livery again then…

  9. Size-zero Coke bottle shape sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero.

  10. Doubt if it pays a lot. The rates for that piece of aerodynamic winglet shrouded by the main barge board and the wheel are bound to be low.
    Force India have tons of such minor brands everywhere on the car.
    Still, something is better than nothing.

    1. Well at least at Ferrari those go by ‘buy one get one free’, as you never know which one will be crashed off.

  11. Is this the big sponsor Ron Dennis was on the brink of announcing ~ 5 years ago?

    The bigger the company the slower they move…

    It’s a shame, I like coke, but they shouldn’t associate with a team of perpetual losers herded by a PR guy.

  12. So what if they’re on a small part of the car? The fact Coke is on McL bodes well for McL being able to pull others on board as well. It’s a snowball. No other team would say no to this. So this is a big win for McL on all fronts.

  13. Speaking of SmartWater, I tried it. Didn’t work.

  14. What are innovative activations?

    1. I don’t speak fluent marketing guff, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fancy term for a certain kind of marketing campaign. Generally the more ‘interactive’, direct engagement type.

      How that relates to a sticker on a backmarking F1 car, I have no idea.

  15. Chandon with Coke? Disgusting… They should try to get Fernet Branca with Coke.

  16. “When I open up a cool crisp can of ice cold Coke, I want to take my time. Savor the flavor. There’s no sense in rushing it! Here at McLaren we don’t like to rush things either. So go on! Lean back, soak up some rays, and just enjoy the taste! Coke. The breakfast of champions.”

  17. Everybody knows -Things go better with Coke. Should pick up a couple of fifths.

  18. Now when Alonso is sitting on a hill soaking up the rays he’ll have a cooler of Coke at his feet.

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