Robert Kubica, Williams, Yas Marina, 2018

Kubica’s determination to return “amazing” – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner praises Robert Kubica’s return to Formula 1 in 2019 with Williams.

What they say

I think it’s fantastic what he did to keep on trying to get into it. The determination to get here again it’s pretty amazing. I honestly wish him good luck. Not too much luck, so he’s not in front of us, because we know his talent in driving. We know what he did before he had the accident. Honestly if he’s fighting with us I wish him all the best and that he can do a good job.

If it all works well for sure Robert will make a difference at Williams.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Does Silverstone need F1 more than F1 needs Silverstone?

I was under the impression that Silverstone was one of the busiest race tracks in the world. There is something happening there almost every weekend isn’t there?

I’m sure they will survive just fine without F1 though it will be a sad loss if that happens. It isn’t the best track but it is far from the worst in my opinion.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Hey, Christian Andrade, Rigi and Topher Smith!

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  • 16 comments on “Kubica’s determination to return “amazing” – Steiner”

    1. Ooo – thanks for the COTD ;)

      “Valtteri Bottas, who will be fighting for the Formula One world championship title in 2019”

      Now that is something that I’m sure we would all like to see. I doub’t it will happen though unless Lewis has some major problems throughout the season.

      The Sainz comment sounds odd.
      Are McLaren already apologising to him for being a bit rubbish these days? Not very confidence boosting is it? ;)

      1. he’s going to be on the grid so technically he’s fighting for the championship – it didn’t say which position!

    2. And not just any rally car, but an actual WRC car, the pinnacle of rallying.
      – I agree with both Steiner as well as the COTD.

    3. McLaren presentation convinced Sainz of recovery potential

      At least they haven’t lost their power point skills, or are they using prezi? Those pesky little minions always with state of the art technology.

      But my question is, did he needed to be convinced? There was no other place to go, unless he went back to STR

      1. did he needed to be convinced?

        @johnmilk – it was a single slide that read “We have a race seat.”

        1. it would’ve been enough for me @phylyp

      2. @johnmilk

        At least they haven’t lost their power point skills, or are they using prezi?

        Probably using keynote… Everything look’s great but functions like s h * t

        1. @todfod, winner of the internet today

    4. Is there a championship for engineer in IndyCar? So cool.

    5. Its interesting that as Kubica finally makes his return 8 years after his rally accident, Bottas is preparing to experience his first rally…

      I wish ill on no one, but I imagine Ocon is taking note of this and following it closely!

      Have fun, but stay safe Valtteri!

      1. I had the exact same thought seeing both those headers next to each other…

      2. Well, if you crash in the Arctic Rally at least you have the snow to cushion your fall.

        1. @sundark No /s needed, that is an actual fact. The fastest way around some of the Arctic Rally stages is to learn the “lean”, how much and how deep into the snowbanks you can go. It’s a great way to keep the rear of the car from fishtailing so you can keep a higher entry speed into corners.
          Source: me in my youth ( oh and Tommi Mäkinen, Petter Solberg etc..)

      3. @eurobrun Yes, good luck to VB!

        I’m sort of surprised that a Finnish driver has never tried rally before, I thought they all cut their teeth there? Or is that a vicious racial stereotype?

        1. @jimg, I had the same thought!

    6. His cousin Tony Renna was a driver, who died in a crash, in 2003

      An accident that IMS among others involved in the IRL at the time would rather be forgotten.

      I was once told that had that accident happened on race day the IRL may well have folded because while what happened was already utterly horrific (And couldn’t have been broadcast), What could have happened had the stands (And what was behind them) been packed doesn’t bear thinking about.

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