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Rate the race: 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

2018 Mexican Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Mexican Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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43 comments on “Rate the race: 2018 Mexican Grand Prix”

  1. A decent race overall. Decent quality of racing although it was partly down to tyre deg, but still.

    1. More than ‘decent’ here: 8/10.
      Great to see 3 teams fighting for the big win, and 7 teams for the minor league title (that’s 8 points by itself).

  2. 7 . Tyres suck.

  3. Gave it a 7…..plenty going on, but not the most exciting track (venue is good)…BUT when cars are fuel saving..tyre saving..engine saving…someone in F1 needs to understand the meaning of the…
    and congrats to Lewis …and Seb(wish I was anywhere but Ferrari) for giving Lewis his congratulations in a really sincere way

    1. I disagree with the sentiment that conservation of equipmen makes F1 dull. For me it adds to the technological aspect of the sport, ie finding the limits to where tires, engine etc can be pushed.

      1. Indeed, the art of winning, as slowly as possible.

        1. Name me one (non-sprint) sport where there is no saving of energy/resources involved, @psynrg.

          I ran a half marathon yesterday.
          Do you think I was going full throttle the whole 21k?

          1. A marathon is an endurance race.

          2. @coldfly I was referring to the skillful conservation of resource, while maintaining a win. Much like your pacing for half-marathon I expect ( did you win though? ;) )

          3. did you win though?

            The last 7km was off-road and I lost a lot of time there.
            Should have opted for my trail shoes, or a pit stop ;)

            PS – @yoshif8tures, a half marathon is shorter than a GP.
            But even a shorter race (all but the sprint) requires smart management and ‘skilful conservation of resources’ (as @psynrg so eloquently wrote).

  4. John Toad (@)
    28th October 2018, 21:06

    I’d like to rate the race but there wasn’t really a race to rate was there.
    A car conservation procession run on tyres that weren’t fit for purpose.
    Gave it a 4, and that was being generous.

  5. will this season never end.

    didn’t rate it, as i did something else after lap 15 so it would be unfair. switched back on to see the entire grid plodding around at what looked like 60% pace for the last 5 laps. only 4 cars on the lead lap. “the pinnacle of motorsport”. wow.

    1. pineapple of motorsports.

    2. no perspective here, in my opinion. f1 has been better and also much worse, in terms of competivity. love it the way it is or don’t, I guess.

    3. You hit the nail on the head. I went for a nap early – sad really!

  6. 4, no more.

  7. Great qualy, good race. Nice scenes at the end. 8 for me.

  8. Poor, and totally flatlined after Dan’s demise. An anticlimax of a race end
    3 for some midrace excitement

    1. The fight between Seb and Dan in itself (even though it ended prematurely) should be worse a multiple of that score.

  9. As always, great racing in the midfield. Some good racing in the top of the field, but what was it down to? A 7 at the very most.

  10. I watch it in the garage while I’m getting stuff done. It’s a tangible in that I can judge the race by how much I get done. The better the race, the less work I get done. I got a ton of stuff done.

  11. Meh (5). If not for the tire concerns probably would have been less than that.

  12. Must say it was quite a solid race. We got an exciting first few laps, then we got a really tight midfield, we got Max getting back to the front, we had the fightback and then the hearbreak with Daniel Ricciardo and we has a bit of a “will it fail” phase in the last 5 laps where it seemed all cars were tuned down as much as they could without standing still.

  13. Well, for me it was mostly suspense, after an exciting start, but then it became clear Hamilton (and then Mercedes as a team) couldn’t keep his tyres, so no attack on the lead, Vettel,RIC on HAM was interesting, but sort of inevitable; good to see Vettel have the pace (but why couldn’t they yesterday), but by that time he was too far away, and he pitted to get behind RIC (was that really needed?), so again, no challenge for lead; RIC/VET seemed good, but a bit slow going, and then that was over. So, not excellent, but quite good, I gave it 8/10.

    Also, always odd the way in F1 there is no real official way to celebrate the WDC when they aren’t on the podium, it caused the podium to be snowed under a bit, with broadcasters (saw F1tv/Sky on phone, and RTL DE on TV) trying to both talk about champion and the race winner, and not quite doing justice to either.

  14. Not going to rate it as it was brought to us so badly.

    Every overtake was repeated like a million times from every angle, lots of nobodies in the pits shown and a gazillion shot of idiots in the grandstand all distracting from what is all about. (Those things with black round rubber thingies on every corner). Third place in the race wasn’t shown crossing the finish line as they showed Hamilton even though there was like 30 seconds between them.

    And then I am not even talking about the stupid beeps with every graphic action they do.

  15. 4/10
    It started very nicely and looked super promsing with some doing 2 stoppers & others 1 stopper. But the immense pace drop by Mercedes, Ricciardo’s retirement & the chaotic gap of the rest of the grid (everyone got lapped twice from Hulk onwoards!) ruined it. Plus, another very bad TV coverage by FOM.
    Missing overtakes (especially at Turn 1),barely showing any action in the midfield & they were very slow in showing what was happening ( for instance with Perez’s DNF).

  16. Don’t watch a lot of F1 but how in the hell can this be anything more than a 1 if that?
    -2nd place 17 seconds down, 3rd -50 sec, 4th – 1:18
    -5th place driver down 1 lap
    -6th thru 16th were down 2 laps or more.
    I made it 20 laps before getting sleepy enough to take a long nap.
    No wonder the big wigs are meeting before the races to try to make it “more interesting”. Good luck with that guys!

    1. Don’t watch a lot of F1 but how in the hell can this be anything more than a 1 if that?

      Clearly not catching up maths either if you were contemplating rating it below the lowest score :P

      1. Dull as it was I’m not sure about a 1, but after last week, I have no idea how it could be more than a generous 5.

      2. What? Makes no sense. Zero would be more fitting.

  17. I don’t think the system works.

    It’s seems that a lot of people still rate what they call dull races 7/10 or higher.

    1. This is how it works (or doesn’t):

      There is a vocal minority, who often use these posts to air complaints about the sport. They inevitably rate low (yet watch week after week) because they love the sport, what it could be in their minds but don’t like where it is now (it should be noted these people have existed since race 2, 1950).

      There is a vocal minority who are not in the above group.

      There is a silent majority who will dominate the actual score.

      However, within each of these groups are the following:

      People who think that the average score (which is 5.5) should represent average races and will tend to rate lower.
      People who think that the average score should be about 7 because an average race in F1 is kinda fun to watch.
      People who are influenced by how people they like and do not like performed in the race
      People who would never give a 10 or a 1, the extremes should be reserved for, say an infamous indianapolis, but generally never used. These scores shousl represent only the best races that ever there were or the worst races that ever there were.
      People who think that a 10 means the race was as good as it could be, or a 1 as bad as it would be, but not the best race that ever there was or the worst race that ever there was.
      People who compare this season’s formula to those previous and rate it in competition with those previous formula
      People who see each season as it’s own event to be rated only against itself.

      And a million other processes that influence how people use the scale.

      1. Damn… mean’t to carry on to say – each score on it’s own in isolation is meaningless, it’s when you’ve been collecting data of this type for many years that the data becomes very, very interesting! As this site has.

      2. @sleepywill this is bang on. Very well said. And indeed a good explanation of the variety of scores people give. I myself am in the average 7 category – although, yesterday was slightly above average, I gave it a 7.

    2. Yeah, the scale is certainly something that people (unfortunately) really do not take into account when rating the race. A 5/10 should be the average race, but if a race gets that it’s currently bottom of the barrel and worst ever.

  18. Gave it a three. Joyless exercise of a race that I struggled to pay attention to. While there was overtaking, but it was uninspired and predictable. The only one who seemed to struggle with clean overtakes was Ocon, but that seems to be a theme of his since Singapore.

    On a side note, whoever designed the Pirellis this season needs to be taken into a dark room and beaten.

  19. a solid 7 just because of the midfield fights.

  20. 6

    I like that Max won, but I don’t enjoy watching a race where they just drive as slow as possible because everyone is scared their tyres will explode if they try to actually do anything.

    Even though I’m old, I don’t like the “traditional races” where there is only 1 or two passes during the race and I don’t like that it’s only DRS passes or tyre deg passes. They’ve GOT to fix the aero so that we can see drivers with better skill have a chance to control the race and ACTUAL passes.

    1. Totally agree @daved. I wrote my comment below before reading this but you’ve added some points that explain how I feel also

      1. Thanks @3dom

        As I’ve been saying for many years on here, I wish they’d greatly simplify and shrink the front wings and rear wings and go go more downforce from the floor as it’s not as sensitive to dirty air.

        When all the exotic front wings became prominent, I loved it because I’m an engineer who dabbled in fluid flow dynamics and I admired what they could to to increase performance. But it soon became apparent that complexity came at the cost of being able to remotely follow a car closely for racing.

        So now I admire airflow on planes and want to see my cars RACE! :)

  21. I gave a 6. I personally don’t mind some tyre conservation but the tyres fell apart too easily for my liking. The tyres were so fragile that there wasn’t an opportunity for a more aggressive strategy. If teams could have legitimately tried a sprint strategy versus a conservation strategy then that would add far more value and fascination to the race. Seeing teams lap several seconds off the pace to get to the end made it seem flat imo

  22. 6, It was interesting but never quite ignited, probably due to the tyres. Midfield has a decent scrap.

    Doesn’t seem like a track that really promotes good racing, sadly.

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