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Pictures: Yas Marina post-season test day one

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The 2018 post-season test has begun at Yas Marina.

Several drivers are using the test to have their first runs with new teams, including Kimi Raikkonen at Sauber and Lance Stroll at Force India.

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15 comments on “Pictures: Yas Marina post-season test day one”

  1. Lance Stroll is like the Martin Shkreli or Ajit Pai of F1, their smirks can incite one to physical violence.

      1. @johnmilk – I kinda like the kid (skills, forthrightness), so no, his expressions don’t cause that.

      2. @johnmilk(oh, that totally flew over my head, I blame work)

        No, that’s not me. Now please excuse me while my dad teaches me a proper uppercut.

        1. we won’t mention it @phylyp no worries

    1. If it wasn’t for Lance it is highly likely Force India wouldn’t be here. Besides, Lawrence bought out his contract with Williams. So two teams benefited from Lance.

  2. The Claro sticker is really tacky.

  3. I initially almost didn’t recognize Stroll in the RPFI clothing, LOL. Just confirm him already. What’s there to wait anymore?

  4. I thought Lance would get drop the look of disgust on his face once he moved to Force India, but maybe that’s just his resting face.

    1. Hey Lance, what are flies attracted to?

  5. George Russell seems pretty much confirming that he will race with #63.

  6. Anyone testing 2019 parts at this?

    1. @jblank – a comment on the live feed mentioned that teams can only test parts that they raced – implying not even FP parts could be used. So no, it appears that this is purely a tyre evaluation using 2019 compounds on 2018 cars.

  7. Suprised to still see the JCB logo on Lance’s helmet but the rest being FI sponsors. Was JCB a Williams sponsor or a Stroll specific backing? Interesting. Maybe some more money coming to FI

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