Tatiana Calderon, Sauber, Circuit of the Americas, 2018

Calderon’s ‘first real F1 test’ at Fiorano impressed Sauber

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In the round-up: Sauber team principal Frederic Vasseur says the team was impressed by Tatiana Calderon’s two-day test for the team in a five-year-old at Fiorano.

What they say

Calderon previously drove the team’s current car in a 100 kilometre filming day at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez:

She did two very good tests. The first one was more a PR event in Mexico but the second one was a real test.

She did very well. She’s able to manage the situation on the physical side, probably it is the case F2 would be a bit more difficult without the power steering but she did well. She’s very calm and she’s improving step-by-step. She had a very good test in Fiorano, she impressed everybody including the engineers with 25 years of experience in the team.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

FOM’s new television graphics haven’t received a positive reaction on the whole:

This is exactly the thing Brawn should be stepping in and putting the brakes on.

Yes, F1 is all about numbers, statistics and data, but it should never dominate the racing. Telling us in advance about overtakes, pit exit orders, expected tire life, car “performance levels” etc take away the excitement, the viscerality, of the racing.

If we continue in this direction, we might as well just run the races virtually and televise the pit wall/strategy rooms…
Luke S (@Joeypropane)

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On this day in F1

  • Born on this day in 1930: Two-time F1 race starter David Piper, who lost a foot in a crash while filming the Steve McQueen picture Le Mans

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  • 23 comments on “Calderon’s ‘first real F1 test’ at Fiorano impressed Sauber”

    1. “Tatiana Calderon’s two-day test for the team in a five-year-old at Fiorano.”

      That sounds painful … to the five-year-old. 8-|

    2. I completely agree with Fernando, five years now since we have had F1 that sounded impressive. I know I am in a minority here, but it still makes me sad. I still love F1 and yes, the quality of the racing is more important than the quality of the sound but for me, I stand by what I said when I first went to a hybrid era F1 event. I said that it was like going to a Star Wars film at the cinema, only to find out they had taken away the Jahn Williams music score and had Justin Bieber do the music instead.

      1. @paulguitar, Well, if you put it that way……….

        1. @hohum

          I knew I would convince you one day!……:)

      2. That’s a bit of a stretch, it’s more like a downgrade from John Williams to his brother Jahn

        1. @johnmilk

          Jahn is underrated.

          Oh for an edit button!


      3. A more accurate analogy would be that you went to the cinema, they still played the correct Star Wars music, but they did it at about 85db instead of the usual ~100db. There’s nothing good about the actual sound of the V8 engine, it’s just much louder than the current ones.

        Now, if you were talking about a V10 or V12, you might have a case… ;)

        1. There’s nothing good about the actual sound of the V8 engine, it’s just much louder than the current ones.


          V8’s sounded like garbage, angry bees in a metal bin with a microphone. I dont understand how anyone actually likes them.

          And I’m not just talking on the TV, in person they sound like garbage too, just louder garbage.

          The V6’s to me actually have a more pleasant sound to them, and with the turbos there is more texture too, and since the vast majority of my time listening to them is via broadcast then the volume does not matter to me at all.

          Also I love that we now get other sounds on the broadcast (like tyre squeal).

    3. Agree with COTD. They are dumbing down F1. Someone up there thought “ah, yes! let’s make graphics for everything so people can see twice as clear what’s happening exactly without having to think at all”.

      I really, really can’t understand the reasons behind the “overtake probability” graph. We already had that when they showed us the live speeds of both drivers, while showing them on camera. You could see both things needed to compute what was going to happen: the distance between the drivers and the speed delta. Who thought we also needed a number to quantify it?

      You could work out the rest for yourself, except you were Crofty, who always thinks someone is going to overtake no matter the parameters.

      I also agree with Alonso, but that ship’s sailed. The sweet music of old F1 will never be heard again, except at Goodwood.

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        2nd December 2018, 1:20

        The overtake graph reminds me of the year when starting fuel weight was broadcast and we knew more or less when everyone would pit. Too much information can ruin the show instead of improving it.

        1. I remember when FOM showed the mini-sector timing graphics at Australia in a practice session. The TV broadcasters didn’t want it for qualifying because it would take away the suspense about which driver would take pole. It was prompt dropped for all future races.

          There is a big issue with active partners versus passive sponsors. I’m sure Amazon want to get as most as they can out of their partnership with F1. The problem is that it might be to the detriment of the on-screen product.

      2. Happy to be in the minority here, but I quite like all the extra info I can (prefer optional though).
        F1 is much more than finding the fastest driver, and teams have scores of personnel doing data analysis. I’d like to be part of that as well.

        1. @coldfly well, as I said, I feel like you’re already given that information implicitly, so I don’t feel you gain anything with it. I understand it when they give you tyre life expectancy, because that something teams often ignore trying to go further still so you get an idea who’s managing the tyres better. But wheel to wheel combat is something you should work out yourself IMO. You get excited when you see someone very close after a corner, I don’t think we need a number to quantify and (if accurate) predict what’s going to happen.

          1. That’s why it should be ‘optional’, @fer-no65.
            But as I said, I want as much information as possible (and rather more rawish data than predictions). But that might just be me; other people just want to see the race and do little ‘live’ analysis themselves.

      3. i disagree. Those graphics could be quite cool. Imagine Ricciardo or Max overtaking with a chance of 20%? also, imagine the bets they’ll be able to run: wich driver will do the less likely overtake. It’s not that bad. I watch the NFL and they had a lot of this, and it didn’t take any of the emotion of the game, in any case, it enhance it, don’t be such a Statler and Waldorf and enjoy the show!

    4. I imagine the Renault ‘confiscated driver property’ room is going to get a new motocross bike for Christmas…

    5. I disagree with Alonso. I don’t miss that noise. I’ve been perfectly fine with the current sound ever since day one. Furthermore, those cars are pathetically slow compared to the current generation of cars.
      – I agree with the COTD.
      – Toby Moody’s tweet, though, although I’m not entirely sure about his point, whether it’s about the name team itself or hiring Lance Stroll as one of the drivers.

      1. I never understand why those meaningless tweets by people I don’t even know get included in the round-up.
        The round-up used to be the first page I opened when released. Now I find that even a news aggregator gives me more insights about F1.

    6. The name Racing Point might sound bland or boring but its still better than naming a European team Force India.

      1. Or should we say Canadian team.

        When Columbus rediscovered the Americas he thought he landed in India ;)

      2. Are they seriously sticking with Racing Point? That’s all they had?

        It’s sounds like something my cousin would come up with. Surely it can’t be that hard to come up with a good name.

    7. Regarding the lack of noise from the current hybrid engines; the way I look at it is that F1 at its peak was a complete immersion of all of the senses; ultra-fast speeds, ultra-fast acceleration and cornering, bright colors, high-tech machinery on the limit of breaking, intense pressure and competition, etc. etc. And with it of course was the deep, primal-like growl of the engines that would vibrate with the body of the driver (and the fans to a lesser extent); controlling it with your own foot creating a soothing feeling of resonance not terribly unlike playing a powerful electric guitar.

      With quieter engines, that aspect is just eliminated basically. No way around it going forward with electric engines I suppose unless you create artificial noise in the car.

      1. By “deep primal-like growl”, I assume you mean “thin high-pitched whiney squeal”?

        Yes, I was seriously impressed with the engineering that achieved 22,000 rpm in a V8 engine, but that was then. Today’s powertrains are more powerful by far, last longer and are more fuel efficient as well, and I admire that too.

        Don’t confuse loud for powerful!

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