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Ricciardo expects “emotional” Red Bull farewell in Abu Dhabi

2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says he expects an “emotional” departure from Red Bull when he makes his final start for the team in Abu Dhabi next week.

His last start for the team will also be his 100th since he joined them from Toro Rosso in 2014 and scored his first of seven wins with the team.

“Abu Dhabi marks the end of five years with the team and 10 years with Red Bull itself.” said Ricciardo, who was part of Red Bull’s Junior Team before he reached F1.

“I’m sure it’s going to be emotional afterwards, especially when I cross the line for the last time with the team. But I’m going there guns a blazing, showing a lot of love. Hopefully the love shows me back and I can spray some fake champagne on Sunday, which would be a fitting farewell.”

Ricciardo is aiming to make his first visit to the rostrum since he won the Monaco Grand Prix in May.

“Abu Dhabi has always been a pretty good track for me and I enjoy going there. I’m yet to get an Abu Dhabi podium, but that would be a pretty awesome way to end my stint with Red Bull and to end the season.”

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34 comments on “Ricciardo expects “emotional” Red Bull farewell in Abu Dhabi”

  1. I’m sure it’s going to be emotional afterwards, especially when I cross the line for the last time with the team

    Got to give it him, he is confident he will cross the line

    1. @johnmilk – LOL :-)

      PS: Good to see you back logged in

      1. Had technical problems on a business trip @phylyp. But I like to think that I created a bad enough reputation that when I comment logged out people know it’s me saying nonsense

        1. @johnmilk – oh, it was all that “the real johnmilk”, “the artist formerly known as johnmilk” that gave you away :-)

          1. Will disguise it next time

    2. I’m sure he will cross the line for the last time… just not sure if it’ll be on the 6th or 7th lap.

      1. Still better than McLaren-Honda

    3. georgeboole (@)
      16th November 2018, 21:56

      Beat me to it!
      Still he’s in a good mood (so far) trolling RBR instagram

  2. For him to win the race would be justice in a sense, Ricciardo has endured a lot of bad luck this year. It would be a fitting end to his Red Bull career. I am just hoping that next year’s Renault can provide him with more luck than he had this term.

    1. That would be an awesome way for him to depart RBR. A hugely popular win sentimentally for all fans really, let alone DR and RBR.

      1. I think everyone in the top 6 deserves a win for different reasons. Except hamilton obviously.

  3. Emotional since it might it might be the last chance he ever has of winning a race.

  4. I want nothing more than to see HAM not take a new engine and fight VER and RIC only to have it blow up and hand RIC the victory in the last race of the season. VET can be in there too if he wants, whatever.

  5. Thanks for the show Ric. Wish him all te luck. However I am afraid he will be of no importance anymore.

  6. Stephen Higgins
    16th November 2018, 17:39

    My mum is a massive Ricciardo fan.
    Her birthday’s on Sunday.
    He’s not the only one who’s gonna be emotional . . .

  7. I really hope Renault will be a force in comming years. Hulkenberg and Ricciardo is to good to be stuck in Stroll territory.

    1. Agreed. It would be great for F1 if Renault could step up their game, in the Pu department of course, but also in the marriage of it to the chassis. It would be interesting to know what or how much DR might be able to bring in terms of his experience with a good Newey chassis married to the Renault Pu.

      1. Agree. We need the 3rd manufacturer to join the party up front… and both Ricciardo and Hulkenberg deserve their shot in a race winning car.

  8. I would say “he’ll be glad to see the back of Verstappen”, but then that’s all he’s likely to see next year ;-)

    1. Yes, let’s hope your right.

  9. Sure hope Danny Ric not only wins the race, but takes the entire podium for himself.

    Not possible? What if his standard reliable RBR breaks with 5 laps to go and Lewis gives his car to finish. But the borrowed Merc break with 3 laps to go. Then Seb gives Daniel his Ferrari to finish. Voila! The Honey Badger gets all 3 steps and we witness not just one shoey, but 3. ;-)

    1. Ha! More likely is that Max and Romain take out the entire grid on the first lap, Ric grabs a trolley from the Red Bull pit and scootles off in the lead while Max and Ocon grapple on the ground with all the other drivers standing around, shouting “Fight” . . . @jimmi-cynic. Three shoeies for Ric, or whatever the plural is.

  10. Emotional my ass, he went for a RB farewell by himself! …The can´t handle Max… fake 18 million dollar smile `assassin`

    1. He cant handle Max but that doesnt change his relationship to the other 1000 people in the team which he has known for so long.

    2. He handled Max pretty well if you ask me, defeating him in 2 seasons. Ric might not have Max’s ultimate pace but he is the more complete driver.

      1. Guybrush Threepwood
        17th November 2018, 20:51

        Yep. Had the better of Max the majority of the time and would have been close this season without all of Ricciardo’s retirements AND grid penalties. Hats off to Ricciardo though who had acted very professionally through it all.

    3. Johnny H. – Very odd comment… imo… ;-)

  11. I suspect he won’t be the only one that will be emotional.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him rip a couple of donuts whilst being encouraged by his entire team regardless of where he finishes.

    It’s a great pity that Alonso won’t be near the front on his final race. Would have been a pretty darn good finish if he and Dan were fighting for the top spot on the podium for the final few laps but hey, it’s more likely that both will end up watching from deck chairs placed near where their cars expire.

  12. I’m struggling to wrap my head around the fact that there won’t be shooeys anymore in the foreseeable future.

  13. I knew he mean to be on podium, but how a fake champagne fit with his emotional feelings? Is he thinks that all love of RedBull just as fake? Or maybe FIA felt that ending fake races sessions with a fake champagne deem fit too?

    1. Adub Smallblock
      17th November 2018, 14:37

      You do understand that the champagne used in Abu Dhabi is non-alcoholic, right?

      1. Yes, I just wondering if it’s more than a joke for Ricciardo.

  14. I wonder if it will be more emotional than Vettel’s last race at Red Bull. Would this also be Ricciardo’s last chance to win a Gran Prix, or a pole, or get a podium? There are no guarantees especially in F1 that he’ll have a fast car again or a winning car. I’m hoping Renault are competitive but all indications are that they will not be at the top.

  15. One of the most personable drivers. Clean driving, fantastic personality.
    I hope his decision fulfills his hopes, and aspirations.

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