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Perez: Stroll’s arrival doesn’t change my position

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez says he isn’t concerned how Lance Stroll’s arrival at Racing Point (previously Force India) may change his position at the team.

What they say

RaceFans asked Perez whether the arrival of another driver who brings commercial backing might affect his status within the team:

I don’t think so. It’s in the interest of everyone including the team owners that this team is a successful team, that the investment they’ve done is successful. So for that we need both cars as strong as possible.

We both have to work very hard, we have to work together to bring the teams as [far] forward as possible. So its’ in the interests of everyone. We are a team now and we just have to work like that.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Does Daniil Kvyat deserve another shot at F1?

I think it is deserved.

Kvyat has more talent than Hartley, I will wager (raw talent, whatever).

His GP3 season suggests he has more than Sainz. He was just mentally broken. Apparently a year at Ferrari has done wonders.

We’ve heard that before, but a confident and stable Kvyat is a worthy addition to F1, and a potential race winner. Happy he’s back.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Noel and Sw6569!

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  • 30 comments on “Perez: Stroll’s arrival doesn’t change my position”

    1. We are a team now and we just have to work like that.

      Perez confirmed as #2 then?

      “Sergio, Lance is slower than you – please let him by”

      1. That’ll go well… I don’t think Perez has ever followed a team order!

        1. He’s never had a teammate that’s the boss’s kid either.

      2. Perez’s time at McLaren and in years past suggests he ain’t much of a team player.

        1. His time with Ocon has also shown that he is a terrible team player. Which is why it will be interesting to see if he will ever let Lance by on team orders. I mean… it’s a bit IF that Lance will even be close enough behind Perez and potentially quicker for that situation to occur… but just in case the situation occurs it will be awesome to watch.

          I think he’ll move over if he wants to see his next pay cheque.

          1. @todfod I’m prepared to put it in writing that I will eat my shorts if Stroll is ever in sniffing distance of Perez’s exhaust

            1. Then why dont you put it in writing, if you are that confident.

            2. @maciek Then make sure you always wear clean shorts, bud!

          2. @todfod and @maciek Stroll is a very good first lapper, meaning he is a guy that tends to start very well and gain a lot of places. That was easier this year because he started far back but even last year when Williams was not that bad he was still good at that.

            That means that for me it won’t be any surprise that in many races, during the initial laps we will find Stroll in front of Perez and of course that is the reverse situation of what was written here but for me it means it will be normal they will be together in races, so in situations where team orders might come to play.

        2. @CC78AMG – I’m going to guess from what I’ve seen of Stroll so far in his career, and now emboldened by being in his father’s team, that he ain’t much of a team player either. At least that could be fun :)

          1. I think it takes two to tango, and if Perez and Ocon had their issues, with Perez here being accused of not being a team player, I’m sure Ocon had something to do with drawing that out in Perez. Surely Ocon was not innocent in all their comings together.

            Anyway my point being it’s a new chapter on the team now, and so no reason to expect that Perez/Stroll equals Perez/Ocon. Stroll is not Ocon so let’s give this new pairing it’s day in the sun. They may well get along famously and do some great work together.

    2. Interestingly only Perez brings sponsorship; Stroll just his birth certificate.
      Who’s the pay driver now?

      1. The one with 8 podiums in low-budget teams, obviously !

      2. That’s just cold, @coldfly. But, blood is thicker than water sponsorship.

    3. Racing Point should decide their new name in an open internet poll. I mean – what could possibly go wrong?

      1. Racing Pointy McPointface

      2. Hyper Mega Force Point @johnbeak

      3. Pink My Car
        Stroll F1

    4. waiting for the grovelling apology, first time he nerfs Stroll into the wall….

    5. I expect Perez to wipe the floor with Stroll although it could equally prove to be a situation of Stroll being able to match Perez for most of the season. One of the 2019 driver line-ups to look into closely.
      – Here’s one suggestion for the planned name change: Force Canada.
      – I both agree and disagree with the COTD. I can agree with it on that Kvyat deserves another shot in F1, but just in a different team. STR should be reserved for less experienced drivers.

      1. – Here’s one suggestion for the planned name change: Force Canada.

        Not sure who started all this ‘force’ thing, but it doesn’t do it for me, @jerejj.
        If it is linked to Star Wars then not my thing, and if it is a translation of Forza Italia/Ferrari/Pizza, then they should get a new dictionary.

        Just bring Jordan or Jordan Grand Prix back, and I’ll be happy.

        1. If it is linked to Star Wars then not my thing

          I don’t know you anymore. @coldfly, you are breaking my heart. You’re going down a path I can’t follow

      2. @jerejj – An interesting fact – Lawrence Stroll owns the Mont-Tremblant circuit, which is situated next the Rivière du Diable (Devil River in English). So he needs to rename the team ‘The Devils’.

    6. “we have yet to see an accident where it has presented a problem to extrication”

      Lol? What about last GP and Hulkenberg accident?

      1. @jureo That’s all part of the design, F1 cars are designed to be manually flipped back over when upside down and on fire, the Halo feature gives the marshals something to grip onto.

        1. Are you sure? Why were they so slow when driver complained about a fire?

          1. The marshals were right there immediately and the fire was not a problem to the driver as it was in the back of the car and dealt with. I wonder if, without the halo, the driver might have been even harder to access, as in the upside down position his helmet might have been right on the tire barrier. They were able to assess that he didn’t have a neck injury that might back them off of flipping the car over, or moving it down into it’s side which I think is what they did to get NH out.

    7. Pffff, what idiot wrote that COTD? (thank you @keithcollantine ;-))

    8. I think Checo will have Lance covered for pace, but time will tell!

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