Pierre Gasly, Toro Rosso, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

COTA one of the top five tracks – Gasly

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In the round-up: Pierre Gasly told RaceFans he rated the Circuit of the Americas “at the top, not above Spa because Spa is a special one, but I think it’s in the top five.”

What they say

Gasly had his first chance to drive the Circuit of the Americas in dry conditions on Saturday:

I knew that I had only Q1 to do so in a way I really enjoyed it. On such a cool track I just tried to enjoy all the laps you get. It was a good session, I’ve felt good in the car since the beginning of the weekend: in the wet in the dry. In Q1 was a good performance. I think the package we have at the moment we showed in Suzuka it worked well in quali. This weekend I think we had another good chance to have a good performance. Of course it’s a shame not to carry on.

I think this penalty with the engine’s a bit silly. I don’t know if there is anything we can do to change it but of course as a driver you would like to do all the qualifying and just start in the position you deserve. Especially on a track like this I was really looking forward to drive in dry conditions, low fuel, flat-out. And yeah, was mega. I’d’ve liked to keep going but with the penalty it was impossible.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Does Sergey Sirotkin deserve a second season at Williams?

He’s got more potential in the long-term than Kubica as he’s in the early-ish 20s while Kubica is closing the mid-30s, so, therefore, he has much less active years left than Sirotkin has.

Furthermore, I like Sirotkin as a person, so, therefore, losing him after only one season would be a little shame. I’d be OK with him being left without a drive in favor of someone like Ocon, but not as much in favor of someone who’s been away from this form of racing for a long time.
Jere (@Jerejj)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Imre Pardi!

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17 comments on “COTA one of the top five tracks – Gasly”

  1. Imparato’s tweets gave me goosebumps for some reason… to think we’re already THERE, you know? how’s F1 gonna cope? we’re thinking about generating new fans but the product is about to change massively and we don’t even know how or when…

  2. In that Sky article the reporter (whoever he is, no idea) writes:

    I hadn’t met Button before and had been warned he could be prickly. He was full of charm. Hamilton, who I had met, was not. Co-operative, but not warm. Is there a sense of that behind the British reluctance to take this extraordinarily successful driver to their hearts, even as he closes in on a fifth world title in the US Formula One Grand Prix?

    So this journalist extrapolates from one personal random meeting years ago that Hamilton is ‘not warm’ and therefore ‘the British’ (yes all of us out there) haven’t taken him to their ‘hearts.’ Ahh, because we’re all collectively lovely. Unlike Hamilton. Button though was charming. Right. Hamilton’s ‘fame’ has nothing to do, of course, with endless (typically white middle-class) journalists telling us how they don’t get on with him (or his tattoos etc.: yes dear reader, he has tattoos and stuff) – as though ‘everyone’ would or should naturally get on with them, because journalists are, as everyone knows, charm personified, especially when asking their innocent questions, and really fascinating. Please Sky reporter, just stick to the racing, presuming you’re capable as a ‘sports journalist.’

  3. I personally reckon Sergei would have been better applied to Torro Rosso, Kvyat has had plenty of chances and is lucky to be back in my opinion. Occon should get the final seat in a perfect world, as it would make for a great training ground for Russell!

  4. There’s times I feel there’s a lot wrong with F1, and my comments probably reflect the same.

    Then I see a picture like the one at the top of the page, one that makes me whisper “wow!”, and see something of what attracted me to the sport.

    Kudos to the photographer for the photo, and to Keith for choosing it!

    1. Ha, I know what you mean there @phylyp!

  5. Alonso’s comment to RF about outqualifying Vandoorne – kicking a dog when it’s down. Seriously, Alonso? Your point of comparison and pride is a teammate who has played #2 to you for several races?

    1. Yet you would defend Bottas playing number 2 to HAM as ‘its ok because HAM has outperformed BOT so it makes sense’. Just wow. Ever thought he really is just that chuffed with beating a highly rated driver 18-0?

      1. Have I defended Bottas in his #2 role? Save your straw man for another argument.

    2. You didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, @phylyp?

      so beating everyone with the same car is maximum satisfaction.

      1. @coldfly LOL :-) I missed that

  6. Is there a reason why every 3rd article on here involves something Gasly says?

    If we need to hear a driver opinion, can it at least be someone who isn’t so recently out of nappies … someone with some life and F1 experience maybe?

    1. If only there was a way that you could ignore the articles you didn’t want to read. Damn, why doesn’t such a thing exist?

      1. His observation is still valid though.

        How does your comment help advance the discussion ?

        Increasingly I am seeing these type of comments “if you don’t like it don’t read it”. I agree that trolls should be ignored but not if there is constructive observation and criticism.

        If you are happy with the status quo – there is no need to comment by putting someone else down. Instead – support your argument with why you think the status quo is ok , instead of a much ado about nothing platitude about “if you don’t like it ignore it”.

        1. The second sentence and reference to ‘recently out of nappies’ makes Karthik M‘s response a perfectly valid one, raising the level of the discussion 10-fold :P

  7. I agree; COTA is one of the best current F1-circuits as well as one of the best if not the best modern circuit.
    – That’s a brave statement from JV.
    – Thanks for the COTD. I didn’t expect to get it for today’s round-up. It’s been a little while since I last got the COTD for a round-up.

    1. I agree with you regarding Sirotkin. I don’t think he’s as bad as some portray him. I hope he gets a decent in the near future so we can see his true potential (doesn’t matter if you put an Hamilton or a Fangio in that Williams: it’s such a bad car it still would finish last).

  8. I’m not so sure about sirotkin. The main reason he is in that williams is because he had the second biggest check book when williams were choosing their drivers. His results in junior categories are not that impressive although I didn’t watch gp2 enough to know how his season really went. In his both gp2 seasons he finished third in the series with massive gaps to p2 and p1. And worst of all he has not even been able to beat stroll in the same car. Something massa did with ease. Sirotkin in f1? Unless he buys a seat his speed doesn’t justify his spot in f1. Same as stroll.

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