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Vote for your 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Which Formula One driver made the most of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last five days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Interlagos.

Driver performance summary

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix weekend?

  • No opinion (0%)
  • Charles Leclerc (14%)
  • Marcus Ericsson (1%)
  • Stoffel Vandoorne (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (0%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (1%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Brendon Hartley (0%)
  • Pierre Gasly (0%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
  • Sergey Sirotkin (0%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Esteban Ocon (9%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Max Verstappen (41%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (9%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (3%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (21%)

Total Voters: 271

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  • 63 comments on “Vote for your 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

    1. Verstappen by far, absolutely imperious driving. Leclerc second, so impressive, although outqualified. And Ocon, well, for making the weekend memorable.

      1. Agreed. Fantastic driving. But i would also consider Daniel. Very clean race. Made good progress. Decent pace. Managed tyres well. A few more laps and maybe on the podium too.
        A podium would have made it much more sweet after multiple failures but a morale boosting finish nonetheless.

        1. @webtel yeah Ricciardo was probably as good. Maybe slightly less incisive getting past the Ferrari’s but hard to fault as the circumstances were different

          1. Yet “Verstappen by far”, hahahahh. hahostolze conveniently ‘forgot’ all about him. Watch a race with clear sight for once instead of having those orange blurred specs on.

        2. This is a no brainer: Verstappen for getting past the Ferrari’s and Mercedes so quickly, his speed and craft and to be honest, his brutal honesty and showing emotions..that’s what I like

      2. Pretty pathetic really, people voting for Ocon as DOTW….it’s pretty telling how much people on this board dislike Verstappen

        1. I’m really disgusted by people voting ocon driver of the day. I voted verstappen and I don’t think there’s any doubt about that, hamilton imo would be barely the 2nd driver of the day, even ricciardo could beat him.

          Ocon should be voted as worst!

          1. @esploratore It’s driver of the weekend, not day. I agree Verstappen was awesome – up to the moment he decided to go karting with Ocon rather than concentrate on winning a race. Hamilton? He had real engine problems and yet still finished way ahead of Bottas and everyone else save MV. He then broguht it home after Max got outmaxed. LH also had an excellent qualifying session for pole. Standard brilliance, admittedly. I’d have voted for him, but I voted for Ocon too just to wind you lot up. Thanks for the added amusement. :)

          2. Even ricciardo? Hahahaha, your orange hatred towards him is laughable. RIC-RB-REN were the fastest. Every time he had a bit of space in front of him, he was the fastest, by quite a margin. If he hadn’t had that penalty, this race was his, eezy peezy.

    2. Verstappen overtaking both Ferrari’s and Mercedes’ in itself is enough plus extra kudo’s for not punching, just pushing Ocon when Ocon showed no regrets and rather mocked the situation. Clearly Ocon wanted to settle their F3 bill.

      1. One Merc with its engine turned right down and the other Merc with its driver turned right down…

        1. But a bit strange the turned down mercedes matched the times of the full functioning mercedes.. something fishy there..
          And Ocon.. well look at his on track actions the last two years ( mostly Perez the victim) and Gasly loves him to.

          1. Ocon’s on track actions? Hahahahahhah, again trying to claim left is right and right is left? Oco has the record for a rookie of most consecutive races finished. His only two mistakes are Baku’17 and ’18 in over 2 years of F1, he’s one of the cleanest on the grid. Just two mistakes, in a midfield-car. Even a veteran would be pretty happy with that and he’s just a rookie.
            Now compare that to the on track actions of your beloved Max:
            Aus – spins
            Bah – crash in quali, and DNFd in the race bc his tangling with HAM
            Chn – tangled with HAM and VET, spun, ruined his own and VETs race for which he got away with just a 10s
            penalty (while OCO got a 10s-stop-and-go for a racing incident just yesterday)
            Aze – DNFd himself and his teammate bc he couldn’t take it that RIC was going to overtake him yet again
            Esp – slammed STR from behind, but was lucky to get away undamaged and that STR was undamaged
            Mon – crashes in the dying seconds of FP3, consequently ruined his race
            Ita – receives just a 5s penalty after first cutting a chicane, gaining an advantage, and later forces BOT off track
            Jap – rams his car into Kimis, ruining Kimis race but gets away with just a 5s penalty which didn’t hurt him at all
            USA – damages his car in qualifying, but gets lucky with some penalties of sister team TR and gets lucky bc of RICs mechanical DNF which not only got rid of RIC, but also set up a whole chainreaction of stuff, like wrong strategies for the Merc-boys. Gets a very lucky 2nd
            Bra – doesn’t leave room for OCO who was no threat at all, throwing away an easy win in the day’s best car

            You also got Silverstone in which he lost it when RIC was pressuring him (he claimed it was a brake issue, but he lies very often, so I dunno), chicane cutting in Monaco, was lucky in Japan not to spin with VET, and his rants in for instance Hungary, his only real tech-DNF.

            And this was only in 2018, as a guy in his 4th season in F1.


            1. And add to that he’s driving a RB, a very driveable car and it’s a top tier car, which helped him even more so in that lucky USA-race.

            2. Hahahahahhah

              Your orange obsession has become rather pathetic, krxx.

              Pleas try to get a life.

            3. @Krxx

              again trying to claim left is right and right is left?

              nope. that’s down under stuf ;)
              So your VER obsession and fact bending are still active.. sound a bit like a broken record. Kind of DNF on Forum level. Something you’r very good at.. following your great example perhaps?
              Btw, Danny has a lot of support in the Netherlands and the Orange army sheers for him every time. Why this strange obsession of yours. Just accept Ricciardo is a top driver but max is just better on all accounts.
              ( even before the devastating DNF series, nobody should endure) Just accept the reality or keep dreaming about a down under champ in a castrated car in 2019. Pity for such a great driver to end his career in the midfield (if he is lucky!)

            4. erikje, I wouldn’t know bc I’m not from down under like I mentioned many times before. But it is something you gladly ignore and continue to portray as if I am from down under, just you like to say that I’m the one who’s fact bending and obsessed with VER, with one purpose, namely to make my points look less valid, as if they are born out of some nationalism or obsession, like is the very case with you. I am curious however who you’re alluding to with my “great example”.

              And yes, you are lying and ‘changing’ facts. Show me where I was not right about OCOs on-track record. While also, you can’t give one example of OCOs antics on track, bar the ones I mentioned myself (the two Baku races). He had about 6 more incidents the last two years, but none of them were his faults. Sure, it’s very easy to say “And Ocon.. well look at his on track actions the last two years ( mostly Perez the victim) and Gasly loves him to.”, implying a lot, but you can’t give any examples of these driver errors. He made two, both in Baku, like I said. And two is a good score for someone in his position.
              And it’s even more telling and ironic that this comes from someone who adores VER, who has had a whole lot more. They’re even in the double digits. I’m not making anything up, I even gave you a list (and probably not even complete). Of just this year. From a more experienced driver than OCO.

              So every single aspect of you bringing up the alleged antics of OCO, doesn’t make any sense at all, you lose out in each and every one of them. They are lies. Everybody who has read your comments, will know your comments stem from FBoyism towards VER, and will therefore lie and deceive.
              Likewise, everybody who has read mine, will know I base my comments on data. And I don’t play any favouritism towards any team or driver. Therefore I don’t have the need or desire to change/bend outcomes, facts or whatever to fit into my fan alley. And this is where I differ from you oranges.
              And this background will help everybody to understand that the only reason why you oranges now target OCO, is bc of last race day. The only. And now that you’ve targeted him, your PR machine is fabricating all kinds of stuff. Have fun with it.

              RIC does have some support in the Netherlands yes, not a lot, but has more hate there as well. And he has support all over the world I presume. So what’s your point and what do I care?

              Both are good drivers yeah, I don’t have to put an effort to “accept” that. And no, VER is certainly not better “on all accounts”, in fact, overall, he has been outclassed by RIC in their about 2.5 years together. I’ve shown you many times the data regarding that. Nobody of you guys has ever come up to me and disputed those figures I came up with or shown me/directed me to data which would suggest/prove otherwise. I’ve called you out many times, but the only thing you oranges come up with when I present you the data is pure backtalk based on nationalistic, FBoy-driven sentiment. None of you has ever gone into content (with me), while I repeatedly called you out. So it is you lot who have to come to grips with reality (or not).
              But hey, I understand. It’s hard to come out of your safe places, it can’t be easy talking about your own (hero’s) defeats.

              And those DNFs RIC had to endure, yeah well comes with the job description. That in itself doesn’t make you a better/worse driver.
              You again bring RIC into this, as if I’m a fan, but it’s your FBoyism which hinders you in seeing that it isn’t RIC who makes me conclude that he has had VERs number in the past 2.5 years, it’s the data.
              And even if you got the data, you have to know how to read into them. Just like you do know that RICs going to Renault, but you come to the wrong conclusion, based on the available data, that he will end his career there (in the midfield). But he only has a contract for two years. Probably he will still want to race after those two years and he could go to a higher-placed team. Or maybe REN will develop into a contender. We just don’t know at this moment, there’s no data.

              And @rinodina, we haven’t met yet, so I assume you have been a secret admirer of my comments. Well same goes for you regarding the ‘orange obsession’. Just bc I use the term ‘oranges’, doesn’t make me obsessed with you lot. I also use the word ‘road’, far more often, and strangely I’m not obsessed with it either. People use (particular) words to refer to certain phenomena, it’s part of the evolution of human language. Nothing pathetic about it really and my life is perfectly fine thank you, even without the practice of idolizing a particular driver.
              And a bit strange to try to offend me first, before we met, and on top of that, go on asking me about my pick of the DotW. But I chose nobody BTW.

        2. Add to that Vettel had a sensor issue which compromised his entire race.

      2. What F3 bill did OCO need to settle? OCO took the title, VER 3rd.

        Ziggo, hahahahahahahahah.

        1. hahahahahahahahah

          Who did you choose as Driver Of The Weeken, krxx?

    3. Easy: can be only Max.
      Also good race for Lecerc, Danny and Lewis.
      Ocon= looser of the day.

      1. Agree, although Lewis’ Sunday wasn’t as spectacular as his Saturday.

      2. It’s hilarious how Ocon has 10% of the votes.. LMAO

        I’d have to give my vote to Max this weekend, with Charles and Lewis tied at a pretty close 2nd.

    4. Max. Overtook the entire top 4 in the race. Too bad he didn’t punch Ocon in the face

      1. Too bad he didn’t punch Ocon in the face

        What an utterly disgusting comment. I really wish this site wasn’t frequented by cretins.

        1. …and hypocrites with double standards.

        2. Glad he didn’t, but understandable if he did.

    5. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
      12th November 2018, 11:32

      As much he acted like a moron post-race – Max was incredible in in the race and earns my vote.

    6. I would love to give this to Verstappen, qualified as good as the car realistically could, went on the attack, and cleanly took places of those in front. He was on course for a staggeringly good weekend and while Ocon was absolutely at fault, a more level-headed driver like Hamilton or Alonso would not have had that crash in my opinion.

      So Hamilton gets my vote, took a great pole, put up a very strong fight against a faster car, and kept himself in position to pick up the pieces and the result Verstappen threw away. Not many had a problem voting Verstappen driver of the weekend for Spain 2016 when Rosberg and Hamilton threw away a sure 1-2, so I don’t have any issue gifting this vote to Hamilton’s gifted victory.

      1. Difference is that Verstappen wasn’t even partly at fault for his accident, unlike Hamilton and Rosberg. Also in Spain ‘16 Verstappen has to withstand serious pressure from Raikkonen and in adjusting to a brand new car. Hamilton was fighting a heavily damaged Red Bull and still barely finished ahead.

        1. @Roland Hamilton was fighting a heavily damaged Red Bull and still barely finished ahead with a turned down terminally ill engine.

          1. and slower tyres that had been fitted on lap 19.

            1. And in maybe the 3rd fastest car that in the hands of Bottas finished 5th

        2. Verstappen wasn’t even partly at fault for his accident

          Apart from leaving zero room for a car that was significantly alongside him. He was at least 50% at fault and will never live up to his potential if he keeps driving like this

    7. Leclerc, he got the best from his car. Hamilton very good too, he did everything he could Not voting for Verstappen, he had the best car but threw it away squeezing a backmarker.

      1. what did Leclerc do with the 4th fastest car on the grid?

        1. @indiana obliterated the gap between formula a and b.

    8. Even though he was outqualified by his teammate, it was Leclerc for me. Getting a Sauber into Q3 is an achievement even if the other car was slightly quicker. He was flawless in the race and thoroughly deserved his result.

    9. Max if he drove like this from race 1 he would be WC. Can’t wait till next year with a faster jap engine. Will I can live in hope.

    10. Max, becuse he gave me most entertainment.

      Also was driving great up to the crash. He is kinda like Vettel. Only younger and even more crazy.

    11. I went with Max. For what he did on track not off it.

      Lewis did great and yet again snatched victory with a car that probably wasn’t ultimately the best.

      Leclerc, the Haas drivers and maybe Rai and Perez looked strong, but out of the lot only Gro wasn’t outqualified by his team mate. I think GRO has therefore won the intra team quality battle btw, thus prolonging my belief he is one of the faster drivers out there (but, you know, when all is good, and nothing weird happens)

      Vettel and Bottas had shocking pace compared to their teammates, and Ocon obviously had the Grosjean moment of the day without the Grosjean awakening afterwards (could have worked but backfired tremendously). Ericsson had an awful race following great quality. I don’t know what the Renault and TR drivers were thinking during their battles and honestly who cares much for the McLaren’s and Williams at this point ?

      1. Ricciardo I’d good too. But I believe that the car helped (same with Max but without the overtaking of 4 top cars in the process)

    12. While i agree with Verstappen, Hamilton & Leclerc, its a shame for Ericsson. He outqualified Leclerc (0.2 in a short track), but his race was done before it even started. He had a diffuser issue which hampered his laps. Ericsson hasnt been that impressive in his F1 career & yesterday was a chance for his best ever finish & race weekend in overall. Shame for him & for Sauber’s P7 hunt.

    13. Verstappen was not the personality of the day but for me he was the driver of the day (even if you include he was not completely blameless). Honourable mentions to Ricciardo and Leclerc.

    14. Max and his team cannot be voted as best driver of the w/end until they learn that getting into a situation with another driver who is no threat to them, in the same manner that F1.5 drivers don’t fight F1 drivers who are coming through.
      And then getting annoyed and throwing his weight around. In other sports that would have got him a one match ban at least.

    15. Ocon for making this one a race to remember and comment in the years to come! Sometimes you need a villain…

    16. I’m going with Ocon… I admit I didn’t even notice he was in the race until that overtake attempt, but he is the name of the race, no question. Anyone managing to decide a race result even when they are a lap down and miles behind scoring points must be recognized. Also, employee of the month.

      1. Mercedes already made him employee of the month.

    17. Ocon. Because of him we got to see the real Max Verstappen

      1. you surely mean the real Ocon

    18. Hamilton. Outqualified his teammate. Put his car on pole, even though it wasn’t the fastest. Kept a cool head and ran a clean qualifying and race, reportedly with some PU issues, to bring home WCC for Mercedes.

    19. Good show Verstappen. Sensation, on and off track, that is why we look F1. That is why there are sponsors. Men racing against men, there is no place for losers no matter how badly man like Ocon trie. I would have punched Ocon in the face and kick his behind untill he was back in France.

    20. I like Max Verstappen for his speed, his racecraft, his passion and how entertaining it is when he’s annoyed. But shoving Ocon at the weighbridge is not professional and it’s not a good example to others, and I think his penalty (and Vettel’s penalty in qualifying) was too lenient. Such a small fine for repeated displays of lack or respect to officials and competitors is not the kind of thing that should be encouraged, as entertaining as it is. Max could have not moved to the inside on turn 1 and then squeezed Ocon in turn 2, all of which detracts from an excellent drive.

      Hamilton got pole when the Ferrari’s probably should have again. That Mercedes just can’t look after its tyres at the moment, and with the overheating exhaust issue, the fact that he was well ahead of Bottas and eventually won, makes him my top pick.

      Leclerc was impressive again, but I think that was more to do with Sauber’s improvement.

    21. LeClerc for me, would have been Max, but his accident was entirely within his power to avoid without hurting his chances and his post race behaviour has probably influenced me to look at his racecraft with a more critical eye.

    22. DOTW: Hamilton. DOTD: Verstappen with honorable mentions to Leclerc and Vandoorne (even though the final result doesn’t show it.)

    23. Kimi. Was outqualified by Vettel but oh man what a race he drove! Ferrari’s strategy clearly didn’t pay off and the car wasn’t as good as Merc or RB in the race, but he still managed to get a podium.

      1. I should read this before casting my vote. I see an article of ‘why Verstappen should have been banned’ and vote him right away.

    24. Lewis Hamilton obviously.
      Started first, kept calm, finished first, and did it with style. Drive of a champion.
      We are privileged to witness history unfold.

    25. It should have been Verstappen. He managed to get everything out of his car on race day and did well in qualifying. I don’t fault him for coming together with Ocon and even feel bad for his situation. However, the complete lack of dignity he showed afterwards put me off for moral reasons. I know that other drivers have done worse in the past, but that doesn’t pardon such ostentatious chest-beating.

      So, I gave it to Hamilton for nursing a car with a quirky engine and ruined tyres so effectively. Tip of the hat to Ricciardo, Leclerc, and Grosjean as well. They all performed very well and overcame their own obstacles.

    26. I decided to vote for Lewis because this was his 50th win of the turbo-hybrid era. I think this win was a gift, but nevertheless it is still a highly commendable result.

    27. It was a toss-up between the two Red Bulls for me, but my vote goes to Max who was able to pass all of the top-runners. Daniel may have been able to do the same if he hadn’t used up his tyres passing all of the midfield runners in addition to Kimi and Bottas, but we’ll never know.

      Strong runners up are Leclerc and Hamilton. Leclerc is proving his worth this season, I look forward to seeing what he can manage in a better car.

      At the opposite end of the scale is Ocon.

    28. I think Verstappen was the guy who made the weekend (even though at the end of Sunday, it wasn’t all for positive reasons), though Hamilton possibly was the only one who was faultless. Bottas and Vettel both had trouble with their car (Bottas issue in Mexico meant his PU was turned down according to Merc), Kimi got the max out of it that Ferrari could. Ricciardo got back to the leaders quickly, but, Bottas did a good job keeping him and the Ferrari’s behind, which was as much as his team expected of him. Leclerc did a great job with a very fast Sauber this weekend, sorry we couldn’t see Ericsson get anywhere in the race. Quite a few people who had reliability issues on Sunday! R

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