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Racing Point to hold 2019 ‘season launch’ event in Canada

2019 F1 season

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Racing Point – the team previously known as Force India – will hold a launch event for its 2019 F1 season in Canada.

The event will take place at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto on February 13th. The team has not confirmed whether it will reveal its new car at the event. Pre-season testing will begin at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain five days after the event.

“Our 2019 season will be launched on the 13th of February at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto,” the team announced on Twitter.

The team’s assets were purchased by a consortium led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll in August after it went into administration the previous month. The official F1 entry list for 2019 indicated its name has changed from Force India to Racing Point, however the team’s management has indicated a further change of name is possible before the season begins.

The team has retained Sergio Perez for 2019 but Stroll’s son Lance has replaced Esteban Ocon in its driver line-up for next year.

Force India finished the 2018 championship in seventh place. It forfeited the 59 points it scored in the first 12 races of the season after it re-entered the championship following its change of ownership.

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2019 F1 season

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27 comments on “Racing Point to hold 2019 ‘season launch’ event in Canada”

  1. Our 2019 season will be launched on the 13th of February at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto

    It would be logical to present the car at this event because it is an automobile exhibition. A real car is far more impressive to look at than just pictures. Of course, there’ll be the eagle eyed photographers too.

    1. For all launch spec cars are worth, they might as well use last year’s car with next year’s livery and front wing. 98% of the people there wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

      1. Pretty sure they will go that route (although even the front wing might be too much to ask for IMO) @lancer033

  2. Force Canada.

    1. Force Ing My Son Down Your Throats

      1. I like McLaren but you should have saved that one for them.

  3. The perfect opportunity for Formula 1 to gain more access to the North-American audience.
    What are the odds that the team name or “logo” will have some resemblance to Canada? So also a very good thing for the team as it will gain a lot of attention and will gain a lot os support from Canadian fans.

    1. Lawrence made his billions with the brands Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, expect to see those names/logos on the cars and kit. (

      1. 2StrollersRacing (courtesy of Calle.itw)

      2. Tommy has the front nose of Mercedes-AMG, so I doubt that’ll feature on the car. MK is a possibility, but I’m not too sure since he’s supposedly completely divested from both brands. I expect JCB to switch to Stroll’s team, possibly followed by Bombardier.

        1. Bombardier is too heavily funded by the canadian govt. What money they do get most go to office workers not on line staff.

          1. You are too funny. The Canadian government can’t even fund themselves. Bombardier is owned and financed by a rich dude in the States.

        2. All good points … but …. Tommy was /is 1 season deals, Michael Kors , same …. all Mercedes and Lawrence doing business. It is the “Consortium” that have the say … Not just Lawrence (or Lance). So we may see new brand names all around.
          BWT to follow Ocon? No pink on the grid?

  4. Is the real new team name going to be revealed there too? ‘Cause I hope so.

    1. “Rubber Bumper Baby Buggy F1 team” … ala the Flintstones.

  5. What a YOKE! I suggest the title for the new team as ‘What daddy will do to help lame duck driver son team’ or ‘Stroll helps Stroll’ :)

    1. 2StrollersRacing

  6. Racing Nepotism Point.

    After this presentation, Canada will suffer another loss of prestige on the world automotive stage. Couldn’t they hold their season launch on Vijay’s old yacht in international waters?

    1. May I ask why you bash on Canada?
      Did your father not support you in the best ways he could?
      Let Lance prove or dis-prove himself, as a racer in F1.
      Let Lawrence (and his consortium) prove or dis-prove their place in F1.
      This ‘Daddy’s Boy’ thing gets old fast for us so-called INFORMED fans.

      1. I am a proud Canadian… and I don’t hide my name behind a pseudonym for my posts.

      2. @paulheppler: I don’t bash on Canada. Stroll does by promoting nepotism on the international stage. Nepotism on a grand scale makes you proud?

        The Stroll F1 story isn’t a father supporting a son, this is a level of indulgence and delusion that only too much money can buy.

        If Lawrence was serious about supporting Lance, he would have supported his training in the lower series – which he did. However, if Lance wasn’t deemed to be good enough to be hired by merit alone by any F1 team, then the wise father would counsel his son to find other pursuits to squander the family fortune.

        Lance has already proved his level as a racer. With the best training and coaching money can buy, he’s mediocre. At best. It’s a good thing the car is 90% of the results in F1. Lance’s 10% contribution will be found wanting.

        Enjoy your ‘informed’ pride. The ‘Daddy’s boy’ thing is indeed getting old. And the Strolls’ billions are keeping it on life support.

        1. You sound like a jealous little brother. Have you ever raced? You hide behind a keyboard. Mr.NoName to profess to athletes your superiority … meet me on the ice. Oh, Wait … you can hide better than me …. good on you. OOps, I hear your mommy calling.

          1. @paulheppler: I answered your questions. You respond with insults and pathetic baiting.

            Have you read the Racefans Comment Policy?

            Specifically, Item 4:

            4. No personal attacks, insults or “trolling”.

            If you want to continue our exchange on the topic of Racing Point, then please answer these two questions:

            Do you refute that Stroll Racing Point is obvious nepotism? How did Lance earn the drive on merit?

            Do you know of any F1 team that would pay Lance to drive, other than the team his father purchased or Williams where Stroll Sr. paid $40M per year for Lance’s drive?

          2. Paul Heppler – what’s so special about using a real name as opposed to a pseudonym…?
            And why should anyone assume or believe ‘Paul Heppler’ is your real name…?
            And who cares… what you’re called, or what you are…? What matters is what you do and/or say in life… and from what you’ve said here you have left yourself open to people forming their own opinions about your credibility and integrity…
            How sad…

  7. Just what automotive prestige are you referring too.
    How bout this name change William’s nepotism racing. Same thing or are you just so jealous of the strolls success.

  8. If we lose the pink, I hope we get something equally startling. I grew to love that colour scheme.

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