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FIA reveals new ‘optimised for overtaking’ 2019 F3 car

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The FIA has revealed the new chassis for its 2019 Formula Three championship which will take over from the current GP3 series next year.

The Dallara F3 2019, which will be raced for the next three seasons, is “the best compromise between the current GP3 Series and FIA Formula 3 European Championship cars”, according to a statement released by the championship.

The car’s aerodynamics have been “optimised to facilitate overtaking”. It also incorporates the Halo which was introduced on F1 and F2 cars this year.

FIA Formula 1 director Charlie Whiting said the F3 2019 “marks the final step in the process of bringing the FIA Formula 3 Championship onto the same platform as Formula 2 and Formula 1, which has been an important goal for the FIA.

“This car, while more powerful and spectacular than previous iterations, will include the latest safety standards for single-seaters, in line with the developments we continue to make at the very highest levels of the sport.”

The car is powered by a six-cylinder naturally-aspirated Mecachrome engine producing 380bhp. Teams will take delivery of the first examples of the new car in January.

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Formula Three

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21 comments on “FIA reveals new ‘optimised for overtaking’ 2019 F3 car”

  1. That looks alright. It has a bit of a Batmobile vibe. Hope they can pass any overtaking knowledge to F1.

  2. A description of how would be nice

  3. Good to see the halo, although why isn’t the front mount integrated as tidily as in F1?

    I like the colour scheme as well. Let’s hope its performance matches its looks. Also, a bit of a chuckle at the translucent engine cover.

    +1 to @pastaman ‘s comment.

    1. Good to see the halo

      Some time ago I couldn’t see a comment like this being real. Glad that changed

    2. Engine cover designed by Nick Halloway.
      If you see him, pass on the credit for the work.

    3. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      22nd November 2018, 21:16

      I don’t know abouth the Halo. The F2 cars also have a much messier design than the F1 cars have….

  4. High powered snow shovel.

  5. One of my biggest issues with the way the sport is nowadays is that thanks to Dallara’s monopoly of pretty much every top category pretty much everything looks the same because to help with cost’s there using a lot of the same parts across categories.

    You used to be able to look an an image of a car & know what it was, It’s much harder to do that now given how many of the Dallara produced cars look the same, Especially from the front.

  6. So what’s actually happening with Formula 3 next year?

    Will the regional F3 championships use this car?

    Is the 2019 FIA Formula 3 Championship going to incorporate any regional championships, or specific races like Macau?

  7. Is this a Formula 3 car, or is it a GP3 car with a different name? I mean, Formula 3 cars are usually a lot less powerful than that

    1. “The car is powered by a six-cylinder naturally-aspirated Mecachrome engine producing 380bhp” also How much does it weigh?

  8. There is a lot of front wing on what is supposed to be an overtaking machine, I hope that either F1 goes another way or this is the last hurrah for the “bigger wings wont stall” crowd, and F1 will react to the results.

    1. I’m not for sure, but I think bigger wing under a given load don’t stall as easy but more drag.

  9. I’m surprised by the engine specs still using a normally aspirated V6. I would have thought 4 cylinder turbo engines would be cheaper more reliable and road relevant. It’s also odd that F2 is using a v6 turbo unit that it’s twice the capacity of an F1 ICE, (3.4L)

  10. If the car’s aerodynamics have been “optimised to facilitate overtaking” then why does it still have DRS?

    Surely in a spec category that is using a car that has been designed for that category with aero designed around been able to produce overtaking then it should not need to have the DRS.

    These categories should be about pure racing in my view, to find the fastest drivers with the best racecraft who are able to both defend & attack/overtake without the use of artificial means or silly gimmicks. Things like the DRS & even the bubblegum tyres should have no place in the junior categories.

  11. It looks sort of unfinished in places…is that intentional?

  12. So all we need now if for F1, 2 and 3 to be run at all events just like they do in Moto GP.

    Liberty keep talking about “the show”. Time to start delivering one.

  13. I don’t like the 140hp increase and I definitely don’t like the halo.

    Hopefully the on-track action is still good.

  14. Will these cars race in Macau next year or will it be next year’s equivalent of the current European F3 series cars that will make the trip to the street circuit?

  15. FIA can test their ideas on aero regulations. If it helps overtaking they can use some of these regulations in F1 as well.

  16. No road sized rims in the pic. I read manufacturers wanted to produce race tyre with size more compatible with street tyres. Nice looking car. I will just dream that I could drive one. Is it all carbon fiber?

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