First new region to get F1 TV Pro in 2019 announced

2019 F1 season

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Formula 1 Management has announced F1 TV Pro will be offered in the Netherlands from 2019 in its first deal to offer the live streaming service through a broadcaster.

As RaceFans revealed last week, FOM is seeking to offer F1 TV Pro in regions where it is not currently available through partnerships with television broadcasters.

The new deal with Dutch broadcasters Ziggo Sport will make the full F1 TV Pro service available to subscribers in the Netherlands. This includes access to live onboard cameras and team radio from all 20 cars.

F1’s director of media rights Ian Holmes said it was “tremendously important” to offer the product in a country which is enjoying a resurgence in the popularity of F1 thanks to Max Verstappen.

“What is also ground-breaking is the incorporation of the F1 TV Pro OTT [over-the-top] service that will now be available within the Dutch market,” said Holmes. “This will be a truly collaborative operation in that the service will be co-marketed and co-branded by F1 and Ziggo thus affording fans a combined offering like never before.”

Ziggo Sport is part of Liberty Global, an associate company of F1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media.

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2019 F1 season

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17 comments on “First new region to get F1 TV Pro in 2019 announced”

  1. Mailed F1TV support to inquire if the service will have the English commentary. They confirmed that it will indeed, This will make watching F1 with proper commentary much easier in NL, good stuff.

    1. Woohoo yes! Great news indeed. Wonder if we’ll have to pay seperate, or if it will be included in the sports package. I assume a they’ll sell it seperately.

      1. I really hope it will be available separately instead of just as a Ziggo addon. As al my services currently come in through fiber, I don’t even have the Ziggo cable base package, and have 0 interest in that. F1 won’t change that. I will gladly pay for F1, but not if it only comes with a complete cable package I probably won’t even unbox & setup.

    2. @aiii from what I remember when I was subscribed to it, F1TV is available in english, spanish, german and probably also french and italian (don’t remember those), and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can switch between them all. I watched in english from Argentina, so it’d work fine where you are!

      1. In Belgium the english commentary is not available.
        So watch out!
        I hope it get’s arranged for 2019 as this was the main reason i have F1tv.
        Luckily there are workarounds, but ain’t ideal.

  2. petebaldwin (@)
    12th November 2018, 21:28

    I hope it finally comes to the UK – it’ll be nice to have the option to pay for a decent service rather than watching on a blurry stream.

    1. Indeed. I watch half of the races on RTL live to avoid Murdoch and his cronies, and the other half on ch4. Next year I’m not sure I can stomach watching all of them on RTL.
      Hmmm, could this really be the end after 27 years…

      1. @john-h Do you watch RTL online or catch the broadcast? I’d happily watch online with BBC Five Live commentary to go alongside…

    2. @petebaldwin @john-h
      I wonder if Sky will be more open to making some sort of deal with F1 now that the NBC Comcast sales has gone through, taking the majority of (if not all) power away from Murdoch?
      We can but hope.

      Btw, I was livid to discover that the Brazilian GP was shown free on Sky One, as I sat up til half midnight watching Ch4 highlights!

  3. This is good news!! This means we have something to choose in the Netherlands

    A dedicated 2nd screen with the onboards is extra cool.

  4. Ziggo Sport is part of Liberty Global, an associate company of F1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media.

    So…courageous negotiations with a tough broadcasting foe. Good work, Liberty.

    1. Starting small is still a start!

  5. How about we a freakin’ Apple TV F1 TV App for the US market? This has been a waste of money for me as far as I’m concerned.

    1. @jblank the Apple TV you mean? (jokin’)

  6. Canada hosts one of the best races (excpet this year’s race), has 1 full-time driver, Lance Stroll, and 1 test driver who’s made several FP1 appearances, Nicholas Latifi.
    We don’t get F1 TV Pro because of TSN/RDS/Bell Media rights… TSN, the english broadcaster, doesn’t broadcast FP1 nor FP3 (not even streamed), and RDS, french broadcaster, only shows Quali and Race.

  7. While I am glad more regions are getting this service; I am hoping they can deliver the content that was first highlighted. There is no dedicated app yet, only select archived races are available and no support races that I can find either. I would have loved to follow the F2 season as well had it been there. Practice sessions seem to disappear after qualifying…maybe i’m not looking hard enough. I am hoping they offer a special for us early adopters that paid full price for a product that is still in development.

    Aside from that having quali and race replays available within an hour or so is so nice and the playback quality has steadily improved throughout the year. I am able to use my chromecast and have the races stream in HD on my TV. <$5 USD a race weekend isn't a bad deal, plus there are some great past races available. Glad to hear more people get the chance to utilize this service.

  8. What about India?

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