Pictures: F1 drivers’ Mexican Grand Prix Alebrijes

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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Each Formula 1 driver taking part in this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix has been presented with an example of Mexican folk art by the race’s promoter.

The figurines, known as Alebrijes, are fusions of different animals selected by the drivers and the artists as examples of their characters.

Home favourite Sergio Perez selected the golden eagle, lion, monkey and tiger to form his Alebrije. Lewis Hamilton, who could repeat his 2017 title-clinching drive this weekend, is represented by a lion, deer and dog. Lions feature in several of drivers’ Alebrijes.

The honey badger naturally formed part of Daniel Ricciardo’s selection, along with a kangaroo.

Here are 20 all of the drivers’ Alebrijes and the animals they are represented by in them.

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  • 17 comments on “Pictures: F1 drivers’ Mexican Grand Prix Alebrijes”

    1. Thank you so much!!

      Great work by the promoters to come up with a unique and creative idea like this, a neat talking point for the weekend.

    2. Is it just me, or Stroll`s one looks at the camera very much the way Lance does himself? :)

      Great work by the artists though. Really captured the spirit nicely

    3. Poor Kevin…
      Love it though, and they’re all pretty accurate

      1. @hugh11 I think Magnussen’s is the best!

        1. It makes me think of the pig lizard from Galaxy Quest!

          Seriously, though, these are all great. What a fantastic idea.

    4. These are so cool! I LOVE Kevin Magnussens! That’s so weird! Verstappen & Ricciardo’s are also really cool.

      Carlos Sainz Jr’s… needs help.

      1. Also are these basically F1 driver’s fursonas?

    5. Alonso’s owl-parakeet avatar looks a bit, err, stuffed.

    6. I should add that these are brilliant, imaginatively executed and a strange insight into each driver’s personality. Apparently made by artisans from Mexico’s Museum of Popular Art. Leclerc’s baffles me! A hedgehog-rabbit-field mouse? A long way from Vettel’s probably a bit unbalanced tiger-lion-fish combination.

    7. I really like the look of Ocon’s one, but they are all brilliant. Great to see them, and thanks a lot @dieterrencken for getting these pics, you are absolutely right we need this sort of content. Great visuals, nice insights into the drivers minds and well captured by the artists, and a great way to link to the hosting country’s culture: this is one fantastic way to do that.

    8. When the comments get overhauled on this site, so should the picture galleries. It would be nice if when I clicked on the first picture, that it would actually be the first picture in the gallery “slideshow”.

      It’s like typing in a Google search and the results starting on page 5. Makes no sense.

    9. I think these are a really nice touch, something a little different from a promoter, in F1 we’re very privileged to visit such a vast array of cultures on almost every corner of on the globe, it makes sense to celebrate what’s unique to this week’s host. In such a short space, we’ll have done Japan, Texas, Mexico City, Brasil & UAE.

      It’s just a small bit of fun, couldn’t have cost much to do and adds a tiny bit of variety, in a sport where variety should be the easiest thing to come across.

      I smiled a little watching Dani Ric huff about after his retirement made up like a cowboy.

    10. if Sebastian Vettel is: Lion, tiger and fish why does it have wings?

      1. Because Red Bull gave him wings 😁

        Sorry, couldn’t resist. @luis-fernando

    11. Come on, @keithcollantine, there are tons of WordPress gallery plugins, a simple one with nav arrows will do the trick.
      And while we’re at it, maybe a decent commenting system? Have you looked up disqus, for instance?

      Been here since I don’t remember when, and while your site has evolved, it hasn’t provided two of the most basic things.

      Best regards!

    12. Lance Stroll: Beaver, dog and eagle

      So… a beagle?

      I’ll make my own way out!

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