Romain Grosjean, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

Grosjean two points away from ban after Leclerc collision

2018 United States Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean has been given his 10th penalty point for his collision with Charles Leclerc.

The Haas driver is now just two points away from a ban. He will not have any points deducted until after the Mexican Grand Prix.

Grosjean was also given a three-place grid penalty for the next race.

“Video evidence showed that entering turn 12 car eight [Grosjean] locked tyres and made contact with car 16,” the stewards noted. “As a result of the incident both cars suffered damage and car eight had to retire.

“The stewards noted that car eight lifted and braked early because of the positions of the cars in front, but nevertheless car eight made contact with car 16. The stewards awarded just one penalty point in recognition of the circumstances.”

Grosjean said he struggled to slow his car due to the turbulence from the cars ahead.

“I was fighting with Charles and Esteban [Ocon]. I got to turn 12 and I braked early because I was behind them.

“I didn’t want to take much risk, but I ended up in the dirty air and I couldn’t stop the car. I tried to avoid the contact as much as I could, but Charles was trying to get a good exit and I hit him.

“I feel sorry for Charles and I’m frustrated for the team. This being our home race, we wanted to do well. It’s not been a great afternoon.”

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22 comments on “Grosjean two points away from ban after Leclerc collision”

  1. Inching closer to a race ban then. I hope he manages to get on top of himself soon, it’s another 2 races before he gets some relief from points dropping, right?

    I read somewhere he is supposed to have also gotten handed a grid penalty for the next race?

    1. If he survives Mexico unscathed, he will lose one point. He’ll lose another two points after the Brazilian Grand Prix. So, if he accrues two points in Mexico or three in Brazil he will have to sit out one race. If Grosjean acquires 0 points for the remainder of this season, he will enter 2019 with 7 points.

    2. @bascb, yes, he will also get a three place grid penalty for the next race on top of the points he has already accrued.

  2. I think 2 points would have been more appropriate.
    I think the stewards are making it up as they go along and are being lenient here because he is so close to a ban, which defeats the point.

    1. Well he did lift and brake early to be extra careful so 2 points seem very harsh.

      1. Lift and brake early, and still hit someone.

      2. He still clumsily ended someone’s race.

        Its not like he went a bit too fast under an FP1 red flag. Lol

      3. I would give him 3 point just for not learning anything

  3. One point, so same as Sainz?
    Just ridiculous.

    1. Yea one point is a joke, he have to kill someone to get a ban

  4. Grosjean has had a very messy year. Some of it seems bad luck while others are dumb mistakes of his own doing but arguably Haas would be a lot further up if he had been at least able to match Magnussen. He seems to only have two modes – either brilliant or completely terrible and every race you never know which one you’re going to get.

    Leclerc must be terrified of going near either Haas, now.

    1. @rocketpanda Here we actually got both in the same weekend. Brilliant qualifying, and then… This… In the race.

  5. They gave him 1 point because he’s so close to the race ban, it’s obvious, isn’t it? in any other ocassion, they’d have handed him more points for this incident. And I’m not saying he deserves more points, but there’s a serious unconsistency with the way they handle penalty points…

    I’m a bit fed up with penalties as a whole, anyway… it’s racing, mistakes happen… it’s unfair, yeah, but that’s the way it is…

    1. That was my first thought too. I don’t remember anyone else getting a single penalty point for an incident, although it may have happened. I thought two or three was standard for an offence that also resulted in a 3 place grid drop for next race. But yeah, this totally defeats the reason for the penalty points if the stewards are more lenient as a driver approaches a race ban, the whole purpose was so that drivers that consistently behave badly on track are eventually banned (for at least one race).

  6. I’ve seen 3 points given for incidents like that. Very lucky not to have had a race ban so far.

    You do wonder where Haas could have finished this year with two top drivers (I’m not a huge Magnussen fan though know some on the site are). I feel like they really should have been best of the rest this year and really surprised that they have both retained their drive, especially Grosjean.

    1. @burden93 the team clearly underperformed with these two drivers. I rate Grosjean higher than Magnussen but both need “THOSE” days to get the best result. They are more “peaky” than other more consistent drivers, specially the Force India pair.

  7. Is it too late for them to sign Pastor Maldonado?

    1. ooo burn!

      Honestly I’d love to see Alexander Rossi give F1 another shot in the Haas seat. I know it’d never happen though.

  8. Interesting to notice, he is the only guy bothered abut the points. For everyone else it is minor inconvenience of they statistics as it it is very unlikely they would get to 12p. Yet grosejaen consistently oscillates on the edge of the race ban…. No surprise points systems has been introduced after his antics…

  9. Points tally critical, Romain.

  10. Anyone know who will drive Grosjean’s car if he gets banned for a race?

  11. You know what Leclerc? Magnussen deserved revenge on you for your stupid remarks. TAKE THAT LECLERC. HA HA HA.

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