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“One in a million” incident put Alonso out at start

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso said the first lap incident which put him out of the Mexican Grand Prix was a “one in a million” chance.

The McLaren driver retired after a piece of Esteban Ocon’s front wing landed in his radiator. His car began to overheat, forcing him out.

“It was sad today,” Alonso told the BBC. “Extremely unlucky.”

Ocon’s front wing broke after he tangled with Carlos Sainz Jnr at turn three.

“Some of the debris from the crash in front of us – so it was a crash that we were not even involved in – some of the debris flies and lands in our intake, the radiator. That’s one in a million. [But] it happened today unfortunately.”

Alonso, whose impending retirement was marked by fans in the crowd who were given special masks to wear before the race, said he was happy with the support he’d received in his antepenultimate grand prix.

“Even if it’s sad now not to be in the car the overall feeling of the day will be good in a couple of hours’ time when I digest,” he said, “because it has been very good support here and a magic day in a way for me. Sad now but the result we know could be between eighth and 12th more or less so it will not change my life. The summary of the day is a positive one.

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5 comments on ““One in a million” incident put Alonso out at start”

  1. It really was unusual incident.

  2. Alonso, whose impending retirement was marked by fans in the crowd

    I think the racing goods misunderstood the meaning of “retirement” in this context.

  3. antepenultimate

    I’ve learned a new word! Thanks keith.

  4. If it had happened to anyone else I would agree with the ‘one-in-a-million’ thing. But Fernando has suffered far too many of these absurd events this season.

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