Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

2018 Mexican Grand Prix championship points

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton clinched the 2018 drivers’ championship with fourth place in the Mexican Grand Prix. The constructors’ title is yet to be decided.

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2018 Mexican Grand Prix championship points”

  1. ok so let’s do the math there are 86 WCC points on the table, Merc 1s 55 ahead so they need 29 in two races… in the worst case scenary, two 1-2 for Ferrari

    1. So just bringing both cars home 5th and 6th in both and letting the RBRs go by the get 36, plenty more than enough, they still can afford 1 DNF plus being the last guys (not counting F 1.5)

  2. In other words, the Scuderia needs a miracle

    1. Hahaha love the way you put it.

      1. Wasn’t in Enzo who said ” Non credo nei miracoli, dipendo da loro”

  3. The fight for 4th in the WCC is now all but over. A gap of 30 points is next to impossible to realistically claw back within only two races for a midfield team.

    1. Let’s do a little math on this. Renault scores 0 in both races, 1 guy of the 6 in the 3 top teams DNFs in one of the races and 2 guys DNF in the other race, and both Haas guys are best of the rest in both races (6th & 7th, 5th & 6th, that’s 32 points, a bit more than enough (still allowing 1 or 2 points for Renault), but seriously unlikely.
      I’m not sure what happens in case there is a tie, I assume the countback would decide, like for the WDC. In that case Haas are in top so far, RG got a 4th in Austria and the Renault guys have a few 5th but no 4th.

  4. An then there is the fight for 3rd in the WDC (but who remembers this?) With 20 points between Kimi, Valtteri and Max, and 50 points on the table, I’d say its still quite open. Also, with the WDC already decided maybe Valtteri and Kimi may be allowed to fend for themselves. This should make it a little harder for Max.

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