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Haas not distracted by Monza appeal preparations – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says his team has not been distracted by its upcoming appeal against Romain Grosjean’s disqualification from the Italian Grand Prix.

What they say

Haas’s appeal will be heard tomorrow (Thursday) in Paris. Steiner explained how the team has prepared for it:

I feel well-prepared, honestly. For sure it takes some time to do it.

I kept a very small group of people to do it so not everybody gets distracted and all of a sudden is trying to be a lawyer because that is what is happened if you throw it out there. I said this is the team that deals with it, and we deal with it in a small group and move on.

Let’s see what happens.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Cristiano da Matta, Newman/Haas, CART IndyCar, Surfers Paradise, 2002
Surfers Paradise was a long-standing CART IndyCar venue
Reviving IndyCar’s race at Surfers’ Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast will not be straightforward, says @Kazinho:

To recommence the event just as it used to will be next to impossible. The previous configuration of the circuit now has a section of track (from the first chicane all the way to the double left at View Avenue) that has been resumed for a tram line.

The current circuit used for V8’s is significantly shorter (barely 3km long), and extending it can realistically only be done by utilising roads to the north of the current layout, which will take a significant redesign of residential streets with all the traffic furniture that is in place around Main Beach/Southport.

It is going to be a big task to revive this event.

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  • 24 comments on “Haas not distracted by Monza appeal preparations – Steiner”

    1. Oh… Dieter has the official dossier from the famous FISA/FOCA wars… A new mini-series to warm the cold winter of our F1 discontent?

      1. @jimmi-cynic, Bguger a mini-series, how about a full blown (pun intended) series to be ready to fill the gap if/when F1 implodes. To keep costs down I suggest a standard tub/safety-cell, engines from production road cars, max 4 litres turbo charged, and the series held in geographic divisions with a champion of champions race rotating around the divisions annually. Just in case.

        1. @hohum: I meant a Racefans mini-series of articles about the FISA/FOCA feud.

          But if you create a backup series for F1, I’d be interested. Just as long as the production engines are 18000rpm V10s and 4WD cars with the first race in Norway in early December. You could get an avalanche of publicity for the Nordic leg of the series. ;-)

          1. @jimmy-cynic, I think Norway would have to be electric, but a back-up series would have to be inexpensive, hence the production (but modified) engines, Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, VAG, AMG all have turbo V8’s with 800+hp. potential, if F1 folds then more expensive/exotic PUs could be introduced along with individual chassis etc. The main thing is to have somewhere for the teams to go and generate income if F1 collapses.

            1. @hohum: Fine. Skip Norway. Finland it is. 800 hp isn’t enough. Must be 1000+. We want to see 230+ mph in the snow with open wheel cars using chains. Or studs. ;-)

    2. Indycar back to the Gold Coast? YES PLEASE! After that, add one race in the UK, one in Latin America (Mexico or Brazil), one in Japan and Im done with Formula 1. So excited about this series coming back to its glory days.

    3. How about Phillip Island ?

    4. Good that Mr. Steiner isn’t expending too many resources on the appeal, because it does seem to be a slam dunk loss.

      1. @phylyp: Zing!

        Also good he didn’t assign K-Mag to lead the defence – as much as Steiner might want a strong defender at the hearing.

        1. @jimmi-cynic – or Steiner thought that a response of “suck em” to the FIA would not go down all that well… ;-)

        2. He needs somebody who doesn’t stop when the competition is driving some good arguments home: Grosjean is the man.

          1. LOL! @coldfly

            You make a good case. I nominate you, Grosjean & K-Mag to fly to Paris now.

            1. Not in the pilot’s seat, I hope? @jimmi-cynic

            2. @phylyp: No, they would all get their own seats. This isn’t F1. We’re civilized here at RaceFans Human Cargo & Shipping.

          2. @coldfly yep I know it’s impract but it would certainly destroy a few arguments about who the best driver is and stop all of those “he’s only WDC because he has the best car” arguments.

            I suspect that the class drivers would even make a Williams look better.

    5. I can’t say I necessarily agree with Palmers asserti9n that Hamilton would have won the WDC in either Mercedes or Ferrari this year.

      Even Hamilton would say that wins come as a result of a lot of effort and skill from the team as well as him. I’m not so sure he’d have found things anywhere near as easy at Ferrari as they tend to become unravelled when things aren’t quite going to plan, whereas the team at Mercedes have a proven track record of calmly getting the job done.

      Wouldn’t it be great though I’d drivers had to rotate through every team during a season – imagine some of the new talent getting their hands on a Ferrari, Mercedes or a Red Bull. Then we’d get to see who really is a true WDC and the WCC would become pretty interesting too.

      1. @dbradock +1
        Absolutely, yeah. Love it and the idea that you award points to all finishers except last place, then you can relegate the bottom 2 or 3 drivers and promote from the lower ranks. Maybe worst team to lose a driver gets 1st pick.

        1. And let’s add driverboost and tie one arm of the pit crews behind their backs whilst we’re at it :P

          1. @coldfly bugger – replied to the wrong post. Oh for an edit button.
            See above.

      2. I think that from a driver’s perspective he could have won it. Ferrari wasn’t as fast as some people thought, but it was at least Mercedes’ equal this year. Given that Hamilton is probably the best qualifier in the grid right now, he could have good chances to win some races that Vettel couldn’t, like Hungary. Plus, he is practically error free this year, I imagine that without all those spins and the crash in Germany he championship would still be open, even if Vettel was a few points back.

        Cross your fingers that Ferrari is as competitive next year though. I expect Leclerc to be fast from day 1, we could have some amazing battles and a 2007 Alonso – Hamilton story here. Mark my words, Vettel isn’t going to be that gracious in defeat if it comes from his teammate!

      3. @dbradock that’s not a terrible idea. the teams would still be competing for the WCC so the technical element of the sport would pertain. then all of the drivers would have a chance to compete in the best cars – I cannot think of a way to do this fairly (and I’m sure people would find ways to deem it unfair), but as a hypothetical it’s a nice idea.

    6. And he still managed to finish in the points after all despite the sacrifice to help his teammate.
      – I don’t necessarily agree with Palmer on that Hamilton would’ve won the WDC in the SF71H as well. Very possibly, yes, but not necessarily although we’ll never going to get to know for sure.

    7. Would Hamilton really be champion in that Ferrari? Who knows.

      I hazard a guess: yes. This year I cannoz remember a mistke he has made. There were some Mercedes mistake but not by the driver.

      Meanwhile Vettel personally crashed 4-6 times? A bit much for a championship contender.

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