Mick Schumacher, Matsushita and Mazepin get F2 seats for 2019

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European Formula Three champion Mick Schumacher is among three drivers who have already been confirmed on the Formula Two grid for 2019.

The son of seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher will remain with the Prema team he raced for in F3 and Formula Four.

“We are proud to welcome Mick to our Formula Two operation for 2019,” said team principal Rene Roison.

“This championship is not an easy one due to its learning curve for rookies especially with the introduction of the new car, but we think that Mick has the maturity and skills needed to make it.”

Schumacher, who will drive the team’s car for the first time in the post-season test at Yas Marina, said the move was a “logical step”.

“For me, it was very clear to go into Formula Two with Prema. I can’t thank the Prema family enough for what we achieved together as a team, especially this year, how we continued to develop together.”

GP3 runner-up Nikita Mazepin will also graduate to F2 with ART, who took George Russell to this year’s drivers championship. ART CEO Sebastian Philippe said Mazepin’s performances as a rookie in GP3 were “remarkable from day one with a stunning victory in Barcelona.”

“Nikita has several strengths: he is fast and he constantly strives to progress in everything he does,” he added. “I’m sure he can be a centrepiece in our Formula 2 team, just as he was in GP3.”

Honda junior driver Nobuharu Matsushita’s return has also been confirmed. The three-time F2/GP2 race winner will join Carlin, who won this year’s team’s championship.

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17 comments on “Mick Schumacher, Matsushita and Mazepin get F2 seats for 2019”

  1. Now we just need Marcus Armstrong and Juri Vips from F3 to get seats.

    1. @hugh11 I just read elsewhere that Vips looks like joining Hitech in the new FIA F3 series and Armstrong (and Robert Shwartzman) looks like staying with Prema, also in F3. Nothing signed yet though.

  2. I feel like he’ll spend two years in F2, learn the trade and win the championship and then take Raikkonen’s place at Sauber when his contract is up. Thus, it’ll be a clear progression from Prema to Sauber to hopefully Ferrari.
    However, I still have doubts about Mick’s potential as he took a long time to get up to speed in Formula 3 and will probably have to work harder than ever to improve.

    1. That is a sensible plan..

      Regarding MS. I respect the right for privacy however I do not believe the Schumacher family have handled it correctly. They have taken it too far. This guy has millions of fans all over the world that look up to him and the ongoing silence only generates more false news. How will the media machine treat Mick when he gets to F1? They will probe. It is unfair on him.

  3. Thanks good news. Funny how the Schumacher family has been very quiet on his health, and that’s their business, but as Mick is progressing more he is starting to talk about his Dad a bit more. Very hard for all their family, Mick is staring to progress as a driver and while the family wants their privacy the young lad just wants to talk about his Dad!

    I hope he smashes it when he gets to F1!

    1. what has he said about his dad that you can share? any reports on any progress from what is 100% likely to be a vegetative state? If he was only quadriplegic (like Christopher Reeve) and being able to communicate in any way, there would have been news, but it is so obvious that this is being kept secret because the family knows he is also intellectually damaged, and I think they are holding out for a miracle, and maybe elongating Michael’s suffering for their (maybe misguided hope). I knew a person that had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, he had to learn to communicate by spelling words with his eyes, and this went of for years…. knowing someone with that, I kind of find it disrespectful of the Schumacher family to not share Michael’s plight with the millions of people that supported him, they are completely ignoring Michael, and his supporters, I bet he would have wanted the world to know… , you know….. they can use Michael’s plight to help others… I think Michael would want it, instead they are keeping him incubated from the reality of the world, I hope he isn’t suffering because of his family, he maybe hoping for Euthanasia and cannot communicate it… very sad thinking about all this, but it needs to be talked about I feel.

      1. Agree as I also have been close to a lot of disability and I am not ashamed of it. I can tell you that disabled people aren’t ashamed of it. The wish for “privacy” is a BS excuse for keeping him locked away in a bedroom. If I were looking after him he would be bundled up and wheeled to where he could hear the noise and feel the vibration and smell the gasoline. Because he is non communicative how does the wife know he wants “privacy?” Maybe he wants to be swarmed by his fans and petted and have his hands and his head rubbed more like.

        1. Completely agree. By putting him back into the for him so familiar environment with all the noise, smell and vibration, maybe something deep in his mind can be awakened – or at least something deep within will feel it and enjoy it.

  4. Said it before, but am still looking forward to the day when Brundle or DC start talking about Niki Temazepam :)

  5. Maybe Mick can be the flame Ferrari is lacking. Great times ahead with Leclerc but how awesome would be another Schumacher on the Scuderia?!

    1. Out of the 3 drivers mentioned, he seems like the only candidate with the potential and legacy to add value to F1 if he enters.

      Mazepin…. The lesser said about him.. The better.

      1. I look forward to the Stroll Vs Mazepin battle for the championship… on Sky Sports.

      2. Schumacher is quite a mediocre driver. He was very weak in his first seasons in Formula 4 and 3. He was only capable to rise when most of more powerful drivers left those series. He is just a name.

  6. Yeah I wonder, if Verstappens kid Max can be that good, how good would Schumachers kid be in F1?

    Second half of this year was mighty impressive, who knows how he will fare in F2. Certainly in no hurry for F1.

    1. georgeboole (@)
      27th November 2018, 21:11

      Well i can remember how bad was Bruno Senna compared to his uncle.
      And Max Verstappen is much better than his father.
      And Ralph Schumacher was never close to his own brother in terms of performance.
      (In all examples car performance is taken out of the equation)
      So i cant take for granted that Mick can be better or even worse than his father.
      Wish i see him winning though.

  7. Perhaps Occon needs to worry about Mick as well?

  8. José Lopes da Silva
    28th November 2018, 12:04

    I don’t understand this enthusiasm for sons drivers.
    Being a regular Senna fan, I never shared a special enthusiasm for Bruno Senna’s endeavour. I acknowledge is last season might not deserve a ousting, it’s interesting to think that Michael Schumacher crashed into the rear of both Sennas (France92 and Spain12), but I really can’t understand the meaning of the dinasty.

    And I’m a parent myself.

    Of course that a parent strives for their kids to achieve the maximum. But should this entitle them for something, like their somekind of heirs?

    And I’m especially concerned about Mick Schumacher, as he just did not show a huge talent in F4 or F3 until somewhat miraculously the tide turned. I can understand Dan Ticktum’s comments. That is not normal in car racing.

    Or what is car racing becoming?

    And it is being said Mick Schumacher would boost Ferrari morale. What? How? By having a name?

    I just hope the same people saying that Mick Schumacher is a good talent and is entitled to a place in Ferrari are not the same saying that Max Verstappen is a whiny spoiled brat and a just product of marketing. Because Verstappen is the only driver of this decade showing the kind of talent that Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna showed in their youth. (And he got the luck of having both racing parents, of course. But at least we don’t want to see him in F1 for his name.)

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