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2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points

2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 655
2 Ferrari 571
3 Red Bull 419
4 Renault 122
5 Haas 93
6 McLaren 62
7 Force India 52
8 Sauber 48
9 Toro Rosso 33
10 Williams 7

2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Impressive achievement by Hamilton, that’s the equivalent of 16 race wins, and some spare change in the remaining 5 races. Happy to see Kimi in #3 as well, despite his retirement. Dan’s #6, sigh. Those DNFs really cost him.

    1. Max would have been third had Ocon not taken him out in Brazil. Robbed of a win and robbed of third in the WDC. Hindsight I know but still very impressive for him to be such a close 4th.

      1. Good thing Kimi didn’t lose any points at all to failures way more out of his reach than negotiating a backmarker without crashing :eyeroll:

      2. Disagree about the Ocon incident, but I do agree Max was overall worth third this year, a really impressive year, most of the time, including this race after a wonky start. Bottas would have been third, of course, had he won at Socchi, which is actually a X in the bad column for Mercedes, they deprived themselves of 1st and 3rd in the WDC, but hindsight etc…

      3. Max took himself out through his impatience. He knew Ocon was there yet he cut the corner.
        Max is a fantastic driver with an attitude that is detrimental to his achievements.

  2. Happy for Kimi to have finished third in the championship. It is really reflective of the way he has driven this season. Hopefully next year’s Sauber will be even better than this year’s car to help him maybe to the lucky podium.

    Charles Leclerc has done wonderfully well in that Sauber. Pretty impressed with his race craft as well as one lap pace. His only problem seems to be in the wet where Ericsson has managed to outpace him quite a few times. Remains to be seen if having a better car under him will improve it. He has beaten Grosjean despite being in a slower car most of the year.

    But having him in the Haas would have meant a very easy 4th place for them.

    1. Hopefully next year’s Sauber will be even better than this year’s car to help him maybe to the lucky podium.

      @evered7 – I’d have to sadly say that is some serious(ly misplaced) optimism – Leclerc was nowhere near a podium this year, and he’s the driver who’s good enough to be promoted into Kimi’s seat. No matter how much the midfield improves, the gulf to the top three has been too vast, unless the aero changes results in an unexpected and large shakeup.

  3. This is the first time in a little while that every single driver who competed in each of the races in any given season scored at least a point.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      25th November 2018, 17:26

      One interesting thing is that it is a fact that not every driver did actually finish a race in the points. Sirotkin only got a point because of Grosjean’s disqualification. While that thing Hass did may have given Grosjean an advantage, it wasn’t enough to mean that if they didn’t break the rules, he will have finished behind Sirotkin. So Sirotkin is very lucky Grosjean got disqualified. I believe every other driver finished in the points at least twice.

  4. I’m pretty sure Bottas is done at this point. Finishing 4th behind the Ferrari’s in well and good, but losing to Verstappen with the reliability and errors he suffered, I’m pretty sure only Webber in 2012 has come out worse than that. I honestly thought there was potential for him to fight Hamilton harder than Rosberg did but I think we need to reconsider just how well Rosberg did to fight Hamilton as closely as he did. Unless Bottas has a dramatic turnaround for next season I can’t see him keeping his seat. If Honda get things right and next season has the Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull as close as this season finished then Mercedes can’t afford a number 2 driver trailing behind this much.

    1. @philipgb Sad but true.

  5. Mc laren grabbed 6. That’s close to a hold up.

    1. Mclaren got awfully close to being outscored by Force India who got their points deleted midway through the season. Shocking.

  6. Renault would still manage 4th place even if Force India had all the points!
    Hope they do improve engine and car next year and are able to challenge a bit, every now and then…

  7. Class B championship


    1 Nico Hülkenberg 243  
    2 Carlos Sainz 235  
    3 Sergio Pérez 229  
    4 Kevin Magnussen 203  
    5 Esteban Ocon 198  
    6 Charles Leclerc 174  
    7 Fernando Alonso 164  
    8 Romain Grosjean 149  
    9 Pierre Gasly 139  
    10 Marcus Ericsson 107  
    11 Stoffel Vandoorne 106  
    12 Brendon Hartley 71  
    13 Lance Stroll 65  
    14 Sergey Sirotkin 34  


    1 Renault 478  
    2 Haas 352  
    3 Sauber 281  
    4 McLaren 270  
    5 Toro Rosso 210  
    6 RP Force India 208
    7 Williams 99  

    * Sahara Force India 219 (equivalent of 5th)
    * Combined Force India 427 (equivalent of 2nd)

    1. And funnily enough Nico Hülkenberg completed the fewest laps of anyone all season!

      1. German efficiency

  8. Haas cant be satisfied with their drivers.

  9. Hulkenberg retired 7 times to his teammate’s 2, yet he still managed to finish ahead in the standings.

    Perez was the only one out of the big 3 to get a podium finish, and again ends the season ahead of a teammate that is “better” than him. Ricciardo, driving for RBR only had one more podium than him, let that one sink in (bonus points for both of his podium being for race wins)

    I was about to say that Vandoorne had Stroll levels of performance this year, but that would be unfair to Stroll, Vandoorne was worse. Expecting him to nearly make it into the top 20 in the season driver’s rankings

    STR will have to write a master thesis to justify keeping Hartley on that seat

    Grosjean managed to be outscored by K-Mag by 19 points, and worst of all Pirelly doesn’t give start for his cooking prowess.

    Marcus Ericsson, had a Marcus Ericsson season, but this time someone gave him the boot, that was probably the biggest surprise of the season.

    Vettel paid tribute to his season, by making a number of donuts equal to the times he spun around throughout the year, yes I counted.

    Bottas with the best car on the grid, managed to finish behind the two ferraris and a redbull, while his teammate was winning he was struggling to reach the podium. Yes he was unlucky at the start, but where did he go midway into the season?

    Alonso said adios to F1, but really has anyone seen him since Hungary? Still he just had to check in at the gate to be better than Vandoorne. Had a proper bad race in Brazil just for good all times sake.

    And equally to this comment (no one will read it really, I mean it took me too long to answer here, we are already on the second page, who will bother?) Sirotkin’s season was almost pointless

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