Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

2018 United States Grand Prix championship points

2018 United States Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton increased his drivers’ championship lead to 70 points over Sebastian Vettel at the Circuit of the Americas.

Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 563
2 Ferrari 497
3 Red Bull 337
4 Renault 106
5 Haas 84
6 McLaren 58
7 Force India 47
8 Toro Rosso 32
9 Sauber 28
10 Williams 7

2018 United States Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2018 United States Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Hmmm, with Ferrari rediscovering their pace the constructors championship is still very much on.

    1. And who knows, maybe the battle for race wins also gets more interesting again now with that great pace – that in the end is more interesting for me than a championship that really seemed to have been lost between Ferrari’s disappearing pace and Vettel heaping up the mistakes already @john-h

      1. Together with Lewis and his after championship won slump ferrari may actually be champion with kimi winning the races :D

  2. 1st US race under new management…. Enough said.

    1. @Ajaxn Wrong, the 2nd or to be perfectly precise, 3rd, and BTW, it isn’t ‘new’ management anymore.

  3. Dave (@davewillisporter)
    21st October 2018, 21:39

    Just checking the maths – Sebastian has to win Mexico to carry the championship on, but if Lewis scores 5 points or more in Mexico, he’s won the WDC. If Seb doesn’t win Mexico, Lewis has won the WDC.

    1. Yep, Vettel needs 3 wins and Hamilton just need 5 point in 3 races.

      1. 7th or better once in three races (If like me, you still need to look up the new points…. new new points, my head is stuck in 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

        1. Yes, Hamilton can start at the back at the next race and can most probably reach 6th and be champion. And he only needs to do this one in three attempts. i.e. Both Ferrari, Both Redbull and his teammate can finish ahead of him and we still wins.

  4. Kimi is closer to Vettel, than Vettel is to Hamilton

  5. Hulkenberg extending his lead in F1b with Sainz improving to 2nd from 4th (thanks to @jamiefranklinf1 & @mashiat)
    Hulk – 218
    Sainz – 202
    Ocon – 201
    Perez – 197
    Mag – 189
    Alonso – 155
    Grosjean – 120
    Gasly – 119
    Leclerc – 109
    Ericsson – 89
    Vandoorne – 82
    Stroll – 52
    Hartley – 47
    Sirotkin – 25
    6 drivers still in contention to win the F1b title.

    Hulkenberg: 5 wins
    Perez: 3 wins
    Alonso: 2 wins
    Magnussen: 2 wins
    Ocon: 2 wins
    Gasly: 2 wins
    Grosjean: 1 win
    Leclerc: 1 win

    420 – Renault
    398 – Force India
    209 – Haas
    237 – McLaren
    198 – Sauber
    166 – STR
    77 – Williams

    1. The “new” Force India don’t do as well in F1B points compared to the real points.

  6. It’s crazy that it still doesn’t feel over just yet. Mathematically it’s impossoble. With Vettels driving in the previous races its impossible but I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see Ferrari get a 1-2 at the remaining races. Of course, Hamilton only needs 6 points but a couple of DNFs and the final race could become very uncomfortable.

    1. Even less, just 5 points required as if tied on points, Ham has more wins.

  7. In terms of the drivers championship, Mercedes probably did the right thing. Reminds me a bit of China 2007 and McLaren making the mistake of not banking the points for Hamilton. Here collecting the points means that Hamilton just needs 5 from 3 races. The constructors championship looks edgy though. 3 races dominated by Ferrari could see them swing it.

  8. I would really love it if Räikkönen suddenly passed Vettel to come second in the championship.

  9. So, after the DSQ of both Ocon and Magnussen, how do the points look?

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