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Rate the race: 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix out of ten

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56 comments on “Rate the race: 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. 9 out of 10

    1. Also high time the team red dropped their no1 driver, 2nd year in a row they lost both WDC and WCC by putting all eggs in that petulant childs basket. Also Alonso would leave F1 knowing his criticism of that team have held true for 4 years.

      1. @Chaitanya – Not necessarily cosigning to all you included but allow me to note a few things.

        1. Raikkonen has more points than Vettel in the last 10 races (VET had more in first 10 and more overall).

        2. None of RAI’s 3 DNFs were his fault. Bahrain was pit issue, Spain was engine failure, and Belgium was getting hit in first corner. Giving him the absolute minimum reasonable points for those 3 issues (3rd in BAH, because that’s where he pitted from, and 4th in Spain and Belgium), would put him on 290, only 12pts adrift of VET. And the WCC would still be open.

        3. I know that taking away one driver’s issues and shoehorning in hypothetical results is not how it works. Doing so in isolation makes no sense most of the time. I’m not trying to compare RAI to any other team really, only his teammate. VET’s DNF was his fault. RAI’s were not. And attempting to balance that for this season shows that the two Ferrari drivers were basically in a dead heat. Without Ferrari’s preference, VET might even be behind. That is their prerogative, no debate, but VET has not produced this year.

  2. Probably a little harsh but I gave it a 7.

    1. I think that is fair.. I might have given it an 8 or 9 if we had another 10-15 laps to see a nice battle between the top 4.

    2. I always laugh when I get on this rate a race page because it seems people give a race 1, 2 or 3 points above what it should be. For what a GP can be at its best, a 10, and what this race was, a 7, it’s ludicrous people are giving 9s aka a little worse than a ‘PERFECT’ race

  3. Very good fun for the neutral, I really enjoyed it. Drama at the front, couldn’t have called the winner from the top four with 10 laps to go. I’ll give it an 8/10.

    1. Agree. I thought it the drama at the front was really interesting as well. At the start of the race I thought Lewis was in firm control, then it looked like it was advantage Ferrari for a while, and then it looked like Max had it sealed. Lots of interesting strategies, and some great overtaking and battles throughout the field.

      I would have given the race an 8 if Max hadn’t tangled with Ocon, but gave it a 9. +0.5 for the on track incident between Max and Esteban and another +0.5 for the action during the driver weigh-ins.

      Makes my top 5 for this season for sure – China, Monza, Brazil, Baku and US.

  4. A decent race overall. Not the greatest ever, but not bad either. The only downside was the fact Ocon decided the outcome of the race.

    1. Ocon did his part as a desperate young Merc driver without a seat. Wolf will be happy with him.

  5. Solid 8 at least… maybe even a 9. Should really have been a straight forward win for Max (don’t know exactly what Ocon was hoping to achieve there), but it was still a good race.

  6. I don’t know what happened to the Ferrari’s today. No pace. Both Vettel and Kimi. Especially the former.

    9/10: Great Race, Verstappen deserved that one. The Ocon incident handed the victory to Lewis. Red Bull’s were beasts today. Bottas is a wingman for sure. He is used as a roadblock. Kimi was solid. Leclerc was also great as well as Vandoorne.

    1. @panagiotism-papatheodorou – at the start of the year, if you’d asked me which Finn was going to be a wingman/#2, I’d have named the wrong one :-)

      1. Surely a “wingman” needs to be able to keep up. Neither Bottas nor Vettel were good wingmen!

  7. 1 extra point for Ocon..

  8. Great stuff from beginning to end, highly entertaining. 8+

  9. Actually good.

  10. Gave also 8. Guess fathers sins must be payed by sons – i still remember Jos ruining Montoyas first victory, now Max gets payback by Ocon.

    1. Not sure that’s how karma works.

    2. Are you serious?

    3. I hope you are not German.

      1. Well i hope it does not get repeated as losing win while leading, practically without blame is always painful. For those who do not remember –

  11. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    11th November 2018, 18:50

    Absolutely filthy move by Ocon. really stupid. This the kind of moves one’d expect from Vettel, Magnussen, or hell, JP Jarier

    1. @justarandomdutchguy disagree, i think that crash was 100% max’s fault.

      ocon was on softer, fresher & faster tyres having just made a stop. he got drs & drove past verstappen and remained alongside verstappen when max just didn’t leave room and turned in. had max left room there would not have been a collision, ocon was perfectly entitled to be where he was and did nothing wrong. he was alongside by more than half a car and deserved to be left room which max did not give him.

      1. Ocon should never have been there – Max was first in the corner and on the racing line – that overtake would never had worked. Additionally Ocon would have had blue flags shortly after in the middle section and would have had to let Max by again.

        Ocon was running outside the top 10 – yes you are allowed to unlap yourself but only very safely – no risked are allowed at all. Ocon didn’t do anyway any favors here except maybe Hamitlon – a big huge error of judgement by Ocon.

        1. Agreed – Oocn shouldn’t have been there, but he was and Max knew it.. still he turned in and there was a collision…. right or wrong, that’s what happened.

          Max could have stayed wide, Ocon would still have been penalised and Max would probably have won. As for trying to start a fight in the pit lane, he’s risking a broken nose. Silly brat.

  12. A good 8/10 worsened by the winner victim-blaming. Shame.

    1. Actually, just seen the handbags between Verstappen and Ocon in the pits. 10/10.

    2. Hamilton has grown up a lot since 2011. You never know, give Verstappen another 7 years and there is a chance that he might also.

  13. After all t he poor races this season…has to be a 10 for me….if its edge of the seat right till the end and any of the first 4 could win..has to be top marks…..thought it was a bit harsh for Ocon….Max did not really have to chop inside him, but that is Max……Seb was out driven by Kimi worryingly

    1. But Ocon is being lapped, he had no business being there. He had blue flags and should move out of the way.

  14. @A faultless afternoon for Lewis and the Team.
    Great drive.

    1. I am not sure about being faultless.. They lost the lead at one stage and Botas went from 2nd to finish 5th…

      1. Lewis and HIS team…

  15. 8/10

    Still waiting for the thunderstorm ;)

    1. @rethla – let’s ask @nullapax , shall we? :-)

  16. Didn’t really enjoy it if I’m honest. Not sure reading the comments I saw the same race. Bottas was a moving roadblock, Vettel was as absent as the rain and Ocon… not sure what he was doing.

  17. 7/10. Some good battles and drama, but the race had its boring moments as well. Still, it was quite good for this year’s standards at the very least.

  18. Max was having a BOON as soon as he took the lead but sadly Merc had Ocon up their sleeve.

  19. max trying to start a fight with ocon in parc ferme.

    1. Not good, that is unsportsmanlike and in MotoGP riders do get penalised for picking up fights with other riders.

    2. Definitely Ocon’s fault IMO, but considering the number of times a certain Max Verstappen has come to blows with teammates you’d think he’d be a little less prone to physical retaliation. There’s been quite a few times a punch to his smug face would have been justified. Again, not excusing Ocon’s error, but Max’s behavior after the fact was pretty ugly.

      1. *meant to write “come to blows with competitors”, but “teammates” isn’t exactly inaccurate either…

  20. Seemed pretty good and gave it an 8 but as F1 isn’t free to air anymore I spent half the race re-loading crashed streams and watching the buffering circle go round and round. @keithcollantine am I allowed to ask what streams people are using or does that break and site rules?

  21. It was great seeing the Red Bulls coming through the pack. I felt like it was worth somewhere between an 8 and a 9.

  22. Pity for Max. Great racing. a 9.

  23. I was undecided between 9 and 1: 9 for almost all the actual race, 1 for mercedes team orders to ocon (yes, it’s what I believe, I have a very negative opinion of mercedes after what I saw this season overall) to take out verstappen, unsportsmanlike and should’ve voted 1, but I saw people mostly sticked to the actual race, unlike russia, with 15% who voted one, so I gave it 9 still.

  24. Red Bull driving for the win on a dry track and passing both Mercedes and Ferrari’s on pure speed on a high speed circuit? That’s a nine for me. Should have been a podium with both Bulls on 1 and 2 for a perfect 10, but although frustrated with the outcome it was a sensational race (and the old school aftermath!)

  25. 8/10, with the championships decided (constructors was in reality decided before Brazil too) this didn’t have the same nerve. Also really sorry to see Ericsson’s car damaged before the race even began, I really hope he can bag a good result in Abu Dhabi before he leaves F1.

    Bonus points for Verstappen’s driving, minus points for his post-race antics. Ferrari, Vettel in particular, completely lost today. Strong race for Leclerc.

  26. Good solid 7.
    It’s never nice to see the man to beat lucking into victory (4 times this season and counting), but I suppose it’s fair, since Max dropped the ball.

    Ferrari off the pace meant less proper battles.

    Everytime the Wingman comes into play, we discount a point…

    Yeah, 7 is fit.

  27. That was a great race. The brave were able to overtake.

  28. 8/10 Really enjoyed the race
    I think the winner was Red Bull Racing team. Superbly setup car, excellent tyre management and the lack of horsepower was not as much of a concern.

  29. I think this was definitely worth an 8 or 9 in the context of the whole year. I went for 9. Plenty of action near the front and I actually felt that any one of 4 drivers could have won it at one stage.

    Ferraris were disappointing, after their qualifying performance and Red Bull a real surprise.

    The incident with Ocon and Verstappen was probably 80/20 his fault. Max should have left more room but then I imagine he was hardly expecting a lapped car to throw a pass down the inside!

    I think it’s a shame that Brazil might be dropping off the calendar after 2019. It often provides an interesting race and there is such a history associated with the country.

  30. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    12th November 2018, 9:57

    Its an 8/9 – exciting start, high drama with the Ocon incident and a tense finish.

  31. This felt like F1 of old.

    PASSION everywhere. I was on the edge of my seat all race and wish it had gone on for 10 laps longer.
    Passion in the driving
    Passion in the teams
    Passion in the commentary

    You can reflect Max’s anger/pushing as passion. This is F1 of old, of what we all want.

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