Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

Magnussen also faces investigation over fuel infringement

2018 United States Grand Prix

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A second Formula 1 driver faces a post-race investigation for fuel use during the United States Grand Prix.

A report from FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer said Kevin Magnussen exceeded the maximum allocation of 105kg of fuel from the start to the end of the race.

“Car 20, driver Kevin Magnussen, consumed more than 105kg of fuel, from the time at which the signal to start the race was given to the time the car had crossed the line after the end-of-race
signal had been given,” noted Bauer.

He referred the matter to the stewards for investigation, who summoned Haas to answer questions on the alleged breach. The investigation puts Magnussen’s ninth-place finish at risk.

The stewards are already investigating Esteban Ocon for exceeding the fuel mass flow limit on lap one.

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4 comments on “Magnussen also faces investigation over fuel infringement”

  1. How come suddenly we after several years of not hearing of any issues with the flow meters and exceeding fuel flow we now have 2 in one race? A bad batch? Is this something that the FIA warned teams about they would start checking up on? Or did these teams think they had found a loophole?

    1. Teams probably agreed not to protest over a small amount but now its tight on constructors points they are protesting everything. Maybe Renault protesting like Monza.

    2. It’s not a bad batch of anything as each driver is being investigated for completely different infringements: Ocon for exceeding the fuel flow of 100kg/h for a moment in lap 1, and the other for consuming more than 105KG in total for the race.

    3. That 2 things similar happened to 2 different engines in 2 different teams does not mean it’s some sort of conspiracy. Put your tin foil hat back on.

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