Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 2018

2018 Mexican Grand Prix grid

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo leads the provisional grid for the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

Row 11. Daniel Ricciardo 1’14.759
Red Bull
2. Max Verstappen 1’14.785
Red Bull
Row 23. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.894
4. Sebastian Vettel 1’14.970
Row 35. Valtteri Bottas 1’15.160
6. Kimi Raikkonen 1’15.330
Row 47. Nico Hulkenberg 1’15.827
8. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’16.084
Row 59. Charles Leclerc 1’16.189
10. Marcus Ericsson 1’16.513
Row 611. Esteban Ocon 1’16.844
Force India
12. Fernando Alonso 1’16.871
Row 713. Sergio Perez 1’17.167
Force India
14. Brendon Hartley 1’17.184
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’16.966
16. Kevin Magnussen 1’17.599
Row 917. Lance Stroll 1’17.689
18. Romain Grosjean* 1’16.911
Row 1019. Sergey Sirotkin 1’17.886
20. Pierre Gasly** No time
Toro Rosso

*Three-place grid penalty for causing a collision with Charles Leclerc in the United States Grand Prix
**15-place grid penalty for power unit componet change and five-plce grid penalty for gearbox change

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28 comments on “2018 Mexican Grand Prix grid”

  1. As predicted. What a climax. Wow.

    1. Don’t lie. You only said “it would be ironic, bc Max has beaten RIC all year long”, which I refuted with a data-backed comment, like I have done previously, many times.
      And your comment didn’t make sense in yet another way, bc you concluded your comment with: “I wouldn’t be surprised (if RIC would beat VER).” Now how wouldn’t it be a surprise if you’re convinced VER has beaten RIC all season long? How? Hahahahahahah, not only is your comment inherently wrong, you’re delusional.
      You even went so far calling the midseason-rankings ridiculous, placing your precious Max above RIC, making a totally messed up, blind, orange-glass-tainted analogy about if you would beat your colleague at work, you’d be praised by your employer. I don’t know what kind of employer you got, but I sure feel sorry for him if you mess up like VER did in the first 6 weekends of the season. Max didn’t beat RIC at all in the first six, the exact opposite, nor has he done that in the season at a whole. Or in their 3 years together. Get a grip with reality.

      Keep those orange lies coming, keep’m coming, hahahahahahhahah.
      Say ziggoooooooooooooooooooooooooo, hahahahahahahahah.

      1. You are properly the weirdest person I have ever interacted with on the internet, and I have been on twitter for nearly a decade. Well done.

        1. Don’t try to divert the attention from the truth. Nothing I said wasn’t true.

      2. what are you doing dude? wake up to yourself

      3. mods please block this, this is not planet-f1 or motorsport.com

      4. “Keep those orange lies coming, keep’m coming, hahahahahahhahah.”

        That’s the kind of stuff you see on a Fortnite forum full of 12 years olds.

  2. Max must be fuming. Faster all weekend and loses pole in the final run. What a qualifying. Looking forward to the race.

    1. That has been the theme all season. Don’t be fastest in Q2

  3. When Red Bull have the car to challenge, who appears at the top again… that man Danny Ricciardo!

    After the bad luck he’s had this year, chuffed for him. Hopefully can turn it into the win

    1. @burden93, that’s the problem – he’s currently running at a 50% retirement rate in the latter half of this season, and we saw in the practise sessions that Red Bull were having problems with the hydraulics systems on their cars (so, for the blame that is put on Renault, Red Bull have multiple mechanical issues of their own).

      With that extremely high retirement rate in mind right now, whilst I am sure that a Ricciardo victory tomorrow would be very popular, I expect that a lot of fans would also not be surprised to see Ricciardo having to pull over with another mechanical issue.

  4. Exiting qualy. I can feel Max’s disappointment. He feels let down by the car but I wonder if RIC has the same issue with his engine braking

    1. Is it time for excuses already?

      1. To be fair Max already told he had this issue yesterday ;)

        1. I dunno, it’s all a bit too convenient to have an issue. He was happy after Q2, so I don’t buy it. It’s very Hamilton to discuss issues only after a loss

          1. You have a point there

          2. I notice he is doing that, talking about engine hesitation, then pulls a fastest lap.. he blamed engine hesitation again today, seems that hesitation is helping his car in lap time!

    2. Hmm, so according to you he had an issue which he hasn’t experienced before, in other weekends, yet he’s able to defeat both Mercs and both FERs. Hahahahahahahahah. Ziggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

      1. stop troll

  5. key tomorrow will be smart driving to minimise tire wear. should be a cracker.

    Less down force, means more slipping and sliding, which means more wear on the tires. All this means they need to position their cars differently in the corners, maybe even breaking earlier than they would normally.

  6. I quote:”It feels like you pull the handbrake when you lift”

    1. This was supposed to be an answer to @hahostolze

  7. Super happy for Ric. Hope no reliability trouble for the Redbull boys. This race is gonna be so unpredictable.

  8. Bottom Line everyone – Red Bull front row lock out ….

    Kiss their fumes :)

    1. @nullapax Hmm, two Red Bulls in front with Verstappen in 2nd. Hamilton probably content to let them get on with it. A Baku re-rerun during the first lap?

      1. Ham plays a safe game – he always has.

        We need Max and Danny to work as a team … for once …. and Seb to stop spin spin spining.

        failing all of that – the crap Pirreli – Pyrulgly – PartTimly tyres will give us all something to laugh at.

        1. I just can’t see beyond a scrap over the first few corners. One of those cases where a bad start might be more useful. I can actually fairly easily see Vettel passing Hamilton off the line and catching up two battling Red Bulls. The outcome of that mix is anyone’s guess.

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