Mercedes clinch their fifth consecutive constructors’ championship

2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Mercedes have won the Formula 1 constructors’ championship for the fifth year in a row.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas moved the team out of reach of rivals Ferrari with their result in today’s Brazilian wGrand Prix.

The team has been undefeated since F1’s V6 hybrid turbo engine format was introduced in 2014.

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20 comments on “Mercedes clinch their fifth consecutive constructors’ championship”

  1. Congrats Mercedes..

    Did Ocon just earn a drive for Mercedes?

    Ferrari or Redbull, who will spell the conspiracy?

    1. Did Ocon just earn a drive for Mercedes?

      I had made comments to this effect in the live stream, but to be honest, there’s little Mercedes gains by such an outcome. A win is nice, but they seemed to be on course to securing the WCC anyway. It just seems like it was Ocon getting a little assertive with his fresh tyres, and Max not seeing the unlap attempt, given he was running alongside a lapped car.

  2. Esteban Ocon will forever be known as the single person who decided the outcome of the 2018 edition of the Brazilian GP.

  3. Congratulations Mercedes.

    Last time a team won 5 consecutive titles the rules were completely revamped to avoid the same team wining again, and maybe it’s time to do it again.

    1. Ferrari were a reasonable contender for the WCC, if not for various team and driver errors. I’d say let performance converge under stable regulations. Even RBR seems to be mixing it in there when possible.

  4. Can I just say, whose brilliant idea was it to have the Brazilian GP and the Manchester Derby at the same time? I probably missed 20% of the action switching between the two. Nevertheless, I feel for Verstappen. I have no idea what Ocon was thinking. You do not simply drive into the side of a car that’s a lap ahead, even if you’re quicker.

    1. @mashiat – yeah, even if Ocon unlapped himself, I’m pretty sure the RBR would have caught up again in sector 2. Better would have been to tuck in and get a tow on the back straight (not to attempt an unlap, but just to improve the time).

    2. @mashiat Sorry for the late response, but simply impossible to take all the possible sports events in the world into account when forming a race calendar, so rather pointless to make a fuss out of every single potential clash. Some clashes are just inevitable given the number of events there are within all the FIA-sanctioned categories alone not to mention all the other sports there are, be it football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, whatever.

  5. Mercedes has been an amazing team for the last 5 years. These things come in blocks and maybe Red Bull or Ferrari will get the next few years.

    Well deserved though to Mrecedes team.

  6. Given the Tifosi’s passion for all things Ferrari, why are Ferrari adamant about the WDC more than the WCC? It would have been smarter to chase after the WCC, and I hope they do so in 2019 – favour the better-placed driver in each race, with a view to maximizing team points.

    1. @phylyp, as the drivers are used as the public face of the team, having a WDC winning driver will reflect well on the team in their publicity material, and act as an implicit promotion of them as well (i.e. that the team itself was able to produce a quick enough car for them to win). Having a WDC winning driver is also good business for the team given that it often acts as a strong draw for sponsors, and it seems that sponsors are more drawn towards the winners of the WDC than the WCC in those instances where the WDC wasn’t at the same team as the WCC.

      Furthermore, I suspect that it probably would not make a huge difference to most members of the Tifosi if they had or hadn’t won the WCC, since often that support is bound up in the history and heritage of the team – they probably would still continue to support the team with the same level of enthusiasm irrespective of the WCC this year.

      1. Thank you, anon!

  7. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
    11th November 2018, 18:51

    Ocon definitely needs a sabbatical…

  8. Glad Hamilton keeps getting handed wins like this

  9. Max was awesome today but jeez, he needs to take chill pill… he’s one angry little brat. Looking for Ocon in the pit lane like a maniac – one day he’ll get a big fat punch it the face or something. Like Lewis inferred, Ocon raced him and Max raced him back – sometimes these things bite you on the bum.

    1. Someday he’ll pick the wrong guy and get his @$$ kicked.

  10. Congrats to Mercedes for finally securing the championship in style.
    Lovely orchestration move at the start to take the second position, a really well thought move.

  11. Exceptionally consistent dominance over the past 5 years. Even after ferrari getting better these last two years mercedes has been the ones with the more level headed drivers and operational efficiency.

    1. Which makes them an extremely well-run company and an exceptionally boring team.

  12. Duncan Snowden
    12th November 2018, 0:50

    Congratulations to Tyrrell on their seventh world championship. ;)

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